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Samsung :: St-R451C / Factory Reset

Is there a way to factory reset this phone before I put it on Craigs list? I went through the "setting" tab but, I didn't see anything

View 1 Replies (Posted: Nov 5, 2009)

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Samsung :: Hard Reset For Sch-r451c
Phone: Sch-r451c
Mood: frustrated

Alright well i just got straight talk, bought the service three days ago. Everything was going fine i was making calls, using the internet, and sending a **** load of text messages. well today i came home to find that i wasn't receiving any calls. so i came home and started to make a phone call. the phone displays calling..... i cant hear any ringing the screen disappears. it doesnít say anything. it doesnít say call failed, nothing. so i try agian. and now i get call failed. i have full bars. ok so i try txt messaging, txt failed to send. ok now i go driving thinking maybe its the cell phone tower near my place same thing. i have full bars but cant make any calls i ask my friend to call my phone. nothing it doesnít ring. so by this time i call customer service. i spend 45 mins to do the basic b.s. they have to do by reading off a piece of paper. Pull out your battery let the phone sit for 1min and then put the battery back in (start the phone still cant call) do a phone reset even asked the guy to reactivate my account. Nothing he keeps asking me to call the activation line *22890 well it doesnít work because the phone isnít ringing. so I tell the guy it not ringing still and i guess he gave up because he hung up on me. I call back get a different guy. Told the guy i just went thru everything and nothing worked. He tells me to return the phone and get another one. well Wal-Mart doesnít even have this phone in stock i check the three that are around me. i ask can you send me anther phone because i think this is bs that i have to return the phone and call you when iam at Wal-Mart to transfer everything over. i ask the guy for a complete full refund including the 45 dollar unlimited card that is not refundable. he then goes on to tell me wait one sec while i write you a ticket for level two support so they can hard reset your phone. he then tells me its going to take 48 hours to hard reset my phone. He gives me a ticket number and says call back in 48 hours.
So anyways

Basically does anyone know how to hard reset this phone? i think it bs just to get me off the line how is he going to reset a phone that canít even make a connection to the tower. I donít have the usb cable is there a key combination I can type or press to get this thing to hard reset. I did go thru the hidden menus that are posted and did not see anything.

Posted: Dec 15, 2009

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Samsung :: R451C - How To Reset To Clear Info?
I'm selling my R451C and want to clear all info from it. I can't find anything in the manual or online so far.

Posted: Apr 21, 2010

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Way To Undo Factory Reset
Way to undo factory reset? or are my photos and games lost forever?

Posted: Mar 26, 2012

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Stuck During Factory Reset?
what to do if the phone stucks at "signing in" to gmail account after factory restting the my phone is on the same screen for the past 30min

Posted: Apr 24, 2012

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Twlauncher Has Stopped After Factory Reset (ICS 4.0.3)?
I recently upgraded from Gingerbread to ICS and had battery life and overheating issues. I was told by Samsung to do a drain the battery, recharge to 100% and then to a factory reset. I followed these instructions, but now I get the following message on my screen: "Unfortunately, twlauncher has stopped"I can no longer use the phone or reinstall my data from KIES (Kies does not even recognize that my phone is connected). I have tried to reboot in Safe Mode and do a factory reset, wipe cache, and reboot from there, but i still get the same error message about the stopped twlauncher. my phone is unlocked (International European version GT-i9100) and was rooted using SU-Busybox and Recovery Clockwork Touch.

Posted: Aug 4, 2012

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Its Restarting, Did A Factory Reset, Was OK Now Won't Power On
My husband and I have each had an S2 w/T-Mobile for roughly five months. Several days ago his started restarting on its own any time the screen was turned off (either manually turned off by tapping the "power" button or when the screen timed out) but no other time. It was doing this for a couple of days. I contacted tech support and they suggested a factory reset, which I did. It came back online with no trouble, and he was able to log in to his accounts, make calls, send texts, etc. It didn't restart on its own at all for the couple of hours we had it with us that night. During those couple of hours it was plugged in to charge. We went to bed and the next morning it was completely dead. No response to any buttons, doesn't acknowledge when it's plugged in, nothing. We tried swapping batteries and SIM cards with my phone, and still nothing.

Posted: Oct 15, 2012

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Factory Reset To Incorporate Gmail Into K9?
I've installed K9 mail app., do I have to do a factory reset to incorporate my G mail into K9, or is there a workaround I can do to include/assimalate the existing G mail a/c into K9

Posted: Oct 21, 2011

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Samsung :: Completely Reset My U700/Gleam To Original Factory Settings
I'm on my second Gleam and I'm having nothing but trouble. I purchased two of these off of eBay to see which one was in better condition. The one that is almost flawless has major firmware problems. First I couldnt get it to lock onto a signal, whereas the the other one would. Now it wont charge because it thinks the original battery is an aftermarket one. Last night when I tried plugging it in, the outside LCD wouldnt turn off and continued to show the battery charging screen, but when I started the phone up there was only one bar. So at work today I tried plugging it in and it tells me that the battery is unsupported. I dont want to have to start using the second one I purchased off of eBay cause it's kinda beat up. Anybody have any advice at all? Can I do a full reset, can Verizon? I havent been home to try the other two batteries I have but I doubt it will make a difference.

Posted: May 20, 2008

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Samsung :: SCH 8580 - Clear The Phone And Reset To Factory Settings - Remove Lock Code
Just sorting out some boxes and I found my old Clearnet/Telus SCH 8580. Thought I maybe able to give it away, who knows? If not it will go to a recycle box. Anyhow I wanted to clear the phone and reset to factory settings but the phone asks for a lock code! I dont remember ever using a code, if I did I obviously have erased from my own memory.Maybe there was a default code I used? Does any one have any idea or option to remove lock code.

Posted: Jun 22, 2007

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IPhone :: Want To Do Factory Reset / How To Backup Data Safely Prior To Reset?
I have an iPhone 3G with the latest OS.I have a Vista PC.I want to do a complete factory reset to original settings. My phone has become so slow, I want to a fresh install so that I can get back to how fast the phone was when it was new a year ago.I want to backup my contacts, music, videos, photos and safari bookmarks so that after a complete reset to factory settings, I can easily get back my data.What is the best and safest way to do this? Safest as in - it has been tried by others and works reliably.I know that iTunes has a backup feature, however I don't want to backup all the apps on my phone, just my data. I can put the apps back later on.I just need to be able to restore my contacts, music, videos, photos and safari bookmarks.

Posted: Jun 9, 2009

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Motorola Atrix HD :: Not A Factory Reset, But Homescreen/widgets Reset?
Anyways, I have managed to change my homescreen, widgets and subsequent screens so much that now I'm bored with it. I would like to reset all these screens back their original state.

Posted: Nov 21, 2012

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Nokia :: 5800 Does Factory Reset Also Reset Sim Lock?
I have a 5800, which has been unlocked by the provider (Tmobile) so I can use an 02 sim. The phone currently has the expired certificate problem, and as suggested in the forums a factory reset may fix this. I know that most of the phones setting will also be reset. But will a factory reset also reset the sim lock, and lock the phone back to Tmobile?

Posted: Jul 3, 2009

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BB Curve :: Reset It Without Reset The Phone To Factory Defaults
I forget my keystore password. How can I reset it without reset the phone to factory defaults. I have an BB 9300.

Posted: Apr 18, 2011

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Samsung :: SCH-R451c - Wallpapers
Just picked up this nice little slide phone at Wal-Mart, Straight Talk as the provider. As I sit here customizing it, I notice that the built-in wallpaper automatically resizes depending on what orientation i have the screen (keyboard out or in). I have been unable to duplicate this behavior with any wallpaper I've sent over to the phone, unfortunately. Other than that, very nice, clear, capable phone

Posted: Nov 6, 2009

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Samsung :: Sch-r451c / How To Use As Modem?
I was told I need to download software to do it but where is the software?

Posted: Nov 28, 2009

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Samsung :: Sch-R451C Pictures To Pc
i just got my phone a few days ago in witch i ammased 56 pictures i took the card out put it in the lil adapter thing stuck it in my laptop and all i can see is a walpaper i put on there. i would like to put my pictures on my computer can somone please help me with this ?

Posted: Dec 22, 2009

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Samsung :: R451C Do I Need Any Other Hardware
Bought my granddaughter the R451C. Am also getting her a MicroSD card. Do I need any other hardware to allow her to download MP3's onto her computer and then transfer to her phone?

Posted: Dec 26, 2009

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Samsung :: SCH-R451C - Ringtones
I was wondering how come when i add a song to my micro sd card and then add it to my phone and use the song as a ringtone it is not very loud. I cant seem to find a song that is loud they are all softer. Where and how can i get a song louder to use as a ringtone that will beable to hear....what i want is to know why the songs or not very loud i want a ringtone that is loud and u can hear over tv or if ur a casino and can still hear it.

Posted: Feb 4, 2010

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Samsung :: Case For R451C
I want to buy a case for my Samsung R451C. Which do you guys prefer? The stylish plastic covers or the rubber/leather covers. I like the style of the plastic ones, but the others provide some cushion in case of dropping it.

Posted: May 16, 2010

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Samsung :: SCH R451C- Ringtones
How can I put ringtones off of websites on this phone without going to the site suggested by Straight Talk? I would like to pick and choose from a different source but do not know of a compatible site.

Posted: Jun 6, 2010

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Samsung :: R451C - USB Cable / What Can I Do With It?
Now that I have a USB cable for R451C what can I do with it other than up load lousy photos. With my Motorola it came with Moto tools with files photos and contacts.

Posted: Aug 6, 2010

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Samsung :: SCH-R451C Hidden Menu
I found 3 hidden menu's that I haven't found posted on here so I'll go ahead and let you guys know where they are.

1: OK, Left or Directional Key till you highlight Messages, * This asks for a Lock Code. (No further testing done as to not fubar my phone.).

2: OK, Left or Right Directional Key till you highlight Browser Settings, * Enter the last 4 of your phone number or your lock code. This brings up the Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, Proxy address, and Common Settings

3. OK, Left or Right Directional Key till you highlight settings, #, then 000000 for the code, and System Info screen is visable. Show the Debug Screen, Test Calls, Voice SO, Port Map, Throughput Test, Bluetooth, Force Mode, DUN Mode, and Security. (edit: pushing the # in this menu asks for a 10 Digit User Lock Code)

Posted: Nov 16, 2009

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Samsung :: R451c - Free Ringtones
is there a website where u can download totally free ringtones? I'm unable to download ringtones for mySamsung r451c from (I used that site with a previous phone.) =

Posted: Dec 6, 2009

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Samsung :: R451C And BitPim Contacts
If BitPim will work with the R451C?Or if any other app is available.I have multiple phones, with 300-400 contacts each.Strange thing, there is a thread about use of the BitPim app on Samsung phones at, but none of my posts are ever displayed there.

Posted: Dec 27, 2009

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Samsung :: SCH R451C - What Sort Of Modifications I Can Do?
I have a ST Samsung SCH R451C. I've downloaded the "hacker manual" for the R450, noted all codes I can find on threads pertaining to my phone. I haven't downloaded any programs or tried to do anything to my phone yet. I want to find out more about what I can do to the phone. I have modded Motorolas before and found it cool to be able to change things. I have also had phones that didn't require modding programs because they were "naturally" modifiable. This phone is a dud in the customization aspect and I'm wondering if any of this will allow me to do anything with it. I started looking for info because I wanted to see if there was a way to change the word "Home" on my home screen. All of the phones I've owned in the past have allowed me to change this to anything I want without any mods, but this phone won't let me do something even this simple. I guess that's what I get for screwing up so many contracts, but since this is what I have for now, I was just wondering if anything on this phone is customizable and if so, how much and what sort of mods I can do? Just any general information would be good and we can go from there.

Posted: Dec 29, 2009

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Samsung :: SCH R451C Bluetooth Not Pairing
I purchased an Iogear USB Micro Adapter Model GBU421WM to try and transfer things from my computer to the phone.After updating the Bluetooth software and trying several times to pair my phone with my computer nothing would happen. It would sit with the serial number window up even after I typed the serial number in several times.I have tried making the phone see the computer and vice versa, and nothing has worked yet. Yet it does know the phone is there and the phone talks to the computer. Just pairing will not occur.So my question is: Is it even possible or am I missing something to make my phone/computer talk through Bluetooth.I have a StraightTalk Samsung R451C Phone.

Posted: Jan 4, 2010

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Samsung :: SCH-R451C Headphones Handsfree
Does anyone know of headphones / handsfree devices that work with the 20 pin connector? These DONT work:

Posted: Feb 3, 2010

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Samsung :: R451C - Contacts - Groups
I'm new to this phone and have input 100 or so contacts by hand and now wanted to sort them into groups. I created the groups I wanted but when I tried to input the contacts to "Friends" I got the message that groups cannot have more than 10 entries. Can this be right? I can't find a setting to change this but it makes no sense. What's the point of groups if they're limited to 10 entries? This could be a make or break for this phone for me. Once I add all the contacts, I can't imagine scrolling thru all of them trying to remember how I input a customer's/friend's/tenant's/etc name.

Posted: Feb 26, 2010

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Samsung :: R451C Using QWERTY Keyboard
Using QWERTY keyboard for memos on R451C. Don't seem to be able to find (return) key.

Posted: May 2, 2010

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Samsung :: R451C - Blocking SMS Senders?
Is there a way to block certain senders of texts, specifically Spam texters, on the R451C?

Posted: May 31, 2010

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Samsung :: R451c / Browsing Internet With Phone
i am thinking about getting this phone as it seems it is one of the better ones on the straight-talk prepaid plan. i know it's not considered a "high end" phone but it's much better than some of the ones i've used in the past.has anyone here used this phone? how is the internet experience using it? i mean... i know you're quite limited on a phone with a screen this size but can you view Internet videos with "reasonable" quality?also.... i hear you cannot use opera-mini with this phone. are there other options so that i can at least do a little bit of browsing?

Posted: Nov 23, 2009

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Samsung :: SCH R451C / Adding Contacts To Phone
How can I add contacts from my PC (Outlook) to my Samsung SCH R451C Straight Talk phone?

Posted: Feb 7, 2010

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Samsung :: R451C - Putting Games On The Device?
Is there a way to get games on my Samsung R451C? I got this phone thinking that I could put games on it. It states under the stats that I can have games.

Posted: Feb 9, 2010

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Samsung :: R451c Micro SD Write Protected?
I just picked up a sandisk 4g microSD and Sandisk adapter.I formatted the card in my phone, moved images to it and can access it by plugging it into my printer.I wanted to move ringtones onto the card from my pc but I keep getting a "disk is write protected" message.From a search I learned to look for a switch on the side of the card...well there's no switch on the micro card and the switch on the side of the adapter says "lock". I've tried that switch in both positions but it doesn't make a difference.I've used a magnifying glass to look the micro card over but there's no switch.I was able to copy images from the phone to the card then from the card to my pc so I know they're communicating, I just can't write to the card from the pc.

Posted: Mar 11, 2010

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