Samsung :: SCH R451C - MicroSD Card - Enable MP3 Functionality?

Dec 26, 2009

I am going to buy her the MicroSD card also. Do I need anything else to enable her MP3 functionality? And do I need anything else besides the MicroSD card to do so?

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Samsung :: SCH-R451C / Putting Pics From Phone To SD Card

Jun 6, 2010

I know how to put my pictures from my card to the phone but how do i put the pics from the phone to the card?

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BB Storm 9500 :: Installing Application From MicroSD Card Upon Inserting MicroSD Card

Mar 9, 2009

I am currently looking for a way to install an application which sits on the microSD card upon inserting the card in to the device. Form all the different posts what I have gathered is that running an app from microSD is not supported. But is there a way that upon inserting a microSD card, the file is installed to the device memeory and executed? Windows Mobile has similar functionality where it allows an app called autorun.exe to run from the microSD card which there after can transfer content to the device, execute an app and configure the app.

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LG :: 200 Is It Possible To Enable EVDO Functionality On Phone?

Nov 18, 2008

I have an LG 200 phone, with Telus Mobility. The phone has the standard "Qualcomm 3G CDMA" sticker on the back, but only seems to operate in 1X data mode. Is it possible to enable EVDO functionality on this phone, or does it not have the capability?

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Nokia :: E71 And IP Passthrough - How To Enable This Functionality On Phone

Nov 27, 2008

I used to have a E61 and I now have (2 days) an E71.I would like to use the E71 with IP Passthrough on my Pc (as I used to do with the E61).I have downloaded the Nokia Network Bridge tool from here URL...

Now, despite it is clearly stated that it should be compatible with the e71 (I copy and paste from the web page "Requirements: Nokia 9500 9300 E60 E61 or E71 device" I was not able to find any manual on how to enable this functionality on the phone, neither I was able to find any voice in the phone menues.

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Samsung :: Best MicroSD Card For Blackjack

Aug 20, 2007

I bought a Lexar MicroSD card yesterday for my blackjack for the sole purpose to put music on it. I put a few songs on it but when I play them back, its like the card cant be read as fast as the music is playing causing the music to skip. Music that I put on the built in phone memory plays fine with no skipping but the storage card skips. I returned the card today, but it there another brand that people have had better luck with? My phone is overclocked to 252 and I even closed all other programs except media player but none of this helped.

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HTC :: Correct Process / Sequence To Enable All Functionality (Sprint TouchPro On Boost Mobile

Feb 14, 2010

okay, right now i have a sprint-branded touch pro on boost cdma unlimited yet am having trouble with features like sprint tv and navigation. voice/text/internet works (for the most part), but sometimes i get the occasional code 67s and #777 errors. i've read elsewhere of folks who have their tps fully working, but can't find any instructions on how they achieved this. i am fairly certain it involves changing some addresses to route differently, and also have my msn, meid, and msl if that helps. can anyone here assist me in this process? for what it's worth, i've searched ppcgeeks and xda in addition to our own forum.

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Samsung :: D900 - Playlists Via MicroSD Card

Jun 1, 2007

I recently purchased a 1GB microSD card and I moved the few songs I had stored onto the phone to my new card.Now, whenever I start the music player, I have to add songs from the card into a new playlist. It's not saving my playlist maybe? Can the D900 play songs directly from the memory card I hope?

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Samsung :: 4GB MicroSD Card Will Work On A707?

Jun 21, 2007

Does anyone know if the 4GB MicroSD card ( ) will work in the Samsung A707?

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Samsung :: D807 - Can't Get The Photos To Appear With The MicroSD Card

Aug 26, 2007

Dowlnloaded some jpg photo files from my computer to 512M MicroSD card. Can't get the photos to appear with the MicroSD card in the D807 when I look in the "Memory Card." All I see is the little yellow butterfly photo file logo.

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Samsung :: M500 / Inserting MicroSD Card

Sep 6, 2007

Just got m500 last week and so it's a great phone. The only annoyance is that I can't get the microSD inserted in the phone.It just doesn't want to click in place so that I can close the lid on it . Is there a trick to this or is just my phone maybe defective?

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Samsung :: Blackjack - MicroSD Card Not Detected?

Sep 14, 2007

I put in my new SanDisk 1GB MicroSD card and it does not "snap in" or anything. So when I close the little flap that pushes the card in further but it is not detected by the phone. When I manually hold the card all the way in with my finger the phone will detect it. Is the card supposed to be held in place when pushed in or does it just slide in and the little rubber cover hold it in? If it is supposed to "snap in" that must be broken so I guess I will have to take it back?

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Samsung :: Sch-u700 Set Ringtones From Microsd Card

Oct 29, 2007

does anyone know how to set a ringtone from the microsd card. i used QPST to view the filesystem aqnd i can drag any mp3 into the ringtones folder, but i dont want to waste the memory in my phone when i have the same song on my microsd card. i heard that you can edit some text file so that it adds the mp3 file from the card to the ringtones list.

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Samsung :: BlackJack / Compatible With MicroSD Card

Oct 30, 2007

Does anyone know if this is available yet MicroSD Wireless Card and if it is, does it work with the Blackjack? and finally, where can I buy one?

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Samsung :: U700 - Support For MicroSD Card?

Mar 31, 2008

Does anyone know if this phone supports SDHC? Either way does anyone know if it supports 1gb, 2gb or 4gb?

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Samsung :: BJ II / Media Player And MicroSD Card

Dec 31, 2008

Blackjack2.Anyone know how to set Media Player to access a microSD card by default upon Media Player start up?

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Samsung :: D807 - Phone Sometimes Not Recognize MicroSD Card?

May 11, 2007

Very strange but this is the third time that I have been using a microSD card with my D807 and just all of the sudden one day the phone doesn't recgonize it. I eject the card re-insert it and it says "Unrecognized Format?" It's not my phone because it has done this with my other phones as well, another D807 and a T809 as well. I know it's not the car either because I have used Two 1 GIG cards and a 512mb card and they have all done this at one point in time. Anyone else had these issues? Seems like these tiny little things aren't all that great as far as long term file storage.

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Samsung :: U600 Cant Get To Read Some Images From MicroSD Card

May 23, 2007

i used to own a d900 but now i got u600. its a cool phone but for some reason i cant get it to read some images from my microSD card. even if the images are in .jpeg format and roughly the same size as the ones i can view they still come up blank and i get an error message saying "not allowed". These are pics taken with my camera so they shouldnt be copyrighted. also i have some ringtones saved to the card and i can play them but when i go set them as ringtones or even just copy to phone it says "Failed". Are there any reasons why this is happening. the SD card is 1gb and its only about 20% full.

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Samsung :: M620 - Device With MicroSD Memory Card?

Jun 1, 2007

Does it come with an sd card for music and how much? or must I upgrade in order to get a good amount of music?

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Samsung :: SCH-U520 MP3 Player Cant Find MicroSD Card

Jul 26, 2007

I just got a new phone and its a HUGE step above my old phone(LGVX6100). I picked up a Samsung SCH-U520 and did this manily because of the price and the features of the phone. I do have a few questions. I am wanting to use the phone as an MP3 player and i cant find the microSD card i need, but what do i use to get the songs from my computer to my Phone. I would also like to make custom ringtones for my phone. I've tried searching but it seems everytime i search for something i find everything except for what i want.

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Samsung :: SCH U540 - 2 GB MicroSD Card Will Work For The Phone?

Aug 1, 2007

I am getting a sandisk 2gb microsd card for my Samsung U540 will it work? And was I wondering how do I put it in the computer and put music on it? Do I need to buy a USB adapter? Here is the link I bought it from its on amazon too. its 27$ with shipping for a 2 gig and a 1gig is 15 with shipping.

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Samsung :: Wafer - Way To Use Mp3 Files On Microsd Card As Ringtones?

Sep 19, 2007

I just got a new wafer. Love the phone. Just wondering if there is any way to use the mp3 files on my microsd card as ringtones? My old LG would do this. Also, I read the sticky about using sound forge. but, the download link was broken. I have "audacity" Could I use this to crop and convert instead of soundforge? When I finally figure this out. how do I get the tone to the phone? I kind of didn't understand that part.

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Samsung :: Under The Radar SGH - A747 SLM - Memory MicroSD Card

Nov 23, 2007

2MP camera brushed-metal finish and includes the music headset and the external memory microSD card!

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Samsung :: I760 - Got 8GB MicroSd Card But It Shows Only 4GB On Phone?

Mar 25, 2009

I got a 8GB MicroSD card for my I760. It only shows as 4GB, and I did apply the HTC SDHC cab to my phone. I previously had the I730 and the cab worked on it. I even slide my 8GB card in it, and the older phone sees it. Am I doing something wrong, or am I against a brick wall and can only go to 4GB? I even tried to trade for two 4GB cards on CL, but not bites so far. Threw out packaging, so I own this card for sure.

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Samsung :: Renown - Support 16GB MicroSD Card

Dec 27, 2009

The specifications for the Renown all say "up to 8GB" for the MicroSD memory card. My 8GB was running out of space for my MP3 collection, so I just tried plugging in a 16GB card my daughter has in her LG Env3. It seemed to work fine, I put 8.3GB of music on it and I (think! I) could see it all in the My Music display. Any ideas what the real limits are? For example, with a new card, will the Renown be able to format the card, or do I need to format it in the Env3?

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Samsung :: Blackjack - How To Check Status Of MicroSD Memory Card?

May 8, 2007

Can anyone tell me where to go to check the size of my micro SD and the space remaining. I just installed a 1GB micro SD card in my Blackjack and don't know where to find the size and how much space is remaining.

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Samsung :: R500 Download A Small Mp3 File Without Having To Buy A MicroSD Card?

Oct 4, 2007

I'm wondering if there is any way I can download a small mp3 file onto my Samsung R500 without having to buy a MicroSD card? I used to always use to get mp3's to my Razr, but the Hue doesn't work with the site. Do I just have to buy a card and put it on the phone that way, or is there a way around it?

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Samsung :: Blackjack II - Will A MicroSD WiFi Card Work In The Device?

Nov 29, 2007

I have a Samsung Blackjack II from AT&T, it does not have WiFi. There is are now microsd cards that give you WiFi capability. The only question is whether the minisd card slot for the Blackjack II is for memory only or accepts power items.

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Samsung :: A920 - What Is The Maximum Microsd Card Size Support?

Dec 7, 2007

I am currently looking to upgrade my memory card and wanted to know what was the biggest size that the A920 would be able to read.

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Samsung :: Blackjack II - 8gb MicroSD Card Randomly Stop Working?

Mar 27, 2008

I was just curious if anyone has ever had a problem with their 8gb microSD card suddenly failing on their Blackjack 2? I bought mine off eBay, I hope it isn't defective but at times it will randomly stop working, usually after 3-4 days of use. What happens is all the programs I installed on the card aren't able to be executed, and while I am able to explore the card in the File Explorer, all the files become nonsense with crazy file names. A reboot or simple pulling the card out and putting it back in solves this problem, but I think it's kinda weird. Is this a common bug or is something wrong with my phone?

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Samsung :: Installing Garmin Onto Omnia - From - My Storage - Or Microsd Card

Sep 19, 2008

In the directions it says to copy the files to a microsd card, does it have to be installed from a card or will it install just the same from the built-in flash memory? i tried running the sis file, and it just pops up an error. and then i tried with tomtom7 and in the directions it says to choose "manual activation" but i never saw that option.

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