Samsung :: Rogue (SCH-U960) - NAM2 Lockout / Convert HEX To Decimal Number And Last 4 Digits Are Unlock Code

Sep 29, 2009

So the story begins that I've just switched from Att to Verizon because well I hate Att. Regardless I've never been on a CDMA network and I am never seen anything called a NAM before. Keep in mind I've had nothing but SIM Cards for the past 5 years. So I'm playing around with my settings and low and behold I come across NAM Select on my Samsung Rogue (SCH-U960) and have no idea what it is. Being the inquisitive person I am I switch it to the only other option available "NAM 2", (and of course previously I had changed the phone to lock itself upon rebooting/starting) Immediately the phone resets itself, thinking nothing of it. Here's the fun part.

So I called Verizon. Ok, yeah so they were at least nice to me while I was keeping composure, but that didn't last long, I could detect incompetence. Two and an half hour later: I've been put on hold to tech support where they run me through the book-fed codes such as "0000" "1234" and etc, to include the last four of the phone number (Yet when selecting NAM2, the phone is not programmed to use that code). Long story short I get mad at the dumb tech guy and hang up the phone because he's telling me that I'm going to have to send my phone in Under Warranty. I knew better.

This is how you fix your phone: Your first step is going to be to find a Hash Calculator such as HashCalc. Step 2 is simply to ensure that you calculate the SHA-1 for the MEID HEX number located on the back of your phone under the battery. When doing this ensure that you are inputting the data as HEX data. Take the last _6_ characters from this calculated sha-1 sum. You will use this to find your unlock code by adding 80 in front of those to get something that looks like 80XXXXXX. This number you will enter into the Windows Calculator (OR any scientific calculator that can convert HEX to DEC) As stated from here you enter this 7 digit hex code into the calculator and select the DEC radio button afterward. It will convert the number to decimal format. Use the last 4 of this number to unlock your phone. This is your unlock code. I was so shocked that this information was not on this forum that I had to add it myself. I did not discover this myself but rather paraphrased from another website. (I'd site the website but I've lost the address). Hopefully from here no one else will waste their time with such a busted tech support like Verizon's. Go download a hash calc verizon.

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Sony Ericsson :: W810i Unlock Code - 8 Digits Or 16 Digits?

Jul 25, 2008

I have the sony w810i on AT&T/Cingular and got a 16 digit unlock code from AT&T, however when I follow the instructions for the Network Unlock, the phone itself seems to only want 8 digits (at which point the 'OK' button in the lower left corner of the screen goes from gray to white).I am afraid of entering the wrong code and using up my 5 attempts (already used one), and wanted to know if anyone else knows what could be going on here.

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Samsung :: SCH-U960 Access Service Menu On Rogue?

Nov 3, 2009

does anyone know how to access the service menu on the Samsung Rogue SCH-U960 ?

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Samsung :: Rogue U960 Press Music Icon Phone Freezes

May 18, 2010

have a NEW samsung rougue u960 phone but when i press the My Music icon the phone freezes and it will not respond unless i take the battery out and turn the phone back again. is there anything i can do to fix this problem?

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Samsung :: Rogue SCH U960 - Phone Freezes On Playing Uploaded Music

Jun 5, 2010

I have a Samsung Rogue I got in Feb. And I am trying to get the music to work on it. I was able to upload music to the phone but everytime I click the My Music button my phone freezes, and I cant even turn if it off by pressing and holding the end button. I have to take out the battery. What it might be or what I can do to stop it?

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Samsung :: Switched From NAM 1 To NAM2 / Phone Restarted And Need Lock Code For Initial Programming

Aug 13, 2008

I was playing around with settings on my phone and switched it from NAM 1 to NAM 2. It restarted the phone and now it says initial programing needed and I need a lock code.Can someone please help me switch it back!

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Samsung :: Unlock By Used Code *2767*3855# - IMEI Number Erased

Oct 3, 2008

own a samsung SGH-E250 which i tried unlocking. i used code *2767*3855# reset was done and now my IMEI # is erased it's now all zeros(000000/00/000000/0) can phone be used without having an imei#? how can i have it replaced? when sim is placed into phone and pin is entered, then request for sim lock appears, whats the sim lock code and how is it acqiured?

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Why Lock Code Minimum Of 5 Digits

Sep 16, 2011

This applies to mulitple phone like the 3720 Classic Outdoor and the N97 mini.

Why can I not change my lock code in a 4-digit code? Why is it so important to make it a minimum 5 digit code? I find it very strange and I would like to know the reason.

Is it possible with the next firmwareversion to make this a optional requirement in preferences?

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Samsung :: A737 Procedure To Unlock / Have Legit Unlock Code?

Dec 16, 2007

I own an A737 phone from AT&T. I called up and got an unlock code from them. They gave it to me, and told me all I have to do is put in the other SIM and enter the code. I put in a T-mobile prepaid SIM and did that. It gets me past the initial padlock screen to my main screen, but when I try to call it still says invalid SIM. What else do I have to do to unlock the phone? I want to use it with prepaid SIMs on an upcoming trip abroad.

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Samsung :: SGH-T609 Unlock Code - I Need To Unlock Phone

Dec 19, 2008

I have samsung SGH-T609 IMEI #***/2 From Rogers. I need to unlock the phone Anyone can help me?Posting IMEI's is not allowed.
Moderator HF 18

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BB Curve :: 9700 Sending Text Message - Insufficient Digits In Number

Nov 10, 2011

My daughter has a BB curve and has a problem sending text messages to one of her friends. She gets a message back saying that there are insufficient digits in the number. However, she has the correct number in her contact list and has also tried to reply to a received text from the friend but gets the same message. I have the same number in my BB Bold 9700 and she is able to send messages successfully from my phone. She has also re-saved the number of her contact but still no luck. This is the only number she has problems with.

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Samsung :: Getting Into Program Mode On U960 Rouge

Feb 26, 2010

I need to get into the program screen, I want to turn off EVDO. I just need 1X. I don't use evdo at all.

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Samsung :: U520 - Codes Needed For Switching The Phone From Nam2 To Nam1

Dec 21, 2007

Ok, so, I read most of the rules, and I understood the "no codes" thing, but does that apply to the codes you need to switch your phone from nam2 to nam1? You see, I did that, being the bright genius I am, and now locked my smart self out of my phone. It's Samsung U520. I've tried a bunch of them, like 0000, 1111, 1234, and the last four digits of my phone number, to no avail.

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Samsung :: Unlock Code For E 747

Mar 30, 2009

How can I get my Samsung e747 unlocked.

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Samsung :: Unlock Code

Jun 23, 2009

my friend just got a samsung impression and its locked, i looked around the web and found no code online except the ones you go to pay for. So i'm wondering does anyone know the unlock code?

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Samsung :: Omnia I910 - How To Lockout Data Plan?

Sep 15, 2009

My data plan expires tonight and I would like to lock it out so I won't incur any extra charges. Can anyone give me advice on how to do this? I will be going to the US soon and certainly don't want data charges from there as well. The model is I910.

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Samsung :: U340 - How To Get Unlock Code?

Mar 10, 2008

I had a customer that was locked out of his U340 I tried the normal codes last 4 of phone #, 9999, 1234, etc. But couldn't get it I know some phones (at least audiovox) there is a code you can enter to get the unlock code for the phone, is there one for the U340 that anyone knows of. (I will also post this in the Alltel forum)

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Samsung :: SCH-R450 Unlock Code

Nov 22, 2008

So someone locked my phone and i dont know the code the code to unlock it. is there a factory reset or something i can do?

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Samsung :: Unlock Code For Jack

Jan 16, 2009

does anyone havethe unlock code for the samsung jack phone?

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Samsung :: Sgh-t456 Unlock Code

Apr 18, 2009

is there a way around setting what I want as a ringtone? my phone says "non-DRM file, cannot set as ringtone" everytime. I looked some info up but I found that I need the 8 digit unlock code which supposedly with the Gravity needs a specific unlock code for each phone. is there a way to get the unlock code for it other than calling Rogers, they can't give it to me because they don't have it.

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Samsung :: Tried To Unlock Phone With This Code

Apr 29, 2009

well i've tried to unlock my phone with this code.

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Samsung :: Sch-r410 - Unlock Code

Jun 9, 2009

I found a samsung sch-r410 and nobody ever called to claim the phone. i figured i would use it but the phone is locked. is there a way i can get the phones unlock code or am i SOL and should just toss the phone?

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Samsung :: T456 - Unlock Code

Jul 2, 2010

I was referred to this site by a rogers customer care after iI have called them for an unlock code for my Samsung t456. He said I could get some help here, I am moving to Jamaica and I want to used this phone.

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Samsung :: A740 / Forgot Unlock Code

Apr 19, 2008

I had a Samsung A740 at one time and I was not really using it much so I got it canceled after my contract was up.Lately I feel the need to re-activate it, but I forget my unlock code to get into stuff like the security settings, pictures, changing my background etc.Is there some sort or default code that would wipe out whatever unlock code I have in there? Or a reset code to factory defaults or something. Can I take it to a dealer and could they reset it for me?I'd rather not have to take it in and probably get charged something for it. Also, I'd rather not have to wipe out the data because I have photos in there of my son when he was just born... but if I must I must I guess.Any help would be appreciated.

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Samsung :: Sgh-d415 I Need Unlock Code Or A Tutorial

Mar 8, 2009

i have the samsung d415 i need the unlock code or a tutorial of how to do the unlock myself and i do have the data cable for the phone and you guy please help me.

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Samsung :: Memoir - Unlock Code For The Device?

Jul 27, 2009

I just bought a Samsung Memoir and I'm having trouble finding ways to unlock it. I have AT&T and so I can't call Tmobile to request an unlock code or can I?

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Samsung :: Bell Wave Unlock Code

Jul 12, 2010

I got a Bell Samsung Wave and want to unlock it. Ive searched around and bought an unlock code from two unlockers online but unfortunately they cannot unlock my phone. Anyone know where or who can unlock my phone?

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Samsung :: D807 - SIM Lock - Unlock Code

Aug 21, 2010

I got the unlock code, entered it into my Samsung and it said personalization canceled but when I put in my Fido Sim Card it says sim lock. I tried all types of 0 codes, 0000 00000 000000 00000000 and none of them worked. What should I do?

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Samsung :: SGH-d407 / How To Enter Unlock Code?

Aug 28, 2006

I am replying to your previous e-mail to Cingular Wireless regarding unlocking your phone. I have received the unlock code you requested.I am providing below the instructions to follow:

1. Insert non-Cingular SIM card

2. Power on the handset
- Wait a few moments allowing your phone to fully power up.
- You will be prompted to enter the unlock code.

3. Enter unlock code: ********

4. Press OK:- The handset is then successfully unlocked.

Now, I put the non-Cingular SIM in the phone and power up the phone, it did not ask for a unlock code, it simply says Wrong Card. How do I enter the code?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Find Unlock Code

Oct 16, 2011

Just got a samsung galaxy s2 earlier today. Unfortunately, it is locked to the O2 network and I need it on the orange network.Learning via google, I have rooted the phone, and tried the 'Galaxy S2 sim unlock' application to find the unlock code but it came back with the following message 'cannot find unlock code' Just wondering is there something I have done wrong? Also have an annoying yellow triangle with an exclamation mark that comes up every time the phone is rebooted.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: How To Enter Unlock Code

Oct 6, 2012

i have recently changed from O2 to three and taken my number with me. I have requested, and received an unlock code for my S2, which I plan to sell, however, the instructions say: "Insert another network active sim in the handset. This should ask for a code. Input 8 digit unlock code when requested." But when I try another active sim, (I have tried both Three and Orange), it does not ask for a code

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