Samsung :: How Can You Check - How Many Minutes Have Been Used On The U600

Jul 25, 2007

Is it possible to check this on the phone?


Samsung :: Is Difference Between U600 And Ultra Edition II U600?

Aug 26, 2007

They have them both labelled different on ebay, from the same seller as well. one is called Ultra Edition II and it comes in Blue, and the other is U600 that comes in Black. I am interested in the black one, but just wanted to make sure if there's a difference between the two.

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Motorola Razr :: Receive A New Email More Than 30 Minutes After Manually Check The Push Email Does Not Work?

Jan 7, 2012

I have problem with email on my Motorola Razr. (not gmail, not corporate, just a email)I have setup email account and:-In Data push account is checked.-Sync over Wi-Fi only  is unchecked-background data is checked- data Enabled is checked- No data saver checked.I can check my email manually it is work.- If I receive a new email up to 30(not sure) minutes after manually checking the push email is working fine i get it on my phone.- But if I receive a new email more than 30 minutes after manually check the push email does not work. I do no receive any emails until manually checking.Email server works fine I use it on other phone an

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BB Curve 83xx :: How To Check Curve Minutes?

Oct 4, 2009

it's been a long time since i've seen or did a total minutes check on my curve and don't remember if you can still do it or not but does anyone know if it's possible or not?

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Samsung :: U600 - U600 Ultra And Ultra II - Differnece

Jul 2, 2007

I want to get a u600 samsung but im not sure how many versions their are and if they are all ultra II and what is 10.9 version. I was wondering if some one can explain all the diffeerent versions of this phone. Also how does the u600 compare to the u700. is teh exrta money worth it. But my main concern is knowing witch type of u600 i should get.

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IPhone :: Touch Screen - It Works For 1 Or 2 Minutes And Then It Doesn't Work For 2 Or 3 Minutes?

Apr 1, 2012

I have a problem with my touch screen. It works for 1 or 2 minutes and then it stops working for 2 or 3 minutes, this is a loop ! if I don't use for a couple of hours it will work more, about 15 minutes and then stops working !!! whats wrong with may iphone, which part is damaged ?:(( when touch screen stops working, all keys work correctly, home key & others )

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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Samsung :: Sch-u620 / Charging Not More Than 15 Minutes

Jun 15, 2007

Well got a new samsung and fully charged it and it wouldn't keep a charge for more than 15 minutes, let it drain and charge overnight same thing. It also somehow killed my 1 gig card. Went back to Verizon and had it swapped on for a new phone and memory car d no questions asked. Other than that Phone is OK. I have an extended battery on the way.

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Samsung :: Sgh-t456 How To Reset The Minutes Used

Sep 30, 2009

I just got this phone yesterday and i wanted to swap it for a diffrent phone cuz im unhappy with it, but roger has this stupid policy that if you use 15 minutes on the phone within 15 days you cant return/exchange.I have 2 hours on it, with the plastics still over it.This phone is garbage for sound quality and i just want to switch it for another phone, that being said, in the store they did something on my phone which shows the minutes of talk time on the phone. Is there software or a code i can use to reset/hard reset samsung's phone total talk time?

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Samsung :: Album Art On U600

May 4, 2007

I've read that you can have album art on the U600 whilst the music is playing, but i can't seem to work out how to get it working?Does anybody know?

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Samsung :: Games On U600

May 10, 2007

I s their a site of something were you can dwnload games for my u600. and is it possible to play movies on my u600 and how?

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Samsung :: D900 Vs U600

May 15, 2007

after reading on the many post about the new samsung u600, i've decided to do a pair off between these two phones and whether it deserve an upgrade from the d900. i currently owned the d900 and in the midst of deciding whether to upgrade. Can people please correct me if i've post any wrong information here.
Pros of U600 over D900
- Can assign any ringtone to sms
- Bigger screen
-Better camera 3.2 over 3.0
-Thinner design
- increase talk time and power saving
-able to save straight to memory card
-support 2gb card
Cons of U600 (not confirm pls clarify)
- softer ringtone
-wobbly screen?
- alarm does not ring in silent mode
- no auto focus
- no send msg when rejecting
- slower startup in music player
Can people add more to this list...also does U600 still have the video id call?.

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Samsung :: I710 Vs U600

May 22, 2007

I am trying to decide between these two phones and was wonder if I could get an opinion of people who have tried both.Main question I have, does the Samsung i710 have a way better battery life than the u600?

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Samsung :: U600 / Tones For SMS

May 26, 2007

I have bought this phone and finally i can change SMS tones. Does anyone have some links to good short tones, i prefer original from other phones, SE, Nokia and Samsung, Samsung T100 is very old model but it has very good tones for that.

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Samsung :: U600 And Gmail

May 30, 2007

Exact settings that work with U600, I have tried with D900 settings but they have completely different fields to fill in.

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Samsung :: U600 / AT&T WAP Settings

Jul 6, 2007

I'm just wondering if the U600 will work properly on AT&T service including SMS, MMS and internet.Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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Samsung :: U600 And U Life

Jul 20, 2007

I have the U600 and for some strange reason i cant get U Life to work. It worked on the D900 i had and i just verified with another board memeber that it works in NYCHere is as much info as i can gather:

I only get the green field

I am in San Diego, with T-Mobile

Firmware is: U600XXGD2

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Samsung :: Debranding U600

Jul 21, 2007

My girlfriend got her U600 from Orange, and we are wanting to debrand to get rid of the awful Orange firmware, I did this successfully via wotan with my Orange K810i,. but am struggling to find anywhere on the net that has software/flash to debrand the U600.

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Samsung :: Is It Possible To Buy The U600 In Beijing

Jul 28, 2007

I only see the U608 which is more or less the U600 in Sapphire blue.I really want to buy the phone in Black, but I can't find it in Beijing.

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Samsung :: U600 Vs D900

Jul 30, 2007

Well I need to get a new phone again since I broke part of the pins where the power is suppose to go in. So I was looking at the U600, now anyone know what new features are in the U600 compared to the D900? I know that there is touch screen and FM radio and a better camera, but what is in the D900 and not in the U600 and vice versa? I like the voice recorder and the conversation recorder so I was hoping those made it there too. Any help would be appreciated, as for my D900 if anyone wants a semi broken one PM me, everything works except the power charge port, which you can get a desktop battery charger for to use the phone again. If not I'll list it on ebay and hopefully will get something for it.

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Samsung :: Reception On U600

Aug 6, 2007

How is the reception/signal on u600..i intend to use it on rogers in canada ? anyone experiencing sensitive reception or poor ?

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Samsung :: Contacts In U600

Aug 10, 2007

I recently got Samsung U600. In the contact list there are both SIM and PHONE enteries. Is there a way so I can see only phone enteries without deliting SIM contacts?

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Samsung :: U600 - Themes

Aug 16, 2007

Just bought the U600. Overall satisfied even though certain aspects of the UI and functions could be improved (comparing to the SE phone I've used). Now I'm trying to locate themes to further personalize the device. Somehow it was easier to locate with Sony Ericsson models. Also, would like to confirm if it's true it doesn't support animated gif? If so, is there any format for animated background and stuff?

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Samsung :: U600 - Phone With GPS?

Aug 22, 2007

Is there GPS on it or is there a program to get it on U600. And is it a good phone.

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Samsung :: U600 Vs U700

Sep 5, 2007

I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on the 2 phones in the title, the U600 and U700. What are the pros and cons of each one compared to the other? I'm trying to decide which one to get but I can't seem to make up my mind.

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Samsung :: U600 - Can Hack

Sep 19, 2007

i can get this u600 working again. i found it in the street and it has a pasword on it. is there anyway i can hack this or something.

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Samsung :: U600 Vs E900

Nov 8, 2007

I want to get my girlfriend a U600 for Xmas.She currently has an E900 which is slightly damaged.From what I've learned,U600 has a better camera and has a better touch sensitive keypad than the E900's implementation. Can anyone tell me what else is different between the two? The price doesn't matter to me actually I just want to know if U600 is truly a good replacement for her old phone.

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Samsung :: U600 In Need Of Some Games

Nov 25, 2007

Can anyone find them anywhere for free like the sony erricsson thread has loads of them for free and they are all new games i want the same for this please if at all possible!I have searched this forum and the internet for them but they seem to be non excision

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Samsung :: UI / Changed To U600

Dec 21, 2007

Can the UI be changed on the u600? themes or anything like that? color change?I'm looking to get a new phone, and it's down to SE k550i vs. u600.I'm leaning towards the U600, but it's just the interface I'm so sick of.the menu, the orange black color scheme.

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Samsung :: Charger For U600

Jan 15, 2008

The charger that came with the phone stopped working and having to use a power converter to plug it in to US outlets is very annoying. What US model charger fits the u600?

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Samsung :: U600 / Can It Support 4GB In Any Way?

Feb 1, 2008

can the u600 support a 4gb card in any way?

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Samsung :: U600 Best Firmware?

Feb 1, 2008

I have a stock U600, and I wanted to upgrade with the best available firmware. I just wanted to see which ones you would recommend.

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Samsung :: Sgh-u600 - Wallpapers

Feb 24, 2008

Does anyone have those wallpapers that move around... my sgh-u600 came with one landscape view with birds flying... anyone know where i could get more of those animated ones?

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Samsung :: U600 - Firmware

Apr 21, 2008

I just bought a u600 from Tesco mobile and I want to get started with firmware flashing and stuff, this is my first smasung phone I always had sonny erricson phones.

I have a few questions..

1. Is there an official tool from samsung that I can use to upgrade to the latest official firmware like the sony erricson update service?

2. My phone has a firmware U600BMSGL1, what does this mean in terms of how recent it is and feature wise, if anybody knows?

3. I am seeing mentioning of u600b like a different phone when it comes to firmware in this forum, what exactly is a u600b, does it have something to do with the firmware, like mine above?

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Samsung :: U600 - Swf Wallpapers

May 2, 2008

Can U600 use .swf wallpapers?

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Samsung :: 4 GB Micro-SD In U600

Jul 17, 2009

After reading a lot of conflicting information all over the 'net i would like to know if the Samsung U600 now supports 4 GB Micro-SD cards or not..?

I am planning to buy a new phone Really Soon Now and am not sure which one. U600? L700? It'll be a secondary phone to be used mostly as camera.

What i want:

- Good camera (2 MP or 3 MP)
- Flash for the camera
- as large as possible Micro-SD card support (4 GM min)
- Video player

L700 is lacking some features such as full-screen picture viewer, it's cam is at the lower end and got no macro-mode and it's video recorder only does QCIF.

U600 has all that i want but some say it supports only 2 GB memory cards. If it would take 4 GB i'd buy it tomorrow. Anyone here tested it..?

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Samsung :: U600 Pin Blocked

Nov 8, 2009

My child has been playing with my phone and has some how buggered it up , when i switch my phone on it says pin blocked , then jumps to enter puk , i have never used a pin and don't no what a puk is , my phone is unlocked and open to all networks if that helps , any advice would be very much appreciated the phone is a samsung U600.

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Samsung :: Is There A Missed Call Beep After Every 2 Minutes?

Mar 21, 2008

I am trying to find out whether or not this phone can beep like every 2 minutes after a call has been missed to notify the user via audio that they have missed a call. A

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Samsung :: Jack Calls Kept Being Dropped Every Few Minutes

Sep 28, 2008

So I got the Jack about a month ago and I don't know if the problem I have is with fido or the phone.
What tends to happen is that, the majority of my calls go straight to voicemail even through I have full network coverage. I also get all my texts at once when they were sent a long time ago. Also last night I started to noticed my calls kept being dropped every few minutes. It's getting really annoying. Anyone able to help me out with what could be wrong?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Skype Disconnecting After 20 Minutes

Aug 29, 2012

This just started happening after the latest 2 firmware updates. Uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail.

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Samsung :: Ultra Edition 10.9 - U600

Apr 1, 2007

Why is there so little talk about this phone? At the very least I expected to see numerous posts inquiring about its release date and price point. So far I've found one retailer that's giving both:

Granted it's an eBay seller, however this appears to be legitimate. Personally I'm not quite up to spending 500 USD and an additional $50 to have it shipped here, but I thought perhaps someone else might be. Their stock are expected to come in April 4th, which means the soonest they'll ship out is that same day. So far I've only seen one confirmed buyer, so that leaves it to 17 others who're willing to pony up some serious dough.

Does anyone have any word on online retailers getting hold of this phone? Plemix, CellularConcepts, ImportGSM, etc? I can barely stand waiting any longer, no other phone on the market seems to be worth it, other than the D900, and I've already got one. Any info about this phone can be posted here.

I just noticed this, if you look closely on that eBay sellers listing, down at the bottom there are two pictures. The first is the U500, as you can clearly tell by the amount of buttons and the shape of its front. The second picture, however, is the U700, due to the fact that only the U700 has 6 front keys as well as a camera next to the phone's ear piece. This could be an honest mistake on the seller's part, but I thought it point it out regardless.

This seller must not know what exactly they're selling, as they've typed "SGH-U900" next to where it says "Model" on the listing page. Again, these could be honest mistakes, but all the same, use a healthy amount skepticism.

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