Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies - Not Connecting Handset?

May 18, 2011

i've installed the latest version of Kies which goes by with no problems. Connect the phone to the PC and Kies recognises a Samsung device is trying to connect as the phone icons remains 'connecting'. However, that's it, it goes no further than this. 'My Computer' sometimes recognises the phone as a device, sometimes not, and the Device Manager is currently flagging up the phone as the only problem with the PC, saying in its device status that: This device cannot start (Code 10).

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Samsung :: Cannot Sync Galaxy With KIES

Apr 30, 2011

I've read a little bit and it seems that there is a problem with Kies and the Samsung Galaxy. My wife has the Captivate. At best, I am able to connect via USB Mass Storage Mode by manually copying songs or pictures, but I am unable to do so with Windows 7 64bit. I tried with an XP Machine I get the same thing.

Fortunately, the Samsung has OS 2.2 installed. When 2.3 or 3.0 officially comes out, I won't be able to update the firmware.

Has anyone found a reliable solid workaround solution to be able to copy contacts and pics etc to Galaxy? Samsung support is pretty much useless.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies On A Macbook Pro?

Jul 25, 2012

I have tried accessing my SII with my Macbook Pro. Using Bluetooth did not work, the Mac said device not supported. I then installed Kies and tried via WIFI. Devices are recognised and they report a connection - then Kies immediately reports a disconnect.I then tried Kies via USB, the connecting symbol spins forever, no connection. Telling the SII to act as memory stick, however works. how I can make Kies talk with my SII?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Connect To Kies

Nov 22, 2012

I downloaded Kies but when I connected my phone with the USB cable, I got the message "MTB USB device failed".How do I correct this?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Using Kies To Update To ICS?

Apr 30, 2012

Well im back again and getting kies to work is annoying, kies is up to date, i follow everything(i believe i have) to the letter to get the phone to connect and still no success.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: My Kies Won't Open

Jan 11, 2012

I have installed Kies_2.1.1.11124_17_6 on Windows XP sp3, but it won't open.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Restore Via Kies Pc

Feb 15, 2012

i made a backup of my gs2 with kies pc , and it was successfully done and saved, then i made a full reset of my phone and after that i am trying to restore my phone via kies pc with the same file but.after it says "preparing to start restore process" if gives me the screen "data restoration has been interrupted due to an error please retry........"

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Won't Connect To KIES

Apr 6, 2012

I havnt been able to connect to KIES since weds, it just wont connect. I have rebooted my PC and re-installed KIES as well...It just hangs on the "connecting to the device"..

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Connect To Kies Air

Dec 21, 2012

Tried to connect my Galaxy S2 to Kies air and I can't. I have worked through the problem solving to no avail. Running Kies

Open Kies Air on the phone and I get :

Connect to same network: My Network.

Enter URL in browser: http://**************

Which I have done, but I just get the message problem loading page.

Computer Windows 7. Firefox browser. Norton 360 Anti Virus with firewall off temporarily

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Not Recognizing It?

Jul 17, 2012

Kies version

re-installed a number of times to no avail. Once connected through USB, Kies loads up but just hangs on "connecting" but still responds.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Upgrading Via Kies Locked Up?

Nov 20, 2011

Connected Galaxy S11 to Kies and was informed a Firmware upgrade was available. Current was shown as PDA:KF3/ PHONE:KE7 / CSC:KG2 (O2U) New shown as PDA:KJ1 /PHONE: K14 / CSC :KJ1 (O2U)It started off Ok and downladed firmware. Checked encryption of binary, unpacked binary, changed the picture of computer/phone to grey panel and started downloading to phone. Phone shows gren robot and "Downloading... Do not turn off target". It downloaded 11% and stopped.That was at 1540. It is now 1710 and it still shows 11%?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Won't Sync With Calendar

Apr 30, 2012

I am unable to sync my SGII with MS outlook calendar on my PC. I was able to do it once, months ago, but now it won't move past 39%. I upgraded to Outlook 2010 and installed the latest Kies upgrade and firmware in the phone, but still hangs at 39%. My phone calendar becomes useless if I can't sync.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Via Wi-Fi Can't Access Network

Dec 20, 2011

suddenly my Samsung Galaxy S2 can't access the wireless network. It has worked before but now it seems to be hanging when searching for wi-fi units in the network. I can access Kies via usb-cable.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Not Recongising ICS Firmware?

Mar 29, 2012

I got my S2 a few months ago with O2 and I noticed that they had released the firmware for ICS. So i was forced to download the truly terrible Kies software, and after 24 hours of it not even connecting to my phone, I actually got it working. Of course, now, it wont even recognise that i can get ICS. I says I have the latest firmware -which I dont- and wont even let me search for a new one!

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Unable To Connect To Kies App

Apr 13, 2012

I have recently got a new Galaxy S2 on Vodafone and when I try and connect it to the Kies application, I keep getting the error message;

Reconnect the devise in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) Mode.Current connection mode is not supported by Kies.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Firmware Upgrade?

Jul 10, 2011

is upgrading firmware via kies considered 'rooting' my device and removing warranty?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Backup Filled Up PC

Jul 28, 2011

I just tried to backup my phone on my PC using Kies. I excluded all the media files because I have them on my PC anyway, and not all that much spare space. However, then I started to get an error message that my PC was low on disk space.

I checked and my free hard drive space had gone from around 6GB to about 60 megs.

Does anyone know where the Kies backups are stored on my PC, so I can see if the backup was the culprit?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Can't Backup Schedule Via Kies

Mar 15, 2012

In anticipation of ICS I'm trying to backup my wife's SGSII. I'm using Kies as I don't know if there's any viable alternative.My problem is with backing up the Schedule (calendar?) component.All the other bits seem to backup ok.However, just selecting Schedule (on its own or with other parts) it takes ages 'preparing' and then gets to 98% before hanging and then failing due to some unexpected error.I'm on the latest version of Kies, and Windows 7 64bit (tried on two computers, both W7 64).

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Upgrade Firmware Using Kies Air?

Apr 15, 2012

Is it possible to upgrade to Android 4 (ICS) using Kies Air. I can connect my S2 to my PC using WiFi but I cannot see any link nto upgrade.When I try using KIES and USB to link to PC no connection is ever made.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Transfer Of Folders?

Oct 14, 2011

I am just playing with my new SII and I am kind of frustrated trying to sync photos/music with Kies. I want to use Kies as it compresses the photos, which is perfect, but it copies all photos into the DCIM/camera folder on the phone. How do I change the destination location for photos/music please? Plus can I transfer folders so the folder structure is kept intact and not all dumped into 1 folder like it is doing now?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Connect Back To Kies Via USB?

Nov 16, 2011

I have connected my SGS2 to Kies in my laptop. Then I quit from Kies and started using my phone (leaving my phone charging via USB). Now, when I start Kies once again, it says device not connected and my phone is not is Kies mode. If I replug my USB at either end (laptop or mobile) it goes to Kies mode and connecting fine.

My doubt here is, how do I reconnect to Kies in laptop without replug my USB, once after I quit from Kies mode in my phone.

Is there any way I can tell my phone to go to Kies mode?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Software Updates Not Available Via Kies

Jan 12, 2012

Finally I installed Kies and connected my SGS2.

Kies gives me the message "Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies." Is this because the phone is a grey import? Bought online from and Australian dealer who shipped it to me in Australia fronm his Hong Kong warehouse.

The phone is working well so I'm in no hurry to upgrade but I will probably want to go to Ice Cream Sandwich when a final stable version is available.

Model Number GT-I9100
Android Version: 2.3.5
Baseband Version I9100XXKI4
Kernal version:

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Cannot Connect To Kies To Upgrade To ICS?

Apr 25, 2012

I have tried numerous times over the last couple of days to upgrade my SGS2 to ICS. After I realised connecting to Kies Air wouldn't work, I downloaded and installed the latest version of Kies onto my laptop.The first time I tried to download via USB, the phone connected to Kies but said I could not upgrade unless my battery was fully charged. Odd, as it would be charging while linked to my laptop during upgrading anyway, but I thought I would try again in the morning when my phone was fully charged from overnight charging.

So I tried this morning when charged to 100%, and later this evening when half charged, and Kies refuses to recognise my phone. It keeps saying connecting, connecting, then I get a message saying it cannot connect. I have disconnected and reconnected umpteen times to no avail. I have run the troubleshooter a few times and reinstalled the Kies drivers two or three times. Again, to no avail.I have seen various threads on here about USB debugging etc. and I have tried to tick then re-untick that, but no joy there.I'm starting to think it would be easier just to do without this bloody update and just wait for the SGS3 to come out.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Updating Firmware Through Kies?

Jan 2, 2012

I''m trying to update the firmware on my Galaxy S2 (or GT-i9100) phone through Kies 2.1.1 on Windows 7 x64.. If finds the update available for the device and shows windows to update firmware. The new/latest update version available is PDA-KL1/PHONE:KL1/CSC:KL1(INU) After clicking to update, it downloads the update and goes into next step of "Preparing firmware update components", but then the process terminates after few seconds and nothing happens. The phone reconnects to kies s/w and again the firmware upgrade window is shown. So cannot update the firmware.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Alternatives To Kies Software?

Nov 24, 2011

Any alternatives to the kies software, what other means can i put music onto the phone. Kies doesnt seem to be working for me as it just wont recognize the GS2 is connected. Been trying to get kies to work so i can root the phone.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Why Wont Kies Recognize

Oct 1, 2011

I cant get Kies or my computer to recognize the samsung galaxy S2. If I connect the phone via USB cable to my computer without kies open, it keeps going in the connect/disconnect routine without stopping. It just keeps looping. If I plug in the phone with Kies open, I get the error message that I have to connect it in a different mode: "reconnect the device in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) mode. Current connection mode not supported by Kies."

I downloaded Kies while in America, but now I am in England going to school. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 that connects to my computer and to Kies flawlessly.

I just got a notification that kies needed to be upgraded, so I did that and still no luck. How can I get this phone play fair with my computer? I have lots of pictures on my micro SD card, and I dont want to keep pulling out the card because the phones back cover is quite crappy and I dont want the tabs to wear out.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Get A Pop Up Window Saying Kies 2.0 Does Not Support It?

Aug 28, 2011

I have a small delema, on my Galaxy s2 in my wireless and network setting i have a option to kick off Kies via wi-fi, when i do it does connect with my pc and launches kies 2.0 . I get a pop up window saying Kies 2.0 does not support Galaxy s2.when I boot kies 2.0 and connect with Usb not a problem everything works fine.Kies air with my web broswer is fine too ..

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Kies Unable To Detect

Jun 13, 2012

I installed Kies on Win XP and was able to connect Galaxy S2 to my PC. I was able to transfer file and etc. Then, I installed Kies on Win 7. When I connect the S2, it shows the status on the phone, USB Connected (MTP-Connected) and the phone was charging. But Kies shows status "please connect a device". I've tried a few methods:

1. Uninstall Kies nad reinstall again.

2. Go to "Settings" > "Wireless and network" > "USB utilities" > "Connect storage to PC".

But unfortunately it does not seems to solve the problem. Is there any steps that i missed out? Any settings to tweak or drivers to install?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Firmware Upgrade Dropped Out Of Kies?

Jul 11, 2012

Kies ( stated that a firmware upgrade was available so I started the process. The files were downloaded and the connection to the phone established. All seemed to be going to plan. Then the phone dropped out of Kies and is trying to reconnect. The computer flashed up a message that the device was not recognised. The phone is still attached to the USB and has the android icon with not turn off t Is the phone already disconnected..?What should I do to recover? Can I recover?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Latest Kies But Still Showing Old Firmware?

May 18, 2012

I've got the latest version of Kies, and have checked for updates.I'm an UK O2 customer, but with a replacement handset that was provided by an insurance company rather than the original carrier supplied one.Kies says the current firmware version as:


And says this is the latest firmware.Which seems incorrect, as the phone is still on Gingerbread.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: ICS Open Europe Via KIES UN-rooted It?

Apr 17, 2012

I somehow managed to update via KIES but lost root. Can I re-root without screwing this KIES 4.0.3 firmware update?If so, How?Was GT I9100, 2.3.4 rooted stock XEU Now 4.0.3 XWLP7

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