Samsung :: BlackJack II / How To Get WiFi?

Oct 22, 2008

I recently picked up the Samsung Blackjack II SGH-i616 with Windows Mobile 6 and realized that it has no WiFi. I've searched and read around forums that the WiFi microSD card from Spectec inserted would allow WiFi? Does it really work? I'm not an expert with this stuff. Are there any other ways to get WiFi for my phone?


Samsung :: Wifi On Blackjack Via USB Connector

Sep 11, 2007

I was thinking about ways that Wifi could be enabled on the Blackjack, and came up with the idea, why not connect a small Wifi USB dongle to the Blackjack? Could it work? Would there be any way to get drivers? I have seen some pretty tiny USB Wifi adaprers...For example, take a look at Now wouldn't it be cool if someone could put a Blackjack L-Shaped connector on something like that so it would rest flush with the back of the phone! But for now I'd be happy to keep the little adapter in my pocket and use a wire!

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Samsung :: BlackJack / USB Wifi Adapter

Jan 21, 2008

Has anyone tried to use their USB cable in conjunction with a USB Wifi Adapter to get wifi on their blackjack?

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Samsung :: Spectec Wifi Micro SD Card In BlackJack I/II?

Dec 28, 2007

The Blackjack is an outstanding device but one thing that I miss that I have had in previous phones is wifi. Low and behold I stumble on the Spectec WiFi MicroSD card. Does this work with the BlackJack I/II? Does it require drivers, etc?

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Samsung :: Blackjack - WIFI Router -> Multiple Computers

May 9, 2008

I can connect my blackjack 1 to my vista premium notebook for a speedy internet connection (USB). Our ISP won't fix the problem with our DSL until next week and we need internet for 4 people. I would love to use my blackjack internet connection to supply internet service to my router and broadcast over WiFi for all the comps to hook up to.

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Samsung :: Blackjack / WiFi Via Spectec Micro SDIO 11g Card

Dec 14, 2006

Well I came across this in my browsing around the net.Does anyone know if this will work? The Spectec company website indicates OS support for Microsoft Windows CE 4.X-5.X/smart phone (as well as PPC) support, and skype compatible, which I believe would be real plus for the Blackjack.

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Samsung :: Blackjack II - Will A MicroSD WiFi Card Work In The Device?

Nov 29, 2007

I have a Samsung Blackjack II from AT&T, it does not have WiFi. There is are now microsd cards that give you WiFi capability. The only question is whether the minisd card slot for the Blackjack II is for memory only or accepts power items.

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Samsung :: BlackJack / Quad Band With HSDPA / WiFi And Keyboard

Feb 9, 2008

Is it possible to get a blackjack with all these features ? or any other phone for that matter ? I have searched but cant find it. Quad Band with HSDPA, wifi and Keyboard

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Samsung :: Blackjack / Blackjack II And Epix Use Same Charger?

Nov 2, 2008

Do Samsung's blackjack, blackjack II, and Epix use the same charger? I am trying to buy some extra accessories from Ebay and I noticed that blackjack I and blackjack II have different prices. I believe Epix and blackjack II use the same charger; but wasn't sure whether blackjack I cables are compatible with Epix.

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Samsung :: Blackjack I / Blackjack II - Sar Value Of Devices?

May 24, 2008

Does anybody know REAL sar values for BJI and BJII. I've found some numbers online but it is mainly for Europe where max rating is 2W/kg, couldn't find the values for N.America where max is 1.6W/kg.
I goggled for hours and even went on Samsung website but no such info there. Also, what is the difference I mean how to compare when it says:
"taken over a volume of 10 grams"
"taken over a volume of 1 gram"

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Samsung :: Blackjack - How About Considering Blackjack II

Aug 15, 2008

I have had a BJ since the day they were released. It is not perfect, but I have really enjoyed it. I am considering a BJ II. There are several nagging issues with the BJ that never got resolved with an official ROM update. I want to see if these still exist with the BJ II.
1. No voice command over bluetooth.
2. Wonky bluetooth stack making it difficult to use a device with the BJ and another phone without having to delete it and add it every time.
3. No tethering with Internet Connection Sharing in WM6.

So, what's the story on these issues and the BJII? Does it have these same problems? Also, does it have the same 200 mhz processor, or is it faster? And, when is the official WM6.1 coming out for it? One last thing. People who have owned both phones, is it as reliable as the original? Do the things that worked well with the original work at least as well with the new BJ? Will I miss the jog wheel on the side of the phone?

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Samsung :: GPS On The Blackjack

Jun 26, 2007

Has anyone used a GPS reciever with the Blackjack? I am looking at getting the Holux GPSlim 240. Anyone tried it? And what GPS software will work good on the Blackjack?

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Samsung :: MMS With Blackjack

Jul 6, 2007

I just recently got a new Blackjack from "AT&T".All the settings are how they should be from what I can see, but I can't send any MMS. I can receive them but I can't download the attachment.Also at the top, I have an E instead of a 3G like i see on the other blackjacks.any help is appreciated,

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Samsung :: Using Orb On Blackjack

Jul 12, 2007

As anyone else had some problems with this. I keep getting cant find URL. And then some videos will play then some dont. I have tried the Windows Media Player and a tcpmp player. Still nothing as of yet.

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Samsung :: Blackjack Wap - MMS

Jul 27, 2007

Does Anyone know the WAP and MMS setting for the suncom network.

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Samsung :: Sat Nav On A Blackjack?

Aug 21, 2007

I searched the forums and couldn't find a definitive answer on this so here goes. Is there a program to get Satallite Navigation on a Blackjack? If so, does it require internet capability? Does it require an external (bluetooth) GPS receiver? I have the basic $39.99 package with no internet but if I can get GPS I might reconsider.

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Samsung :: IM On BlackJack

Oct 7, 2007

How do you get an IM to be recieved in my SMS inbox on the blackjack. im using oz.

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Samsung :: Blackjack And WM 6

Oct 8, 2007

Whatever happened to the upgrade to WM6? Did it fall off the face of the earth all together?Seems for the last few months there was much hype and speculation.Then I saw Oct 5 as a release date. Now everything has gone silent. Did I miss something?

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Samsung :: Blackjack WM6 Rom

Oct 25, 2007

Anyone know where I can download the Blackjack WM6 ROM? I've search via google, but can't find it the actual file, can someone give me a link or provide the file name?.

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Samsung :: Blackjack 2 And Mac

Dec 31, 2007

Is there any way to make this work, when i plug into my macbook i'm unable to do anything

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Samsung :: OEM Blackjack 2 Vs AT&T BJ2?

Apr 23, 2008

Is it true that ATT disable the WIFI on BJ2? Does the original unlocked BJ2 has WIFI?

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Samsung :: Can't Get GPS On Blackjack II

May 9, 2008

Wirelessly posted (Opera/9.50 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/4.0.10406/302; U; en))

I can't seem to get the GPS on my Blackjack II to work. Google Maps just stays at "Seeking GPS Satellites (0). ", although I probably didn't try it long enough- although I have heard people mention that they got a lock immediately on the first try. I have gotten the same results with GPStest(the built in one, not the Chartcross version). I currently have the GPSID settings utility installed. I have not, and do not want to use TeleNav.

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Samsung :: Blackjack II & WM 6.1

Jul 22, 2008

When the supposed release date for WM 6.1 for the Blackjack II will be? I could really use some of their features...

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Samsung :: Gps On Blackjack

Jan 2, 2009

Do I have to enable GPS on my blackjack? If so how do I turn it on? WM6

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Samsung :: Blackjack II Says Bad Sim

Nov 7, 2009

I bought a BJ2 off Craigslist. It powers on fine, but with I enter my sim in it, it stays on the ATT screen for close to 10 mins and then says bad sim or something. It's a good sim. I took to ATT and they are not able to help.

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Samsung :: Blackjack Gps - How Well Works?

Dec 16, 2006

Ok so I have a BlackJack that I am still figuring out. My Tom Tom 700 was stolen out of my car yesterday. I know that blackjack has gps capabilities. What all do I need? how well it works?

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Samsung :: Blackjack Bluetooth

Jan 26, 2007

Has anyone succeeded in using bluetooth to syn and/or tether their Blackjack? Everytime I try to connect my Blackjack using bluetooth, I get the message "Connection refused by Blackjack" or something like that. I've tried this with two Blackjacks and two computers. If someone uses bluetooth with the Blackjack.

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Samsung :: BlueMusic On The Blackjack

Mar 23, 2007

Has anyone tried this:

program on the Blackjack to stream audio to a mono bluetooth headset?

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Samsung :: Outlook On BlackJack

Mar 31, 2007

I am trying to configure my outlook mailbox on my blackjack to be able to check my hotmail account, however it does not let me do any changes to the account settings. I have a premium hotmail account to allow me to access with outlook on my computer. Instead oulook on my blackjack downloads duplicates of email's I have on my Gmail account when i sync with my computer...

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Samsung :: BlackJack ActiveSync

May 2, 2007

I can't get my new BlackJack to sync with ActiveSync. I have tried both AS 4.2 (came on CD) and 4.5 (download). The phone says "connected" sometimes, sometimes it says "Waiting for network". ActiveSync says "Synconizing" but nothing happens. There is an IP connection established but nothing happens (almost no pakets transmitted). The troubleshooting points to a missing IP connection but there is one and it works (I can even ping my BlackJack). When I click explore I can access my BlackJack and transmit files but I can't sync Outlook or favorites.

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Samsung :: Blackjack Smartphone Or Pda

May 7, 2007

I rely a lot on this website for great information on phones. So once again I ask for the help of professionals.
I belive the Cingular Blackjack is a smartphone, Cingular tends to disagree. I have found some information available here and I would like to hear your opinions and your arguements as to is this device a smartphone or a PDA. Let's help Cingular open their eyes.

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Samsung :: BlackJack Features

May 16, 2007

Does this phone have voice dial I have been looking at it on Cingulars site and it's not showing that it does so thought I'd ask the experts. Any one know if it's bluetooth work or any other buggs I need to know about im thing of ordering one or maybe the BB Pearl but leaning towards the BJ. I see alot of people have them so how about some Pro's and Con's on the BJ please

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Samsung :: Blackjack Ringtone Id

May 19, 2007

I just recently purchased a blackjack and im having trouble figuring out how to assign an mp3 as a ringtone for a caller. any ideas?

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Samsung :: Connecting Blackjack To PC

May 25, 2007

I know it is possible to connect the Blackjack to the internet but I cant figure it out. I have my blackjack connected to my computer with the USB cable and ActiveSync works fine. I looked through a few options and inside the phone under the "Connection" setting, I see my Comcast isp name show up under Connections>Proxy as the 2nd and 3rd proxies. The first one is the Cingular WAP. So how do I set it up to use my computer's internet connection? Also, how can I be sure that it IS using the computer internet and NOT the wireless Cingular WAP internet? I do not have a data plan so I really need to know if I am using my normal internet or the cingular data.

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Samsung :: Software Use On Blackjack

May 31, 2007

Just wondering what everyone else has.

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Samsung :: How Do You Add Blackjack Fn Keys?

Jun 10, 2007

I want to add a pile of shortcuts (but not using the numbers). For example Fn-T to launch TCPMP, etc. I can't find a single thread on it even possible?

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Samsung :: Using PdaNet With A BlackJack

Jun 12, 2007

I just got my BlackJack today, so I'm still googling and searching HoFo for what I can and can't do with it. Someone at another forum suggested I use PdaNet instead of the built in internet sharing program, as I've only got the $40 PDA Personal Max plan instead of the $70 PDA Personal Max plan with tethering. I downloaded and installed PdaNet, but I'm getting an error of "Modem error, PdaNet might not support your phone (err=1072). I tried searching HoFo for "BlackJack PdaNet" and did the same with Google, but I'm really coming to a dead end. Does PdaNet simply not support the BlackJack, or do I have to mess with some settings to get it to work properly?

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Samsung :: How Much Is The Cingulars Blackjack?

Jun 13, 2007

I was just wondering how much does the blackjack cost now with no contract? and is it good for? because i need a pda phone and im not to big on the iphone so if anyone could help that would be great.

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Samsung :: Blackjack - AIM Program

Jun 18, 2007

I LOVE this phone so far. but what bugs me, is on myspace when i go to send a message, or post a comment. it goes to the error page. yet when i do it on my laptop, all is well. any settings it should be on for this to work? or am i SOL? and also, is there a good AIM program i can get for it? im using AIRaim right now. which is pretty nice, because it doesnt use up any text messages. but as of tomarrow, my plan is being bumped up from 1500 texts to unlimited. the store i got my phone at didnt know jack. it was the guys first day on the job.

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Samsung :: Blackjack - Email

Jun 21, 2007

I just replaced my Blackberry with a BlackJack and I've got several questions about navigating through and editing my emails. I asked these over at the AT&T forums, but didn't get any responses. Hopefully you all can help me:

1. Is there any good way to quickly go to the first or last email in my inbox? On the blackberry you could just do a Fn+T to go to the top and a FN+B to go to the bottom of the list. I think I'll wear out both the scroll wheel and the nav buttons if I have to scroll through the emails manually. [NOTE: Since originally posting this, I found that hiting Fn while rotating the scroll wheel will toggle between email and SMS, which will take me to the top of either list, but this is not the most elegant way to get to the top of the list, and still doesn't solve my problem of getting to the bottom of the list]

2. Similarly, if I have my inbox emails sorted by sender, is there a way to quickly go to an email from someone in the middle of the list (e.g., someone whose email address begins with the letter "M" -- or am I stuck with "scrolling"? Again on the blackberry, all you had to do is start typing out someone's name and it took you to their emails.

3. If I'm looking at my sent folder, is there anyway to sort by recipient? When I call up the menu, I only seem to get the options to display by date, subject, type (whatever that is), or sender (which is useless if I'm looking at a bunch of emails that were sent by me). Am I doing anything wrong here?

4. Is the only way to search for a particular email (or keyword in an email) to leave messaging and use the "super search" program? Am I missing some hidden search capability from within the messaging program itself?

5.Finally, I feel really dumb, but is there a way to delete from left to right? The Backspace key seems only to backspace, even if I hit the Fn and backspace key at the same time (like I would on my Blackberry).

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