Nokia :: SIP VoIP Setting Plug-in For E75

Nov 27, 2009

I downloaded the SIP VoIP setting plugin for a set of new E75 phones BUT I can't get the SIP Phone to work. The same configuration for 80 E66 works fine but the E75 phones can call but nobody can call the phone. Is a firewall builtin or something else I need to know ? We have an internal WLAN connected to an AVAYA VOIP System. The phones are registered and can call.

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Nokia :: E72 - Setting Up VOIP Via SIP

Jan 19, 2010

It's taken the better part of a day to figure out, but I finally have SIP working on the Nokia E72. I have worked my fingers to the **bleep** bone, but after five or six hours of searching and banging my head against a wall, it finally works. I've decided to document this struggle so that others may perhaps endure less suffering.

In case it makes any difference, I'm using the North American version of the E72. The model is listed as being an E72-2, RM-529. It was purchased through Expansys: it's unlocked and carrier-neutral, straight from Nokia.

Naturally the first thing I did was set up a generic SIP profile. Try as I might, no matter what settings I used, it simply would not work. First there was no option for an "internet call" in my contact list (see below for the problem). Then, when I figured out how to get it to show up, it would always return "Authentication failed" when I tried making a call.

I won't discuss my unsuccessful attempts any further: I will instead describe for you, step my step, the magic dance I did to make it all work.

Setting up SIP on the E72

1. Go to your Control Panel and into Net Settings.

2. All you see at first is an option called "Download." This retrieves a list of "services" that Nokia makes available to you.

3. Click on the Gizmo5 service. This is a sip / voip provider that would probably work very nicely with your phone, but Google bought them out a few months ago and now they aren't taking any registrations. Your phone will now download and install a Gizmo5 app...

4. Next you'll be asked if you'd like to create an account. Click No until it stops nagging you.

OK, what we've done now is install the Gizmo5 service on the phone... if you go back to Control Panel > Net Settings you'll see this:

Now if you open up your contact list, you'll see an option for Internet Call:

5. That's great, but you're not done yet. Now go to your SIP settings through Control Panel > Settings > Connection > SIP Settings. My phone looked like this:

Note that I have two profiles... the second one is my first and unsuccessful attempt at getting everything to work; just ignore it. What you'll see is the GIZMO VoIP profile. The secret sauce is that you have to edit this profile... just overwrite everything with your SIP provider's information, though I'd leave the profile name alone.

6. That's it. Enjoy your SIP calls.

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Nokia :: Setting Up VoIP On N97

Jul 8, 2009

Could someone possibly point me in the right direction for setting up VoIP on the N97 please? I have been using an N95 8GB with several SIP profiles (Voipfone, Sipgate, and all have worked well. I have found the SIP settings in the N97 and have setup my Voipfone account. It is registering correctly, but I can't find the Internet Telephone application that existed on the N95 8GB, or any way to make or receive a VoIP call.

I'm not so concerned about Skype (though it would be good to have it) and I know I can use Fring for VoIP accounts, but would rather use the native application if I could find it. A search of the downloaded N97 manual shows no entries for VoIP, which is worrying.

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Nokia :: Setting Up VoIP On 5800

Nov 5, 2009

I had a lot of problems setting up VoIP on 5800. I red all discussions on this matter and after all I was able to set it up, that's why I want to share this information with you.

The facts:

documentation on the subject from Nokia is poor
5800 has sip profile capability, but no application for VoIP
the Nokia care centre was good this time
These are the operations I have done
Install a third party application on the phone
I tried fring ( and nimbuzz (, but I preferred nimbuzz.
Set up the account, and you will get something like
Acquire a sip connection with a service provider (Skype, ..., diamondcard)
As I already had a subscription with diamondcard, I set up that one.

In order to do so on the phone, with nimbuzz running you choose the SIP menu and pick-up yours or OTHER if yours is not there and there you enter all necessary informations.

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Nokia :: Setting Up Internet Tel - VOIP

Jul 1, 2009

Could anyone help me with setting up an Internet Tel account and also tell me if i need to subscribe anything from my Carrier side.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Can't Find SIP Or VOIP Setting App

Nov 6, 2011

I can't find the voip setting app in Ctrl. panel. I have just updated to the latest firmware. I am using E72-2 RM-529. My software version is 081.003. I believe I have downloaded and installed the right SIP Voip setting. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have downloaded SIP VoIP 3.x Settings (164 kb) from this page. [URL]It installs fine but when I go in Ctrl. panel, its not there. I have checked in other menu such as Settings and Apps. menu but to no avail.I am under the impression that Nokia is blocking SIP clients on newer updates.

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BB Curve 8520/8530 :: Gmail Enhanced Plug-in And Setting Up Filters?

Apr 11, 2010

Ok, so I've searched and haven't found what I am looking for... if any of you use Gmail with the plugin on your BB maybe you can help.

1- I can recieve/send from my BB but in the Gmail folder on my BB (the envelope with a globe thingy) I only see what I recieve. Is there a way to see everything like with my hotmail, yahoo and BB accounts?

2- How do I set up filters to recieve only personal emails using the BIS website? I entered the add filters and selected not to push emails exception Personal and didn't recieve anything.

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IPhone :: 4 Won't Turn On - When Plug It Into Computer, It Has Plug Picture And ITunes Logo?

May 14, 2012

iphone 4 won't turn on. I press top button and still nothing. I plug it in and there is a pic of plug and itunes logo. I hook it to my computer and itunes comes up and says it has detected a iphone in recovery mode. It asked if I want to restore so I hit restore button and it starts extracting. When done extracting, a messages comes up and says this iphone can not be restored error 1656. What can I do now? I bought this phone new in October. It has not been damaged in anyway. It started one morning after charging all night.

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Can Plug It In But It Doesn't Seem To Recognize The Plug

Jun 27, 2012

I can plug it in but it doesn't seem to recognize the plug...I've tried a couple of them charging, no data transfer. I think the receptacle must be broken in the iPhone itself. It worked a couple of times after I started having the problem but doesn't seem to work at all phone is slowly losing its charge so I need to do something today - because I can't be without a working phone.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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Nokia :: What Is Difference Between Setting Up A Connection To POP3 Mail Account Manually On Phone And Setting It Up On Nokia Messaging

Dec 18, 2009

What is the difference beween setting up a connection to my POP3 mail account manually on the phone, and setting it up on Nokia Messaging? I realise that if I want to have messages delivered to my phone I need to use NM, but are there other differences?

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Nokia :: N85 SIP / VoIP

Oct 18, 2008

I just bought a N85 to replace my old N95. Configuring was no problem so far, most of the options are the same as on the N95, except... yes VoIP.
How can I get this work? I set-up my SIP account (Tools/Settings/Connection/SIP settings) and it is successfully registering, when I tell him to be "always on" on the Registration option. So but now what? On my N95 there was an Application for using sip accounts. The N85 manual tells me something about a new tab in the contacts application? This tab is not available here.
So please, how can I use the VoIP part of the phone? This feature is mandatory to me, if this will not work, I have to send the phone back to my dealer.

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Nokia :: E72 SIP / VoIP

Jul 24, 2010

Any one can advise me for the needfull to let the E72 able to use SIP service to place voip calls?

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Nokia :: Voip For X6

Jun 18, 2010

can anyone explain to me how can one make internet calls on x6.

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Nokia :: Vonage & VoIP With E60

May 30, 2006

I have a Vonage account with one of their linksys router and have my phone plugged into a POTS port on that router. When I bought a Nokia E60 I ordered a softphone (a software phone) from Vonage thinking I could use wifi and my new cell phone to make internet calls. However, Vonage will not give out the settings. Therefore, I have to guess. I'm using the following SIP settings:

Service profile: IETF
Public user name: sip:mysoftphonenumber
Use compression: No
Registration: when needed
Use security: No

Proxy server: same as the registration server settings below

Registration server:
Registration server address: sip: from Ethereal when softphone registered)
User name: mysoftphonenumber
Password: my password for my vonage softphone account
Transport type: UDP

As first I thought the problem was with vonage (and I not positive it isn't) but I have tried setting up a SIP call with (they allow free testing) and could not register there either. Therefore, now I'm thinking that the E60 is not getting to the internet (I get the message that "Internet Telephone service is not available"). I believe that it sees the wlan because when I have tried to make a internet call without the wlan available, I get a message that the wlan is not available. I can and have connected to my wlan and browsed web pages so I know I can get out.

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Nokia :: Disconnect From VoIP

Jan 31, 2009

Is there a way to (temporarily) disconnect from VoIP (for the purpose of reconnecting) without having to change the login type from automatic to manual? If I disconnect VoIP or WLAN, the phone always wants to change things to manual as well. I don't want that.

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Nokia :: E63 SIP / VOIP Settings

Aug 30, 2009

I have E63. My firmware version is 200.21.012.I want to connect the phone to the voip through wifi. I have been trying all the ways to try to connect voip through the phone but all failed.
I also tried this topic : /discussions/board/message?
Users and Experts try to help to solve our problem. Please mention the step by step instructions guide.

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Nokia :: E71 Work For Voip?

Jun 8, 2010

I am planning to buy E71 .does it work good for voip calls? what is the best phone for voip calls?

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Nokia :: Mentioning About VoIP For E72

Nov 24, 2009

On the Nokia website ( it says:

Which Nokia phones contain the Nokia Internet calling client?

Nokia E51; Nokia E60; Nokia E61; Nokia E61i; Nokia E65; Nokia E70; Nokia E90; Nokia N80 Internet Edition; Nokia N800 Internet tablet; Nokia N81; Nokia N81 8GB; Nokia N810; Nokia N82; Nokia N95; Nokia N95 8GB"

There appears to be no mentioning about VoIP for E72. Can anyone who already has this phone explain if this function is supported on Nokia E72. I do not mean Fring or a similar 3rd party application, rather original Nokia "Call Over Internet" option when selecting a number. For instance for use with. I am not an expert in this so my apologies if above statements are wrong.

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Nokia :: N85 Voip Problem

May 5, 2009


I have installed the Voip advanced settings on my N85 but can only make outgoing calls.

I am getting no SIP errors on incoming yet no calls come through.

Is it a software glitch or have i done something wrong?

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Nokia :: N86 8MP - Voip Over WiFi

Aug 13, 2009

Can anyone tell me whether Voip is available for the N86?

I've looked at Skype and Truphone and they're only able to offer a 'lite' version that relies on a normal phonecall to a local number (i.e. only useful for reduced-rate international calls).

I contacted Truphone and they replied that "We are working very hard to bring more of our Nokia compatible devices to be able to use Wi-Fi, however there are no current plans at the moment."

Why is this service readily available for some Nokia models but not others?

Why do I have to spend my time trawling through Nokia support pages, discussions, blogs etc. to set up this and other functions such as connection to secure WLAN when it's so simple for i-phone and w-mo users?

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Nokia :: N85 - Enable VOIP / SIP

Nov 14, 2008

To enable the VoIP functions on the Nokia N85, simply download and install the Client VoIP release 3.0, availlable at this adress:

a new service (Advanced VoIP settings)will be available into Menu / Tools / connectivity / Par. Internet

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Nokia :: VoIP Calling On N82?

Jan 22, 2009

I had a few questions about the internet calling on the N82

1. How does this work? How do you set it up?

2. Is it free? Do you actually get to call long distance, to Europe, China, etc. areas for free?

3. Is there a catch to it?

4. Can I set up another program, like VoIP Stunt to go with my phone?

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Nokia :: X5800 / Use Of SIP And VOIP

Feb 24, 2010

I have a X5800 music, model 5800d-1 and I can enter all the necessary SIP data. I get the message (settings, connectivity, admin settings, sip settings) registered which is fine. My provider is freephonie. Question: 1) Although on the freebox the SIP is activated, I don't receive incoming call on my nokia. 2) How do I tell my nokia to call on the internet ? Is it possible only using SIP tel numbers which I can enter in the contacts list?

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Nokia :: X6 Can Voip Support

May 20, 2010

Nokia X6 can support voip or sip? I have searched in forum and Google but to no avail. Its not clear whether it can support voip. I am looking to buy X6. If it doesn't have voip, I might have to go for Nokia E71 which can support voip. Can anyone confirm whether X6 has voip?

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Nokia :: 5800 As Voip Client?

Jan 17, 2010

I have an existing account with intervoip (a voip client app program) and i would like to set it up on my nokia 5800. iv heard i may have to install the 'nokia voip framework' to configure voip settings but it is very confusing.

Also i dont really wana use 3rd party apps such as "fring" but if this is the only option, then i will. and if 3rd party apps are recommedned, could you also give me an example account to fill in, showing where i would need to put my account details etc.

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Nokia :: 6300i - VoIP/SIP Connections

Jul 30, 2008

I' v just bought 6300i and try to configure connection to my VoIP/SIP provider and was surprised that a can only add providers listed by NOKIA.

Can anyone know how to add account to VoIP/SIP provider not listed on NOKIA web page (display when you try to add new account)?

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Nokia :: E71 - Bluetooth With VOIP Calls

Jan 29, 2009

I currently have a E71 for a client of mine, which uses Nokia addon Cisco CME for SCCP calls. We have made the E71 as a handset on our voip network which utilizes CME. Once the E71 is within range of the WiFi network it will automatically connect to the Access Point, and become recognized just like any other handset. Now, calls can be forwarded to the extension and it is able to make internet calls (externally or to other handsets) just fine. My question now is because the client is deaf he uses a bluetooth device connected to his hearing aid.

He also has bluetooth set as a preference for taking calls before normal handset calls. This works because we currently use it for his phone without the VOIP activated. All calls go directly to his bluetooth listening device. Is it some sort of setting that will make the 'internet' voice calls take preference over the bluetooth also? It seems only to be a problem when we use the bluetooth and internet calls combined.

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Nokia :: N85 - VoIP - SIP - Over Mobile VPN - IPsec

May 4, 2009

Has anybody ever managed to get the internal VoIP client working over a Nokia mobile VPN IPsec connection?

I have the VoIP client working on its own no problem. I am also able to connect to a IPsec gateway and establish an IPsec connection (although its stupidly complicated, the web browser would not allow me to directly select an Intranet connection, I first have to connect to a local WLAN and once it connected I have to select Tools -> Change Connection and select the Intranet connection. That can't be it, can it?)

But I have not managed to get the VoIP client to work over the IPsec connection. I can define the SIP profile to use the "Intranet" destination, which contains the correct VPN profile, but when the SIP client tries to connect, it first asks me which VPN profile to use (where I select the correct one), then it connects to the WLAN which is available, but after a few seconds it asks me again which VPN profile to use.

Sniffing the packets on my outgoing router, I can see that the N85 connects to the WLAN and gets an IP address using DHCP, but after that it disconnects again without sending a single data packet. Not one. It just disconnects the WLAN again. It's not even trying to connect the VPN.

So, if anybody managed to get that working on a N85 I would be very glad for any hints what might be the problem.

I also tried SymVPN and using a PPTP connection, but even after adding and validating a PPTP connection and the PPTP access point appearing in the destination list, not a single application will actually give me that access point as an option. It just does not show up anywhere.

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Nokia :: VOIP Client Using Gizmo On E71

Aug 20, 2008

I am trying to use the Nokia VOIP client using Gizmo which was preinstalled on the Nokia E71. I can connect without problem and make intern calls, but I dont hear anything. the person I call can hear me fine. When using FRING all works fine. Checking the ports in the SIP profile, they are set to UDP, Port 5060. Also tried TCP and Auto.

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Nokia E52 :: Outgoing VoIP Calls Not Available?

Aug 5, 2009

According to a post in a thread available in's forum, VoIP is available on E52, as you can install a third party VoIP provider's software to the phone and receive calls, however you cannot call someone. Is that true?? It sounded weird to me. Perhaps it could be a firmware issue which would be fixed, I suppose, eventually. Or may be there is a problem with the third party VoIP provider's software. Although the owner of the post did not disclose the name of the provider, it sounded a bit weird to me that a VoIP software compatible with E52 is currently available by a VoIP provider. For instance my VoIP provider, truphone, does not at least for the time being provide support to E52. This niether has suprised me, because as I said the phone has been very recently released, nor concerns me, because I know that truphone will eventually provide support for E52. The post reads as follows: "I got my e52, not happy! nokia has removed the internet call feature! i can register to my voip provider, i can receive voip calls (by this i mean i click on test call on my voip provider's website, they call me and i receive the call), but i can't make outward calls" It is available in the below link: Can someone who owns E52 give feedback regarding E52's VoIP capabilities? Although truphone's website does not currently provide support for E52, I will really appreciate if you can try to install lastest truphone software to your E52 and try making an internet call. In fact, any feedback stating that you can initate internet calls with E52 regardless of whichever provider would be sufficient. PS. As far as I understand, the owner of the post of can make internet calls via Wi-Fi but not via 3G. So I will appreciate if you can give feedback regarding E52's VoIP capabilities through (i) Wi-Fi; and (ii) 3G networks.

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Nokia :: E51 With Gizmo - SIP VoIP - Over WLAN

Dec 5, 2008

I have received some emails asking about how to get Nokia E51 working with Gizmo (SIP VoIP)..

For those that had trouble, this are the steps that worked for me:

1) ensure your phone is configured to use your wireless network
2) navigate with the phone to
3) select "Nokia E series"
4) select "Install Gizmo VoIP"
5) select "Download now"
6) "Install Gizmo VoIP?", selected "Yes" then "Continue"
7) when asked "Configure Gizmo internet call service?", I selected "OK"
8) when asked "Do you have a Gizmo account with User ID and Password?", selected "Yes", entered username and password, selected "Done"
9) The E51 then shows me list of Wireless networks in the area, I simply clicked on mine
11) The phone then connected to the Gizmo server and asked "Save network for GIZMO VoIP service?", selected "Yes"


- My wireless network is a simply configuration, basic ZyXEL ADSL box configured with NAT
- I know my operator doesn't block SIP VoIP traffic, additionally I checked this with a PC based SIP VoIP client
- The firmware in my E51 is 220.34.37, if yours is older, there might be an firmware upgrade from

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