Nokia :: Ovi Suite 2.0 / No Photo View In Grid Mode

Nov 1, 2009

I have the latest Ovi Suit and I am connecting my 5800 music express. Once the photoes are synched with my computer only a small version of the actual images is imported (3KB per image). I am sure that the version on the phone is about 550KB in size. Also when I come to view the images in view thumbnails no preview is avalable of the images. The low res picture comes visible only in vew single photo mode.Is this a software bug or do I have some wrong settings?

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Nokia :: E52 / How To View The Pictures In Gallery As A Grid?

Nov 12, 2009

you can only view the pictures in that n95 circle style - how do you make it like the thumbnails on a pc?You could do this before on the 6300.Its really is annoying, as i have a few hundred pictures, and to find one - it takes ages, as i have to scroll through them all!

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Nokia :: N95 8gb Menu View - Just In 2 Forms - Grid & List

Jan 1, 2009

i have nokia n95 8gb the menu is just in 2 forms > grid & list. i saw other mobiles with V shabed menu and horse shoe. how i can do this in my mobile

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Nokia :: 2630 - Grid View For The Main Menu

Feb 3, 2009

I recently broke the screen on my 2630, however I have all my contacts stored to phone. If someone could possibly send me a list of keypresses to either get all contacts transferred to sim or else bluetooth all contacts to another device (oh and im in grid view for the main menu).

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Motorola Atrix HD :: Distorted Contact Photo View In Portrait Mode?

Sep 24, 2012

Why are my contact photos distorted in portrait view on atrix hd? I turn to landscape view they are back to normal?

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IPhone :: Cannot Change The Photo In The Viewing Window Or Remove The Grid

Apr 28, 2012

Ho do you remove a locked grid from your iphone photo? Cannot change the photo in the viewing window or remove the grid.

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Nokia :: PC Suite Fails To Connect To E71 In PC Suite Mode

Apr 24, 2009

I updated the PC Suite today. Now the PC Suite fails to connect to E71 in PC Suite mode. It keeps saying the phone has been connected in 'non-compatible mode'.

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Nokia N900 :: PC Suite Non Compatibility Mode - Change Mode?

Jan 7, 2010

My N900 only seems to be able to connect to PC Suite in 'non-compatibility' mode.This mode doesnt allow me to use any of the PC suite applications.How do I change the mode to 'compatibility' mode, or the 'normal' mode so everything works!No options appear on the phone when the USB cable is connected for PC Suite, like it should do? The phone is automatically charged via the connection though.

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Nokia :: Photo Sync Error On Ovi Suite?

May 24, 2010

Im looking one solution for a long time But I cant find. And I've got 2 weeks if I cant find solution in 2 weeks, I 'll sell my N97 My problem is about photo album sync with N97 on Ovi Suite. My ovi suite doesnt see photo albums in my N97 Ovi Suite see the all photo on N97 thats ok, but where s my Photo albums? When I connected N97 to PC, I see only one tab thats name is ALL but I cant see my photo album in my N97 I try to create a album on ovi suite and upload to N97 but I cant do.its seems like a working but dont create a album on n97 Any one has got the same or smilar problem? is this a bug for about Ovi Suite or N97 Software?

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Nokia :: Should OVI Suite 2.0 Photo Sync Work Both Ways?

Nov 10, 2009

I have set my pc photo folder in OVI suite 2.0 and when I launch OVI suite, you can see all my pc based photos in the top right hand window.....When i sync with my phone, It only seems to take the photo's from the phone and puts them in the PC folder....But doesn't take the photo's from the PC & put them on the phone.Is this correct?

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Nokia :: Ovi Suite Folder Naming Format On Photo Sync?

Jul 18, 2010

When I want to sync my photos on my n900 onto my PC, it now dumps everything taken within the same month into the same folder.How do I change the folder naming convention/format, for example if I want everything taken today to be in its own folder as opposed to being mixed in with photos taken last week?This is a problem now because I use my N900 for photo taking a lot and the folder naming format does not match what I have always used in the past and continue to use with my regular digital camera.This was always an option in PC Suite, but doesn't appear to be an option in Ovi Suite, unless I'm missing something.

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Nokia :: PC Suite And View Groups Of Contacts

Sep 17, 2009

Is there or will be there support in pc suite for selecting groups column? I just want to quickly select contact an d to see in which group belongs to. I know, i could just select group and then see. But in the main window I can not see in which group contact belongs. Is there a way to show that group beside the name, number, fax?

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Nokia :: OVI Suite 2.0 - Unable To View Images On Device

Jan 7, 2010

I own a Nokia 5800 with firmware v21.0.025, and am using Nokia OVI suita 2.0, and am facing one big irritating issue! When I try syncing my Photos, I check on my device and click "All", and it says "You have no photos in this folder in device"...however I have indeed a large no. of images,but none of them are viewable. I am unable to view the images on my device (through OVI Suite)

Basically sspeaking, my photos on my device are not viewable on OVI Suite...and this is really frustrating coz the previous OVI suite 1.0 was real easy to sync and transfer all my latest photos to my PC...until one day it stopped working, and everything (Nokia Photos & Nokia Music) went dead...thats when I had to update to OVI Suite 2.0 & OVI Player

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Nokia :: E66 Unable To View All Messages In Inbox In PC Suite

Mar 29, 2009

With the recent upgrade of the firmware on my E66, i realize that i'm unable to view all my messages in my Inbox in PC Suite; by that i mean, it only loads messages that are new to the inbox and not the ones that were restored by previous backups.Does any other E-series users experience this bug before?

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Nokia :: N73 - Camera Not Responding In Photo Mode?

Jan 25, 2009

I have problem with camera of the phone, when I take a video, all work perfectly, but when I pass to mode photo, the camera don't answer.

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Nokia :: N86: Photo Album Opens In Landscape Mode?

Jun 15, 2010

My N86 have a really strange problem, the photo album opens in landscape mode when I lay down the phone on the table. The accelerometer is deactivated. Anyone else who have this problem?

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Nokia :: N97 Not In PC Suite USB Mode

Jun 11, 2010

Trying to get my N97 to connect up to my Win 7 laptop.Every time i try and connect through OVI, when attempting to reach connection it either states "N97 not in USB pc suitemode" (here i have told the phone to automatically connect in PC Suite) there is no problem seeing the phone on the machine thats fine, the main problem is OVI.

PC Suite 7.1.4 - i cant even get this to install, i reach install step 5/6, it doesnt even try and i recieve the error " Installation operation failed - the system cannot find the file specified"

I desperatly need this to work to update the handsets firmware. to do this i need to back it up, to do that i need to use OVI or PC Suite!

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Nokia :: PC Suite Mode Not Available On N73

Feb 8, 2008

Recently I bought Nokia N73 from eBay. The problem came when I tryed to connect the device to my PC. I installed the software from the original Nokia software cd, and then plugged the USB cable into the phone and into the USB port of my computer. The dialog popped up asking me to select the mode of the phone, but for my big surprise, among the modes there was no option "PC Suite". The available options are "Mass storage", "Webcam" and "Com Port".Is there a way to solve this problem in order to use my phone with PC Suite for transfering files/music/data from my computer to the Nokia device? I tryed with all available modes, but none of them worked with PC Suite software.

I reset the phone to its factory default settings, but this did not solve the problem.

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Nokia :: UTM Grid Coordinates

Mar 16, 2009

The most common paper maps nowadays are with UTM grid coordinates. However my Nokia E90 is only able to read out a given GPS positon in parallels-longitude coordinates. As I am walking and hiking a lot in the mountains it is a huge inconveninence that I, when I need to inddate a position from the paper map to the GPS or vice versa, often under inconvenient weather conditions have to spend brain, manual work and time to transfer.

Have I just not yet discovered the UTM Coordinate feature on the E90 or is it not there? If it is not there are there any possiblility to get it? If it is not there how come that at professional company like Nokia do not include it? I recommend Nokia that a soon future SW upgrade to the E90 includes the UTM Coordinate possiblity.

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Nokia :: N86 Got Grid Viewfinder

Jun 10, 2009

I have looked through the user guide in N86. They don mention anything about Grid Viewfinder, so does N86 has it? It would be a disappointment if don have since it's a flagship camera and grid viewfinder is a software thing, don't cause much.

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Nokia :: E72 - Only PC Suite Mode Via USB Not Working

Mar 10, 2010

I am unable to connect my E72 in PC suite mode via USB. It was working just fine earlier. The weird thing is that it works fine on Bluetooth. Other modes (Mass Storage) are working fine via USB. So USB port/wire is fine. The only thing that isn't working via USB is the PC Suite mode. I have tried selecting PC Suite mode in Settings> Connectivity> USB and also tried changing the Ask on connection option but it doesn't work. When I plugin my phone via usd, it prompts me to select the mode, if I select PC Suite it doesn't work, If I chose a mode other than PC suite, it works just fine.

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Nokia :: Have No PC Suite Mode On USB Config

Sep 19, 2008

when I connect my N95 8gb via usb i get this:

USB Config:
Mass Storage
COM Port

I have no PC Suite mode and i can't use the software update.Could you tell me what might be wrong and what I could do to fix it?

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Nokia :: 5800 - PC Suite Mode

Apr 21, 2010

I got a msg today from Nokia saying there was an update for the 5800.

But I am unable to connect the phone to the computer in pc suite mode.

I updated the software on the computer as required by the update, but then it would not recognise the connection to the phone so I cant update it.

I can connect it mass storage mode, but as soon as I connect via PC Suite the usb connection dies. I am able to connect via bluetooth, but this doesn't help as it says I need to conect via PC Suite to receive the update.

How would I be able to connect the phone to the computer via PC Suite mode to get the upgrade?

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Nokia :: N76 Incompatible USB Mode For PC-suite

Sep 20, 2008

I have a N76:V31.0.014

I'm running PC suit, windows-XP Home...Whatever I'm trying, PC-suite keeps telling me "connected in a non-compatible USB mode".

Don't start suggesting to switch my mode on the phone, please.
When I connect the phone it tells me "Select mode: PC Suite, Data transfer, Image print and Media player", and I'm selecting "PC Suite".I've tried this 100+ times, but it will still tell me I'm in file transfer mode.

I've also tried to find solutions from other users, but "switch your phone to PC suite mode" does not help. It's in PC suite, and I can give you screenshots if needed. It just doesn't work.I'm getting a bit frustrated and started using profanities in my google searches to solve this.

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Sony Ericsson :: Synchronisation Aino PC Suite Switches From PC-mode To USB-mode

Oct 20, 2010

I have tried to synchronize my Aino for several times with Outlook. It worked last time, now the process is being interrupted. I did several attemps to synchronize, but in the middle of the proceess, the PC Suite all of a sudden switches from PC mode to USB mode. It looks as if the Aino had just been connected, but I haven't touched the Aino, the cable, or the computer.

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Nokia :: Error When Connecting To Pc In Pc Suite Mode

Jun 19, 2009

I am able to connect the 5800 to my pc using the other modes (mass storage, media transfer etc) but it won't connect through pc suite mode. When i connect using pc suite mode, it says that it is connected in an uncompatible mode, I have tried reinstalling the software and updating it but the problem remains. does anyone else have this problem. any ideas as to how to fix it?

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Nokia :: Connecting Phone Via PC Suite Mode

Nov 24, 2009

I installed Ovi Suite that came with my mobile(N79) and connected my N79 to my Laptop and selected PC suite mode in it but on my laptop it says that the phone is connected via Mass storage mode. What Should i do? Pls help as i need to connet to the internet via my mobile.My laptop is Sony Vaio VGN-CR 24G/B running Windows Vista Ultimate.

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Nokia :: 6220C - Upgrade Software / Camera Photo Mode Not Working Properly

Aug 17, 2009

Today I just upgraded my phone software, and I discover I have a problem! When I turn on my device and I open the camera for the first time it display's an black screen and does nothing, if I switch to video mode it works fine, and if I return to the photo mode the camera works. After 30 minutes if I turn on the camera it display's the same black screen again! Before the software upgrade I didn't backup my phone!

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Nokia Applications :: View The Photos In Phone In Slideshow Mode?

Dec 3, 2012

full screen photo slideshow application for my nokia 808 pureview white so that i can view the photos in my phone in slideshow mode?

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Nokia :: 5530 Flash Mode Light Turns On When Camera Is Focusing - Annoying To Take Photo

Aug 22, 2010

When i put the flash on off mode the flash light turns on when the camera is focusing and it is annoying if you try to photo a person , as the light hurts the eye , is there a way of turning it off completly.

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Nokia :: Cant Install Pc Suite Mode Drivers Vista X64

May 5, 2010

like the title suggests i cant install pc suite mode, it fails saying no such interface supported. is this a known issue? does anyone have any ideas on this.

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