Nokia :: N70-1 Failure After Interrupted Phone Software Update

Jun 11, 2007

Dear Friends, I was updating phone software and the updating was interrupted before its successful conclusion. The phone hanged so i attempted to restart it bu removing the battery. The problem is the phone is completely dead, it does not reatart.

Please assist me if there is a possibility of reinstalling the phone software or i shoul acquire a nother one, i am desparete.


Nokia :: 6210 Navigator - Update Failure / Phone Not Starting

Jul 10, 2009

I tried to update my 6210 Navigator and did everything that was told. First few times failed, the usb keeps random disconnecting, but I could still turn on the phone. The last time, it got stuck at ''7 minutes left'', then I got the recovery **bleep** again. But this time, when I tried to turn on the phone, it does vibrate and the screen is lighted in a dark blue way. But nothing else happens.

I can't believe this **bleep**. Excuse my language, but damn, how the hell can an official software updater be as bad as NSU. I've also owned a N95 a few years ago and I just don't get what Nokia has been doing all this time, NSU is still really bad. But really, my question is, is there anything I can do to revive my phone or will I have to send it to some Nokia Repair Center

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IPhone :: Internet Was Interrupted While Processing The Software Update?

May 23, 2012

After several hours the ios 5 software update finished downloading but my internet was interuppted while the file was processing. The update shows up under the iPhone Sotware Update file. How do I get it installed on my phone?

iPhone 4

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BB Curve 8300 :: 8310 Software Update Interrupted - How To Get Phonebook Back

Mar 25, 2009

So I was updating to 4.5 today after I got this red-colored message from RIM, saw how long it was taking on step 10/11 and since it was just booting it up (meaning all critical updating was complete) I decided to disconnect it for the sake of time.  What I forgot was that all my personal information was never restored.  The setup mentioned this and said I could restore it somehow but after an hour of waiting for it to boot finally, I have no idea where to go for that backed up data.

Long story short I need my phonebook back and shouldn't have disconnected at the end of the update without it finishing and I'm stupid for that.

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Nokia :: X6 Ovi Maps Update Failure

Apr 27, 2010

I just got my X6 yesterday.I tried installing maps 3.03 on my X6, after the installation, a software update named 'ovi maps - with free navigations' appeared... I tried starting the update many times, but it kept on giving out the 'update failture' message... what happened? how can I fix this update failure and continue using my maps?

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Nokia :: N96 - Firmware Update Failure

Dec 2, 2008

Nokia Software updater identifies phone's current version as v10.065, and the update version would also be v10.065. The update version should be v11.010. I don't understand why it doesnt work. Can anyone solve this problem for me? I'm also aware that some manufacturers or service providers hasn't approve to the newest firmware update. But I just want to clarify this issue, as I want to address this issue as soon as possible.

Country: Australia
Service Provider: Optus
Phone originated: Vodafone
Phone model: N96

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Nokia :: E71 / Software Update Connection Failure

Mar 7, 2009

My version is 100.07.76 and I think 200.21.118 is avaliable, although when I connect Software Updater it can't find anything for my phone.Is this because my E71 is on contract and locked to O2? If so, how might I update my handset?

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Nokia Nseries :: N73 Becomes Dead Due To Update Failure?

Oct 4, 2011

My n73 becomes dead due to update failure. its not working...

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Nokia Applications :: C3 Nokia Browser Update Failure?

Oct 14, 2011

Just received a notice that there was an update for the Nokia Browser available. Clicked OK to download and install , the broswer won't start because of  " Class Notound...Java.." error message.

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Nokia :: N97 - Continuous Phone Failure

Feb 26, 2010

I bought the N97 in October 09 (its now Feb 2010) and since then I've had multiple problems with this phone and each time something different! This phone has been nothing but problems and each time I take it in to be serviced I get it back almost a week later and within 24hrs it has already died again and generally wont even go past the nokia screen when rebooted or will freeze up and not turn on at all. I seem to be constantly having software and memory issues as well as having problems accessing the applications and the touch screen being temperamental even tho I have asked for these problems to be fixed on each occasion. This time I went back to the Nokia Care centre and spoke to the Manager and all he could tell me was that he's done what he had to do and that  he is not obliged to do anymore and I can keep bringing it back when it fails as it is under warranty.

I am highly disappointed in this phone, it has given me nothing but problems and even more annoyed and disappointed in the staff at the Care Centre. I actually wonder if they actually do check the phone and fix it properly especially since it keeps dying and I havent even used it. I also have a list of about 42 people who have had multiple problems and issues with their N97 and continue to have problems despite getting it serviced. Is anyone else in the same boat? How I can get out of my contract or actually get my phone fixed without having to go thru this again or being patronised by the store manager again?

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Nokia Online Services :: 5233 Phone Startup Failure

Sep 22, 2012

when my nokia 5233 is starting it is showing phone startup failed. Pls help me out of this...

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Nokia :: E71 GPS Drive To Interrupted By Pop Up

Oct 31, 2009

E71 using the Nokia maps/GPS apps. Whenever I set a destination and select Drive To, it works for about 30 seconds,then I get an alert that pops up saying "Online connection required to enter the shop. Connect now?"

When I hit No (or Yes) it interrupts my Drive To destination and I have to reset it. This happens every 30 seconds and it doesn't mater if I am connected to a WiFi hot spot or not (I don't have a data plan).

Why is it trying to connect to a "shop" Any way to disable this so I can use the Drive To function without resetting it every 30 seconds>?

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Nokia :: E71 View Interrupted Downloads

Apr 12, 2009

At the end of a browsing session I keep getting a window saying view interrupted downloads. The options are obviously yes or no. No does nothing, yes takes me to my bookmakrs menu. This is what I've tried so far...

1: clearing the cache

2: downloaded the file again (it was the chris moyles podcast from the BBC)

3: downloaded a file manager and attempted to locate the download manager folder in the system folder but it does not exist

4: restored settings *#3830#

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Nokia :: E71 - Connection To Map Server Interrupted

Feb 5, 2010

Reinstalled Map Loader 3.0 many times as well as map updater. Neither of them are working at the moment for some reason. I recently did a format on my phone and it wiped all the programmes clean and bumped me back to factory loaded Nokia Maps 2 for my E71. Now I ran map updater and got the error "Connection to Map Server Interrupted" etc etc. Dug around and found a OVI Map 3 installer they used for macs fixed that. Now Map Loader won't work either, returns with cannot load catalogue. I've got maps before like a year ago, whats up now? I've tried on both my computers and the other virtually has 0 security. The router is fine nothing should be blocking it. Tried it on another internet connection and nothing is working.

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Nokia :: Map Loader / Connection To Map Server Interrupted

Jun 18, 2009

I installed Map Loader normally,but when I try to start the application error pops up. It says Connection to the map server has been interrupted. Make sure that your Internet connection is working and retry. If you are still unable to download,try again later. Similar error pops up when I try to install Nokia Ovi Suite. An error has occurred. A connection with server could not be established. What could be the problem?

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Nokia :: Maps Loader / Connection To Map Server Interrupted

Mar 11, 2010

I have downloaded latest map loader ver. 3.0 from nokia website and it is not running. Every time I start it, it gives an error message "Connection to the map server has been interrupted. Make sure that your internet connection is working and retry. if you are still unable to download, try again later". Everything is fine with my connection. All softwares on phone and ovi suite are updated to latest versions. please help me in this.

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Nokia :: 5800 / WIFI Connection Interrupted Automatically / Browser From OVI

Mar 16, 2010

When I use the browser application that came with the phone (earth logo), the internet connection got interrupted randomly. Sometimes it's 20 sec and sometimes it's 5 min.It doesn't really matter where I use it, school, home or other Wifi areas.I was told there's no solution to this problem. it's just a known Nokia issue, but I believe there's got to be something I could do. I tried downloading another browser from Ovi. It worked fine on WiFi without password/security. But when it comes to school's network or other password-protected Wifi, it is not able to connect without using the orginal browser to connect first and leaving it on while using the new browser.

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Xperia X10 :: Failure Of X10 Update To Android 2.1?

Jul 8, 2011

I've been trying for ages to update my phone system to the above but it's not letting me.

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Xperia X10 :: Power Failure During 2.1 Update?

Dec 8, 2010

My phone was in the middle of the update and then there was a power outage in my house. Now when I turn my phone on, there's an error message that I can't get past. I've tried plugging it back into the computer, but PC companion doesn't recognize it anymore and I can't do anything with the phone itself.

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IPhone :: 3GS Bricked Due To Io5 Update Failure

Apr 4, 2012

I have a iphone 3gs and clicked to upgrade to io5. Went through the wipe the phone process but when it goes to restore an load up the io5 its says error messages at the end. Everytime i connect it goes through the same process.I have disconnected antivirus and firewall ans still error messages. I have even loaded itunes onto a brand new laptop and tried to update and nothing but error messages after it "verifies" install. I am not getting to the stage to restore my phones apps and contacts - its just not loading my phone back to factory setting - i dotn really want the io5 now but want it back to working state!This had been for 3 days now. 

iPhone 3GS (8GB), iOS 4.3.2, Updating to io5

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Sony Ericsson :: Driver Update Failure

Sep 14, 2010

Can't seem to install drivers for my Elm, I can use the phone in file transfer mode but not PC mode Have tried the software that came with the phone to automatically install, then went for the auto updater which also failed to install the drivers. I can see the device on device manager for a short while, try to update the drivers manually but this does not work either. 

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Failure To Install Update?

Oct 30, 2011

I have read the discussions to date and it seems there is no answer for this install update problem or I missed it. what the fix is for this and if there isn't one is Motorola working on one.

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Nokia :: Maps Loader Ver.3.0 - Connection To Medium Storage Interrupted Error - 6760 Slide

Jan 27, 2010

When downloading maps to my phone with Ver.3.0 Maps Loader, part 1/2 works fine, but at part 2/2, i get this "connection to medium storage interrupted. Attach your storage medium and retry" error at 85.1% everytime (i've tried several times).

Some info:

- I have ver.3.0 Maps on my phone.

- I've also tried updating the firmware and its up-to-date.

- I'm using a 8Gb memory card so it can't be lack of space.

What is causing this error?

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Sony Ericson Ics 4 Update failure

Jun 20, 2012

i used my sony pc commpanion to  try to upgrade my sony erricson mini pro (sk17i) to the new ics OS . halfway thru the download i get a screen which says softare update failure. thats like half an hour thru the downloading process.  my si nummber is liisted on the sony website for the official upgrade. (1249-0761). A company of sony s repute really needs to offer better customer service.

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IPhone :: IOS 5.1 Update Failure - Stuck In Recovery Loop?

Mar 16, 2012

Did the OTA update to 5.1 yesterday and apparently it failed. The phone went into recovery mode instead. No big deal, plugged it into the computer, started iTunes, did recovery/restore, and then.... it went back into recovery mode. Tried a hard reset, tried to restore/update again, same result. So basically, the phone updates, and then goes right back into recovery mode. I have tried some of the jaibreaking tools to get it out of recovery, but they are also unsuccessful. I've tried using iTunes to update it about 10 times now. still nothing. 

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1

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BB Curve :: Device Software Update Failure At Jvm Stage

Aug 23, 2012

my handset has stopped working for no reason am trying to follow the instructions to update but when it gets to the jvm stage of the update it keeps telling me device not connected and the  red light keeps coming on and off, have tried wiwth and without battery but dont seem to be getting any where fast.

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Motorola Droid Pro :: CompanionLink Failure After Android 2.3.3 Update

Nov 11, 2011

I apologize if this has been addressed already, but I've reached my limit of patience with search engines and forum web sites for one day. The issue: on a Motorola Droid pro, running 2.3.2, CompanionLink's Outlook sync ran reasonably well, although it required some odd steps which they claim are driven by the OS. After the Android 2.3.3 update, CompanionLink (AKA DejaOffice) fails consistently and without useful error output. The software on the PC side does not recognize that sync has started on the device side -- which is how it's supposed to work on a Droid -- and never runs to completion.

The PCs in question are running either Windows 7 Pro 64 or Windows XP. Both exhibit similar symptoms. CompanionLink tech support has been useless -- by definition, since they haven't solved my problem. They appear to be being slammed with a large number of cases reported and have no plan they're willing to discuss to address the problem. So: (The two most common, turning off bluetooth and turning off USB debugging, don't work for me, by the way. Already tried 'em.) Any other product for syncing at least Outlook contacts and calendar with Droid?

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Motorola Droid Pro :: CompanionLink Failure After Android 2.3 Update

Nov 13, 2011

on a Motorola Droid pro, running 2.3.2, CompanionLink's Outlook  sync ran reasonably well, although it required some odd steps which they  claim are driven by the OS. Regardless, after the Android 2.3.3 update,  CompanionLink (AKA DejaOffice) fails consistently and without useful  error output.  The software on the PC side does not recognize that sync  has started on the device side -- which is how it's supposed to work on a  Droid -- and never runs to completion. The PCs in question are running  either Windows 7 Pro 64 or Windows XP.  Both exhibit similar symptoms.

CompanionLink  tech support has been useless -- by definition, since they haven't  solved my problem.  They appear to be being slammed with a large number  of cases reported and have no plan they're willing to discuss to address  the problem. So:

(The two most common, turning off bluetooth and  turning off USB debugging, don't work for me, by the way. Already tried  'em.) Anybody else have another product for syncing at least Outlook contacts and calendar with Droid?

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Update Failure / AppWorld Disappeared

Jun 16, 2010

I received a notification of a BB Appworld update a few days ago and tried installing OTA and for some reason it failed. Since then the AppWorld Icon has disappeared. I tried "Show all" and such to see if it got hidden but no such luck. Have tried battery pulls and deleting and re-downloading the app to no avail. Even though the icon is not showing my Application list shows it as an installed app, what gives?

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BB Bold :: New Update Causes Ringtone Failure - Settings Fine On 9900

May 10, 2012

When I connected the phone to the PC it came up with the do you want to upgrade which I did, but now the phone does not ring. when I go to profiles and look at the settings its all ok click a tune or ringtone and click try it it vibrates but no sound. I have tried several ways but none of them fix it, all I do is take out battery and re start and it works fine, but only a few hours. when the sound has gone again and I only know when I miss a call I restart the phone and its ok again. So far I have restarted 3 times today. Its a bold 9900

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Xperia X10 :: Failure During Update It - When Connect It To Charger Or Computer There Is No Response

Mar 30, 2011

I was updating my X10 and I did as it was procedured. but about 3 houres after I turned off the X10, pressed and hold the back bottom, connected the cable and the updating started, a wonderful message appeared mean your update failed, try later! I dissconnected the phone. it dosn't turn on!when I connect it to charger or computer there is no response!when I press and hold the turn on key the red LED begins to turn on and off for about one hour and remain off again!

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Xperia X10 :: Update / Backup / Restore Failure - Lost All Contacts?

Nov 22, 2010

Today I went to update my X10. While at work it wouldn't allow me to as it insisted I connected it to a computer. So at home I got the USB cabled hooked up to my Linux Laptop and then discovered it had to be a windows computer.Anyway, I got it hooked to a Windows computer and the update process began. I followed every instruction and set all tickboxes for backup.After unplugging this and plugging it back in and rebooting here and there, it finally reached the restore process.I left it restoring for a while. When I came back to it, it said something had crashed. I don't know what as I'd just woken from a nap.But, it seems all my applications are restored. Yet my gmail account & Facebook account have become disassociated from my phone and all my contacts no longer have any names or pictures. I opened the contacts/phone book and the list is completely empty. tried to import contacts but it says it cannot find any anywhere.

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Android Update - Server Connection Failure

Oct 9, 2011

Whenever I try to run the android update it says "Searching for server" then report, "Server connection failure". This goes running though either wireless or 3g connection. The SII works fine downloading/uploading everything/everywhere else and on any connection, it has me baffled. It has worked before as it did a couple of updates when I first bought this really great phone!

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Main Camera Failure After Clean ICS Update For It?

Jun 25, 2012

Basically I updated my girlfriend's Mini Pro (Hong Kong SI) the other day with SUS to ICS (4.0.4); did the clean wipe and update option. Everything has been working fine with much improved browser speed etc, however, today the camera just stopped working.Literally, the camera app draws a blank and 3rd party Camera apps just say cannot connect to camera. The only solution was a manual reboot of the phone. Is this a common for others who've updated to ICS?

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BB Bold :: Software Update Failure On 9790 At 10 Percent Of Backup Process

Jun 1, 2012

I was updating My Blackberry Bold 9790 software from its Blackberry 7 OS to 7.1, no once the update started it notified me that I wont be able to use the phone for two hours. It started backing up my data first, it however stopped backing up data when the power in the phone went out, and didn't continue upon me putting it on charge and has been stopped the process altogether, it has been at 10% of backing up process for two days straight.

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BB Bold :: Failure To Unlocked The Phone 9780?

Dec 2, 2011

I've bought the bold 9780 on last 2 month.. Lately I was failed to unlocked the phone once I take out from the case provided by blackberry. I cannot pick up the calls and sometime can't read the msg received. I need to do power reset by take out the battery for 10 second.. And reboot.. Its will back to normal.. But.. The problem is still persist when I take out it from it case. It happend again and again.. Is it software or hardware problem?

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Xperia X10 :: After Updating Failure The Phone Is Not Booting

Jan 11, 2011

Yesterday night i connected Xperia X10i  to the computer PC Companion popup opens for 2.1 update. I followed the instructions and took backup in the third step after downloading new software while updating a popup window appeared "unable to Update try later" the phone is still connected to the PC and Internet connection is also fine. I have disconnected from PC then it is asking for step 3(switch off phone then press and hold back button step) again did that no Luck. Now the phone is not starting at all I think it formatted all the software..My phone is almost in dead condition. Now if I connected to the PC it is not detecting as a mass storage also and PC companion is not at all recognizing.

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Eseries / Communicators :: E71 Battery Or Phone Hardware Failure?

Jun 29, 2011

I'm using a Nokia E71, when i try to use the Maps GPS and video calling on 3G,within 30 second the battery low will appear and shut down the phone even it is fully charge. I can only use it while on charging. It's not a new unit but i wish to know if it's the battery problem or the hardware problem?

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BB Storm 9500 :: 9530 Phone Dial Pad Failure

Mar 18, 2010

The phone dial pad on my Storm 9530 suddenly stopped working.  All of the 12 buttons are shown on the screen, but buttons 1 through 9 and * and # do not work when they are selected and pressed down.The "0+" key still works and shows the 0 in the number display when selected and pressed down.

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BB Tour :: 9630 Keyboard Failure - Cannot Use Phone Keys Or Trackball

Feb 16, 2012

Blackberry tour 9630 working fine all of a sudden couldn't get any key on the keyboard to work. The "lock" keyboard button isn't locked and physically can't use phone keys or trackball to "engage" the device. When I receive a call, the screen displays (comes out of sleep) but I can't answer the phone, ignore the phone, etc. It's like the keyboard lock button all of a sudden locked and now won't unlock?

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