Nokia :: E71 & MFE As In E75 And E72

Jul 2, 2009

My E71 currently feels like a very bad investment. Looks like Nokia is not releasing the new shiny Mail for Exchange with HTML and Nokia Messaging integration for E71. The E75, E72 all have it, but Nokia doesn't care for E71 owners. Even companies like Apple provide new firmware for older devices.

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Nokia :: Transfering Sms's From My Old Nokia 6233 To My New Nokia E90

Nov 29, 2008

Transfering my sms's from my old nokia 6233 to my new nokia E90.. i have tried pc suite 7.0(latest).. i can see my sms.. but i seriously dont know wat to do wit it.. if i select all n copy all the sms to pc than how am i suppose to copy them in E90..? i am realy freaked out and need help help help.. coz i cant aford to loose my sms n those are precious to me.. remember... from nokia 6233 to nokia E90..

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Nokia :: Maps 3 Doesn't Install With Nokia Maps Updater On A Nokia N78

Jul 2, 2009

Nokia Maps 3 doesn't install with Nokia Maps updater on a Nokia N78 (Vodafone branded). The instalation file is transfered to the phone, but at the end of the instalation there's an error message 114 - device not supported.This is interesting because Nokia claims that Maps 3.0 is supported for this model...

One can find this problem had allready been reported in the beta labs forum. The answer was "it's a beta version". People even tried hard resets and still the problem didn't get solved (no need to suggest doing hard resets).

Now, Maps 3 is a final release and the problem that had been reported in beta fase is still there. This shows that Nokia put out a product knowing it would have bugs.So, I'll use another GPS program (so many out there like Sygic, Garmin, etc), because Nokia Maps 2 maps are outdated (highways are not there, etc).

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Nokia :: N70me Battery Drains Soon - Reinstalled Phone Software From Nokia Care

Aug 21, 2008

Am using N70me from past 7 months n recently its battery drains soon.Everytime when i switch it off n on one bar will be decreased, hardly i can use for a day.I reinstalled phone software from nokia care but still the problem is there(have set dual mode off, packet data when needed n so).I have checked using other BL-5C battery but dint get it correct. Does problem lies with charger?

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Nokia :: X3 - Windows Live Messenger Lost After Updating With Nokia Software Updater

Jun 25, 2010

I tried to update my Nokia X3 with Nokia Software Updater. And after installing from 4.01 to V8.40, I lost "Windows Live Messenger" and "Ovi Contacts" . Can some one please tell me as how I can get these applications back.
I love these applications and I was using them a lot.

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Nokia :: Phone Stacks In A Blank Nokia Logo And Then Turns Off / Not Booting And Keeps On Restarting

Aug 25, 2010

I can't turn on the phone because the phone stacks in a blank Nokia logo and then turns off. When I try to connect in the PC nothing happens and when I try to put the battery into the device. it turns on by itself and restarting sevaral times. I dont know what kind of problem I am facing.

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Nokia :: 5800 - Nokia Music / Not On Phone But Shown In Memory Card On Computer

May 8, 2009

I tired sending music across by nokia music the other day but half didnt work the ones that didnt go across are showing as being on my memory card on the phone when I connect to the computer but are not on the phone.

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Eseries / Communicators :: Nokia N8 Wont Turns On, It Displays Nokia When Plugin The Charger?

Oct 14, 2012

my nokia n8 wont turns on, it displays nokia when i plugin the charger or data cable and after few sec turns off again, i tried my best but it wont start

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Nokia Nseries :: N8 Nokia Belle Tapping On Image To Send Takes Long?

Mar 3, 2012

after upgrading to nokia belle on my n8 when i tap on the image to send it via bluetooth or mail it takes long time for it give the options of bluetooth, mail or msg shows processing for a long time ....which wasnt the case with any updates on tht????

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Nokia :: Unable To Install Nokia Network Bridge - Reads Error

Nov 27, 2009

I have installed NOkia Network Bridge and I came with this error as I run it in the control panel:"Failed to Initialize Nokia Network Bridge Services,please reinstall the application".I have already installed it about 5 times and still the same error appears. i'm using Windows 7.

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Nokia :: 5530 Xpm Gallery Missing In Menu After Nokia Software Install

Dec 7, 2009

After installing the Nokia software on my laptop and transferring some pics onto my phone, the "Gallery" folder in the Menu is missing! I can still view gallery content via the xpressmusic media dedicated key at the top, but cannot access the Gallery via the Menu bar.

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Nokia :: 5800 XM Crash - Stays On A White Screen With Nokia Logo

Dec 28, 2009

I have a problem with my Nokia 5800 XM, i start the mobile but it just stays on a white screen with nokia logo, i had to reset it then it worked, but when i turned the mobile off and then on again Crash again, removed the memory card,then turned on and it started turning on and off,since there i cant start the phone.

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Nokia :: 5800 XpressMusic - Nokia Doesn't Include Visualisation For This Phone

Jun 26, 2009

Why is Nokia doesn't include the visualisation for this phone???3310 >>> 8250 >>> 3120 >>> 6070 >>> 5300 XpressMusic >>> 6120 Classic >>> 5800 XpressMusic

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Nokia :: N78 Made In CHINA - Manufactures Them Under License Of NOKIA Or ILLEGAL / FAKE?

Jul 11, 2008

Im living in IRAN. I want to buy an Nokia N78.But all of thses headsets in here are MADE IN CHINA.Are all of Nokia N78 headsets MADE IN CHINA or not, there are types that are MADE IN FINLAND?If all of Nokia N78 are MADE IN CHINA, china manufactures them under license of NOKIA or not, manufactures them ILLEGAL and are FAKE?

Where can i buy a Nokia N78 that be MADE IN FINLAND? (surely nearest country to IRAN) can i buy it from TURKEY?Is it possible to come Nokia N78 to IRAN that are MADE IN FINLAND in future?shuld i wait or not? please, it is so long that im waiting for this phone.

Nokia N79 4GB
SW Version: 32.001 RM-348 MEA

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Nokia :: PC Sync With Outlook Categories - How To Submit To Nokia For A Feature Request

Nov 28, 2005

I have moved from a MS based Active Sync phone that works so seamlessly with outlook (as you would expect) to an N70 and am struggling with the sync.All works and its 'average' however to make my life easy, I have 4000+ contacts to which I only want the ones categoriesd as phone book synced. to do this with PC suite, I have to create a seperate folder and copy that category into the the contacts folder which is a pain!

Has anyone worked out ways in which to sync a specific category within the main contacts folder without all the extra admin?How do we submit this to Nokia for a feature request? every other sync software i have used has been able to do this.

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Change Default Nokia Security Code On Nokia?

Jun 3, 2010

How can we change the default security code (12345) to a self choice on Nokia 2700.

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Nokia Navigation :: Nokia 500 Gps Fail After Updating Maps To The Latest Version?

Dec 23, 2012

I have a Nokia 500 with Belle installed (vers: 111.021.0028) and Nokia Suite vers 3.6.36.On the 17.12.2012 I've installed the latest version of Romania maps: and since then I get the same error message 'car navigation cannot start at this location'. I can access the maps, I get the correct position but the problem occurs when I try to navigate to any address. It doesn't seem to have an actual issue with the location because I've tried several locations in Bucharest and got the same error.

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Nokia Nseries :: Nokia 603 - Unable To Configure IBM Lotus Notes Traveler

Dec 29, 2012

I tried to configure IBM Lotus notes traveler in my 603, but it went unsuccessful with some odd errors.

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Nokia PC/Mac Software :: Nokia 7210 Music Player Show- Not Enough Memory?

Apr 28, 2010

I have A Nokia 7210 Supernova mobile. When i open Music Player, A massage show in the screen that Not Enough Memory. how i solved this provlem

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Nokia Applications :: Nokia 500 Cannot Receive Microsoft Apps After Belle Update

Feb 19, 2012

Nokia 500 cannot receive Microsoft apps after the belle update

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Asha 30/40 Series :: Difference Between Nokia Software Updater And Nokia Suite?

Nov 19, 2012

is there any difference between Nokia Software Updater and Nokia Suite?

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Nokia Nseries :: Nokia 5800 Xpress Music's Video Recording?

Jun 11, 2009

I just bought my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music on 9th June 2009 and I so glad that I bought another Xpress Music Series phone. When I test the functionally of the video recorder, something wrong. After I saved my recorded video on the memory card (I use memory card to store recorded videos), suddenly some of my songs in the memory card are missing and some of it are corrupted. After I performed a disk check using Windows's CheckDisk using mass storage mode, it did found some errors in my memory card. After that, I recorded another video and same thing happen. I tried to reset the phone using the three button method while the phone is off. I don't record videos as I feared that it may happen again. My memory card i'm using is thr genuine 8gb MicroSDHC provided in the package0 PM

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Nokia Accessories :: Sound Of One Speaker OF NOKIA BH103 BLUETOOTH HEADSET IS TOO LOW?

Oct 7, 2011


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Nokia :: N85 Start Up Error - Switch ON Phone Nokia Logo Appears With Just A White Screen

Jul 24, 2009

My nokia n85 has problems booting up when turned on,can somebody try help with this?when i switch the phone on the nokia logo appears with just a white screen,this is the 2nd time it has happend in 3weeks,ive had to send it of to nokia for repair once already,

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Nokia :: 6500 Slide - Changes Ring Tone - Back To Default Nokia Ringtone Without Warning

Jan 2, 2008

My phone randomly changes the ring tone back to the default Nokia ringtone without warning. It is getting very annoying and I'm starting to regret buying this phone because it isn't the only problem I'm having.. lockups being another big problem. My phone has firmware version 04.81, which is the newest available to my knowledge. This phone badly needs a software update.

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Nokia :: N97 Updated Phone Now Won't Turn On - Stayed A Blank Screen With Nokia Sign In Middle In Blue

Jan 28, 2010

Okay i've had my Nokia n97 for more than 6months now and its been working great except lately my facebook app wasn't working and i had to update it,so last night i backed up my files on my mobile and i connected it to the pc and updated it with the program that the mobile brings with a cd it was okay then i went back to restore my files and it said it had to restart so it turned off and i went to turn it on again and it stayed a blank screen with the nokia sign in the middle in blue (when you turn it on it that usually shows) but it stayed stuck there it doesn't go to pin code nor anything, and to turn it off i have to take the battery off,

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Nokia Applications :: Application Error, "security Java/lang/securityexc In (nokia 6233)?

Oct 26, 2007

When i try to open some applications (sensor for example), phone (nokia 6233) gives me this error:Application error, "security java/lang/securityexception Access denied"

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Nokia :: E65 Doesn’t Switch On / Remain Locked On Nokia Screen

Feb 4, 2009

i have e65 phonemy phone dosn't switch on and remain locked on nokia screen. i try to press green button + * + 3 and after i switch on the phone but e65 doesn't formatting. how i can format my nokia if it never switch on?

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Nokia :: E72 Settings Wizard Crashes If Try To Add An Account Thats Not Using Nokia Messaging

Dec 10, 2009

Having read good reviews about the E72's messaging capabilities i decided to upgrade from the E71 wich has never let me down.It seems that Nokia Messaging isn't working at all as it should. These problems appear already from the beginning.

- The settingswizard crashes if you try to add an account thats not using Nokia Messaging. People are forced to create a Nokia Messaging account eventhough they just want to use a direct connection between their phone and their mailssystem.After you've added the Messagingaccount in the client the wizard works also for normal mail setup.

- Since i use a GOOD mailsystem with IMAP idle ( I don't see ANY reason to let my mail pass through Nokia's server!!!!! It takes extra time, privacymatters etc etc. It's just a needless step.

So... i added a Nokia Messaging account to the client just for making it work with my ordinaire mailsystem. BUT now it seems that my mailbox is more off- than online. IMAP idle symply doesn't work in this client! I tired with Profimail on the E72 wich gives no problems. Profimail stays connected. The E71 doesn't have this problems at all.

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Nokia :: Trying Install Nokia Maps Without Gps Module / Data Connection

Mar 24, 2009

I have a question. I am trying to install nokia maps on my E50 (v 1.2 of nokia maps) without gps module and without data connection, but I see the green screen, when I zoom in, still the same screen. I tried everything, even downloading the maps from , but nothing. The maps in this cell goes in the cities/diskcache folder. What am I doing wrong?

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Nokia :: 5800 - Nokia Music Software Not Working Properly

Mar 30, 2009

1) When I try to use the Nokia Music Software to put mp3s onto my 5800 it will transfer maybe 10 tracks, then it stops and I get an orange X on the rest of the tracks, ultimately they are not transferred to the phone.
2) I have used the Nokia Music Software to remove some albums from the 5800, but after it's done the artist and album still shows up on the 5800, just of course none of the mp3s work.
3) When I try to do a drag and drop of mp3 files to the phone it works no problem, but going into the 5800 music software it doesn't show any of the artists or albums that I had drag/dropped onto the phone, to actually play the files I need to go into the file manager, then the memory card, and find the tracks manually, and even then I can only play one track at a time (unless I had created and also imported the m3u file).

This is highly annoying, as I like to change up what I'm listening to each day, but as it is now I can transfer maybe 10 songs at a time at most, and then have to remove the USB, reboot the 5800, turn off the Nokia Music Software, restart it, start the process over again for only 10 songs to get transferred yet again. 5800 V 20.0.012 and the Nokia Music Software is verison 1.2.20226.01. Other then this problem I'm loving my 5800, but it's highly annoying that I bought primarily for it's music functions and I can't even fully transfer/remove songs off the device.

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Nokia :: N97 - Nokia Really Assembling Phones In China Or Fake Devices?

Mar 1, 2010

Someone got a brandnew N97 from O2 in Germany. The interesting thing is the packages says "Made in China". My own N97 was made in Finland, as expected. Does Nokia really assemble some N97 in China? Or could this be a faked phone!? But I do not expect O2 to sell faked phones. What does Nokia say about this? Here you can see a picture of the package:

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