Nokia :: E51 Copying Folders From A Pc To Phone Memory

Mar 19, 2009

I have successfully copied files such as MP3s across to the E51's phone memory - placing them in the existing directories, e.g, c:dataSoundsDigital.However, I wanted to create a new folder to store files required by a custom application. I copied the folder to the c: drive. The custom app can see this folder, e.g., c:customfolder, but the Nokia Phone Browser cannot see it! All I can see is the data folder inside c:
How do I delete or get access to this 'hidden' folder? I've tried enabling 'show hidden folders' and 'display the contents of system folders' in windows explorer, but it made no difference.

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Nokia :: E65 - Copying Messages From Phone Memory To Memory Card

Mar 1, 2008

All my archive SMS are stored in E65 phone memory. I desperately want to have them on my memory card as I switch phones from time to time. It there any way to do so? There is no possibility to copy messages stored in my PC back to inbox so please help.

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Nokia :: Copying Messages From Phone Memory To Mass Memory

Jun 25, 2009

is there a way to do this? I want to transfer all my messages from the mass memory to the phone memory. can't wait for n97 successor.

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Nokia :: Copying SMS From Phone Memory To Micro SD Card

Mar 24, 2009

i am using a nokia E66. i would like to copy my SMS messages from my phone memory to the micro-SD card. how do i do this? i had called up the nokia customer care by they said that this is not possible in case of nokia e66.

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Nokia :: Copying Messages From Phone Memory To Sim Card

Feb 24, 2009

I know it doesn't seem to be possible, but I just thought I would see if anyone on here has any ideas..does anyone know any way (on the phone itself or using software) of copying messages on the phone's memory to sim card (or even memory card). I have a Nokia 6301 and can't seem to do it and I really desperately need a few of my messages on my sim.

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Nokia :: Copying Contacts From SIM To E75 Memory

Jul 1, 2010

Can somebody tell me how to copy my simm contacts to the telephone memory or the memorycard of my E75. I have 499 contacts in my 6021 and i like to get them in the E75.

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Nokia :: N85 Copying Texts To Memory Card More Than Once?

Apr 28, 2010

I have an N85, which I love by the way, and the other day found a way to copy all my texts from the phone memory to my memory card. This was great as I could save my important messages and keep the phone memory free. I wanted to repeat this procedure, but can't find a way to do it.

The way I did it at first was go to Messaging/Options/Settings/Other/Memory in Use and select "memory card" rather than "Nokia". Upon exiting it asked it I wanted to copy my existing messages to the memory card, so which I replied yes.

Now it doesn't ask anymore, so my question is, does anyone know if this is a one shot deal, or is there a way these messages can be copied?

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Nokia :: E72 / Copying Music Files To Memory Card

Dec 15, 2009

When I tried to Sync some music files I get an error that the file can not be copied?Also, can you please let me know how I can copy all files to my memory card on the phone using windows 7 or vista or xp?

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Nokia :: N97 Memory Card / Standard Folders?

Jun 24, 2010

I have ongoing problem with my N97 and its memory card, when the card is not inserted, my phone works perfectly well, on inserting the memory card the phone will act oddly , locking up , saying that the mass memory is full (not so) etc' etc'. anyway I cannot format the card from the phone, (I dont know why) all i get is that the memory card is corrupt, (tried several cards, all give the same mesage) and there is no option to format from the phone. So I formatted the card to Fat32 via my pc and It is still the same! Someone mentioned the phone creating "Standard Folders" during formatting via the phone? does anyone know what they are? and could i download them and put them on via my PC before reinserting the card. This is just about my last shot at fixing this, unless anyone knows anthing else!

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Nokia :: N6500 - MP3 Files Not Copying From PC To Phone

Jul 25, 2008

I got this phone yesterday and today attempted to transfer a couple of MP3s from my PC to the phone using the USB lead. This would not work as apparently the phone doesn't have any memory, this I find hard to believe as the phone only has the factory apps on at present and when checking the memory status the phone still has over 900mb.

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Nokia :: 6500 Copying Contacts From Phone To Sim

Feb 24, 2008

I have copied all the contacts from the phone to the sim on my 6500 Slide. When the numbers were copied I lost approx 25 contacts. The contacts on the sim are in a totally random order, despite selecting sort in Name order from phone settings. When someone calls my phone the name does not come up in the display. When I tried to transfer the numbers back from the sim to the phone I constantly get the message 'copying failed'. I've been back to Carphone Warehouse where I bought the phone and they say they think it may be a software glitch and can only advice sending the phone away to be repaired. Has this happened to anyone else and if so did you solve the problem?

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Nokia :: 6500 Copying Contacts From SIM To Phone

Feb 26, 2008

I copied all my contact to my SIM but when I tried to copy them bcak to my phone I keep getting a message saying '65 contact not copied'. I get identical message if I try and move my contacts from SIM to phone.I can access my contacts if I set the memory to just use the SIM but then they are all jumbled up and out of order. If I set the memory to Phone & SIM or just Phone then none of my contacts show.Also when I receive text messages it does not recognise any of my contacts.I have checked the firmware on the phone and am running v 04.84. This is a Nokia Variant: 62.05. This is a brand new phone which I have only had for 2 weeks. Any assistance greatfully received or is the phone just screwed?

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Nokia :: Copying Contacts From Phone To PC Suite

Jan 5, 2009

I am trying to discover how to import the phone numbers of contacts I have on my 6500 into PC Suite, so that I can text using PCS. It would save typing the phone number of each text recipient into PCS each time.

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Nokia :: Folders In Memory Card Using File Manager E71

Aug 29, 2010

I have E71, I used to see the foldersand files in my memory card using file manager, but due to some virus, i took backup of memory card formatted it. the backup folder on my desktop was subjected to virus removal, and then again i restored the clean files to my memory card. but now i can not see the folder in my memory card using nokia e71 file manager but can see the files and folders using Mass Storage mode.

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Nokia :: 6300 System Folders And Memory Card

Jul 15, 2007

When I tried transferring some of my music to the "Music files" folder in the Gallery, I was surprised to discover there was only enough memory for a single song.I gather that this folder is mapped to the phone's internal memory instead of the much more spacious memory card.Is there any way to map the system folders (Music files, Images, Tones, etc.) to the memory card instead of the internal phone memory? I'm using a Nokia 6300.

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Nokia :: N96 Copying Phone Book To Car Bluetooth System

Apr 24, 2009

I have an N96 which i find to be a great phone! I have had bluetooth connectivity in cars for a while and had no issues with my old ford Fiesta, however I have recetly bought a new Ford KA. I paid extra for the bluetooth as it was so useful.I am able to connect my phone - but the phone book will not copy over - can some one tell me how on earth I do this as I am at my wits end!

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Nokia :: N95 8GB Copying Phone Book Via Blue Tooth

May 17, 2009

I have just aquired a secondhand N95 8GB and I am having trouble transfering my phone book to my cars hands free via blue tooth. Can anybody help me. Also with regard to the camera is there anyother button apart from the one on the side that can be used to capture the picture. I already use the scroll buttons for volume and zoom.Is there a problem with the slide as mine seems very loose, can adjustments be made to the slide? Cheers

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Nokia :: Upload Memory Card Original Folders / Contents?

Jan 12, 2010

I made a mistake by formatting my E52 original mem card, subsquently i lost some applications and data that comes builtin for installed applications. Can somebody do me a favor by uploading original folders/ contents (almost 500 MB)

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BB Curve :: Copying Contacts To Sim Memory

Sep 7, 2012

all the conatcts in my mobile are stored in phone memory. i want to copy all the contacts to sim memory at one single go.

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Nokia :: 5800 How To Transfer Stored MP3s In Folders To Memory Card

Aug 11, 2009

I normally have my music stored in different folders depending on the movie so one folder for one movie.I want to know how can I do the following.I want to transfer MP3s that are stored in separate folders to the memory card [I can do this].I want to create a new playlist on the Nokia 5800 itself by adding all songs of different folders. [I cannot do this]

Problem here is that music is only shown artist wise or it will show the whole list which may have 5000 songs. I absolutely need a method to add only the folders that I am interested in . I could do this easily in my earlier which was a Sony W810i. Since 5800 is called a music phone , it should be easier to create a playlist and manage music files.

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Sony Ericsson :: Naite - Copying Files To Memory

Aug 20, 2010

When I try to move some files from my phone memory to my memory card, the phone gets stuck on moving files for AGES and then the files dont even get copied sometimes! When I tried to do this file by file, it did the same thing, and I waited for half an hour, before trying to exit, (the phone didnt respond) and I had to get the battery out to restart the phone! I tried a master reset, and now I've lost my themes and ringtones.

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LG :: Chocolate Flip Copying Contacts/ Texts To Memory Card Or Computer?

Jan 8, 2008

my phone is having problems and im sending it back for repair but first I want to copy out all my Contacts most of all and if I can my text messages to either my computer or to my memory card in my phone. Is there a way I can do this?

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Nokia :: How To Check Memory Status For Both Memory Card And Phone Memory?

Feb 6, 2010


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Nokia :: N96 Memory Can't Store In Mass Memory And Move To Phone Memory

Dec 6, 2008

i used to store my message in N96 mass memory and it work fine, until yesterday when i plug in to my pc and then it said that my memory can't store in mass memory and move to the phone memory and when i tried to changed it, it still didn't respond anything..what should i do?

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Nokia :: How To Transfer / Download Photo Folders From Phone To Pc

Jan 22, 2009

I have an N73 and would like to transfer some photos that I have in My Folders to my computer. Has anyone any advise or help they can give me please?

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BB (RIM) :: Copying Sim Contacts To Phone

Apr 3, 2009

i can't copy my sim contacts to the bold or access the contact.

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Nokia :: Connecting Phone To Pc Suite Duplicate Files / Folders

Jan 18, 2010

I recently purchased a new N900 phone. After installing pc suite and connecting the phone to pc suite, I did not know what I did, but I found out my device now has all duplicate files/folders such as 2 video files, 2 music files .etc and they are all identical.

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BB Torch :: Copying Contact From Phone To Sim

Sep 16, 2011

I am getting a new torch in the next few days due to it freezing and having to take the battery out to reset it i might be being stupid here but how do you copy your whole contacts list from your fone to the sim

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BB Torch :: Copying Contacts From Phone To Sim?

Jul 26, 2012

i have a torch 9860, how do I copy contacts from the phone to the sim or to my laptop? can the BlackBerry Desktop Software

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Xperia X10 :: Copying PB_Backup.vcf From Old Phone?

Jul 28, 2010

I am trying to copy my contacts from my old Sony Ericsson W595 to my new Sony Ericsson X10 mini phone.I downloaded a bluetooth file transfer app from the Android Market (As I know the Sony Ericsson s/w doesn't yet support bluetooth file transfer) and this works well and lets me 'pull' photos from my old phone without any problem.

However I am running into problems trying to copy my address book backup from the memory card on my W595.. I can browse to it in the system/pim folder however when I select to transfer it to my phone I get an error saying 'unrecgonised mime type' and I get asked which application to open the file with. I've tried a few options but I can't seem to find anything that knows what to do with the .vcf file.

Is there an easy way to add .vcf as a mime type? Or is there a better way to transfer my contacts to my x10? Even though I have installed the bluetooth file transfer app, my old phone still can't detect my x10 when searching for bluetooth devices..

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BB Curve :: Unhide Folders That Are On Memory Card?

Jul 26, 2011

How do I unhide folders that are on memory card?

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