Nokia Applications :: 500 Does Not Support Uab Otg?

Dec 22, 2012

I know that nokia 500 does not support uab otg. I like to know that does usb otg require hardware in phone to support it. If not tell me which software do i use to connect pendrive in nokia 500.

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Nokia Applications :: 800 No Flash Player Support

Jan 12, 2012

To the apps developers at Nokia,first I must say the new lumia 800 is an awesome phone with some great features but there are two significant issues:

1. No flash player support, I understand apples issue with flash but surely microsofts wp7 should support flash as standard.
2. No iPlayer app or support! This is scandalous and I have to use my ipod touch for this. Any smartphone released for the UK needs iPlayer as standard. This is really disappointing.

So please app developers sort this out as this is the only reason I would not recommend this phone to anyone else.

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Nokia Applications :: 2700 Classic Is Not Supporting Any Applications And Games?

Oct 20, 2011

My nokia 2700 classic is not supporting any applications and games.....

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Nokia Applications :: Re-install Previously Purchased Applications In Ovi Store?

Dec 13, 2011

I have nokia E5, and i was forced to format phone usig *#7370#, memory card was also formated. So the problem is - how can i re-install previously purchased applications in ovi store?I thought it will be easy way, however it doesn't. Despite the fact that all of my previously purchased apps appeared in "My Stuff" section in Ovi Store applications, i cant download it, they only offer me to buy it again, I tried to solve this problem using pc, i wanted to download apps to pc from ovi store website and then move to phone. But all i can do - send a link to phone, and there i was offered to buy app again. It's just shocking omission of Ovi Store, that repels future purchases.

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Nokia Applications :: Installed Applications Icon Is Missing In C5-03?

Jan 18, 2012

I an using nokia c5-03 . I have installed some software from ovi store but m not able to view those application even after i restart my mobile:

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Nokia Applications :: Restarts When Open Java Applications

Jul 27, 2012

My 2700c restarts when I open java applications. I can't play game or use opera mini.

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Nokia Applications :: Unable To Install Applications With 5130?

Jun 12, 2012

When i download any application they show no certifate on phone or sim and they never be download

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Nokia Applications :: Recover Applications After Hard Reseting

Oct 12, 2012

I just reset my N8, and when trying to reinstall all applications through nokia store some of them now cost, and when i download them were free, is there any way to recover, those were themes, i made a backup of the internal memory and c drive, the other missing application is the game galaxy on fire, i cant download it from nokia store because it is not available for my phone (N8 Belle) how can i recover those applications?

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Nokia Applications :: Some Applications Are Not Compatible With C5-03 Like A Talking Tom?

May 5, 2012

Some applications are not compatable with nokia c5-03 like a talking tom and other fun applications.always this phone hanging and restarting wen i am browsing and then ,touch screen performance is too bad...

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Nokia Applications :: E7 Applications - Size On The Screen?

Jan 18, 2012

Is there any widgets/applications that are bigger than one "row" on the screen like the one (newspaper widget on N900) in the pic attached to this post?

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Nokia Applications :: Delete (remove) Applications On 500?

Jan 15, 2012

how can i delete (remove) applications on Nokia 500??

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Nokia Applications :: Remove Unwanted Applications From C6?

Jan 17, 2011

Know how to remove unwanted applications from my Nokia C6 mobile.

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Nokia Applications :: Uninstall Applications From My Asha30?

Sep 7, 2012

Whats is the procedure to uninstall the manually installed apps??

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Nokia Applications :: Can't Install/run Ovi Store Or Other Applications

Apr 21, 2012

With no reason, my nokia n8 (symbian belle) stopped doing things it normally used to.Eg: I downloaded the nokia ovi store from its official web site but when I try to run, it takes a long time until say "retry" A similar situation happens when I want to instal ebbudy, it says connection lost.Applications like social networks or wassup run without problems!

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Nokia Applications :: How To Remove Unwanted Applications From 603

Feb 12, 2012

How to remove unwanted applications from Nokia 603. I have installed certain applications which switch off set immediatialy after it is on

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Nokia Applications :: Some Of The Applications Work On Only WiFi

May 28, 2012

I bought my new Nokia Lumia 800 this weekend and started using it. I have downloaded certain news site applications and found that working on weekend. But then observed that it is opening only when used with WiFi, but does not open in 2G/3G connection. This is new to me. I was an Android user and use to browse the same news site applications with either wifi or 2G/3G. The news site applications are: Times of India and Ibnlive.

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Nokia Applications :: Unable To Delete Some Applications

Jun 3, 2012

I use Nokia N8,the challenge is that the RAM is small such that applications using phone memory thus making the phone slow.Every time i want to delete such applications such as maps,i get this message ''operation failed''I always ensure that the applications are closed before i delete.What could be the best way to end this and create space on my phone.

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Nokia Applications :: OVI Applications Button Is Disabled

Mar 2, 2012

In my Nokia 5800 memory card had a problem and recentrly I replaced with a new one. Then I wanted to download my previous installed applications from OVI. But the Download button is disabled for those applications.What I guess is OVI checkes the application's installed status in my phone memory. There still may be a log. But actually my applications were installed in to memory card.How can I overcome this problem? I need to install my applications back.

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Nokia Applications :: Unable To Open Applications In C2-02?

Nov 27, 2012

i have a Nokia C2-02 touch&type. Why i can't open some apps after i restore my phone? One of it is the COMMUNITY app. Everytime i want to open it, it says "invalid application. delete?".

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Nokia Applications :: Unable To Run Java Applications?

Dec 27, 2012

Am unable to run java applications

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Nokia Applications :: How To Uninstall Unwanted Applications

Jan 17, 2012

My phone C6-00 keeps popping the message'' memory full'' when trying to uninstall unwanted applications. I freed up the memory space but i keep getting the same message.

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Nokia Applications :: Java(.jar) Applications Will Not Install?

Apr 6, 2012

I was using my phone till the battery life got depleted & it eventaually offed. I now later charged it 2 restart only 2 discover that all my installed java applications are gone. I tried installing them back bcos i had their 'raw files' but while on installin; wen it's getting lyk 90% complete, a display text comes out showing 'unable to install'

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Nokia Applications :: Changing The Default Applications On The Nokia E7?

Dec 1, 2011

I would like to know if there some apps out there that can replace the default ones used by the E7 (Photos, videos, webbrowser and music player)? So far I only found Opera Mobile that can replace the default web browser.

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Support Videos Don't Work In Support App?

Oct 29, 2011

considering that i've seen these support videos on Internet, it is silly that they don't work in the support app. should be a trivial thing for se to fix.

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Nokia :: E72 SIP Support

Mar 28, 2010

I have an E71 a year ago. I bought this phone because of their SIP support. But I just want to sell it and buy an E72 phone. II read too many complaints about this phone because it doesn't bring with native SIP support (some models, I want to buy mine via Amazon). I read in some posts (mainly this post) that the Net Settings brings up a bunch of VoIP servers. I have my own Asterisk server, my E71 works flawlessly with it and I don't need to use another provider such as Fring, Nimbuzz or Gizmo.

Do I need another SIP provider in E72? Or E72 can't just conect to a SIP server just like E71?

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Nokia :: Does 5230 Support 3g?

Jul 16, 2010

Does Nokia 5230 have 3g?In some sites I am seeing that nokia 5230 has 3G but in others they say that it doesn't have 3G.

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Nokia :: E75 - Does Not Support Sis Files

Jun 10, 2010

I've been trying to upgrade the Ovi maps on my E75, because navigation has kept me saying that I need to renew the license. I went to Nokia web site and found out that I need to upgrade Ovi maps in order to get the free navigation. I have a 202.12.01 firmware and I installed it once again when I had unsuccessfully tried to upgrade Ovi maps. I have Ovi maps v3.01 09wk44b01 (MW OpenGL LM MN) and Map version (OpenBitLM 6.22.5). I've deleted all old maps and started to download new ones successfully over Nokia Ovi Suite. I've downloaded Nokia Ovi Suite and followed the instructions for downloading and installing the newest version of Ovi maps application (I suppose it must be newer than the one I have on now, because navigation still wants me to buy license, I guess it must be 3.03 or higher). I've tried it several times from the scratch, just to make sure I did it right. Of course I've also chosen the right E75 phone from the drop down menu and I downloaded the file nokia_maps_3.01_09wk44_b01_s60_3.2_lm_rom.sis. I double-clicked it and everything seems to be right, but when action on the phone should be required the installation guide says "Nokia E75 does not support sis files". From the sis file name I can only now see that I have this version already installed.Does this mean I can not use navigation for free on E75?

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Nokia :: HTML Support In MfE 3.00.050

Feb 19, 2010

What are the requirements to get this feature working? Just tested MfE 3.00.050 witha Nokia E71 phone running latest firmware v400 against MS Exchange 2003 SP2, and jus cannot see HTML formatted mail. Just the unformatted text is shown on the MfE client.

Do I need to do some configuration in OWA or in Exchange mailbox server? Or does this feature work only with MS Exchange 2007 OWA? If HTML message format really is supported in Nokia E71 and MfE 3.0.0050, I guess it should work with the latest phone firmware.

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Nokia :: N97 - Support And Settings For TV Out

Feb 21, 2010

I got the N95 TV out and I was curious if I can use it on the N97 as I can see there is settings for the TV out on the nokia n97 but when I use it don't work, so what's the problem?

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Nokia :: 5230 Does It Support Tv-out?

Feb 18, 2010

does 5230 xm support tv-out? and if it dosn't would it be able to do that later on with a firmware update?

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Nokia :: E72 Support Language In UAE

Feb 15, 2010

Can I know whether it can support to read both traditional chinese and simplified chinese?

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