Nokia 6230i :: Program To View .nbu File Viewer?

Oct 26, 2007

Please help me with my contact. I backup my file contacts & messages, but i upgraded my phone i used to have a nokia 6230i, i need to view my contact so i can upload it to my phone or re-encode it. Is there a program that i can use to view the .NBU file?

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Nokia :: Program To Convert Mp3 File To MID File

Jun 24, 2008

I want a program to convert mp3 file to MID file so that I can make a Voice Ring Tones for my 1110i phone!

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Samsung :: U600 - Document Viewer / Can I Transfer Files From Computer To Phone And View Them?

Oct 12, 2007

My ZU600 can supposedly view word docs and so on. Well what folder have they to be in? And with what do I open them? Can I transfer files from my computer to the phone and view them?

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Samsung :: D820 Picsel File Viewer?

Jun 5, 2007

Great place you've got here !I have a little question. I have imported some pictures from my computer via USB to my 820-D Samsung. They are displayed with a pdf icon and open with the Picsel File Viewer. I want to set them as caller ID. But when the picture is opened in Picsel File Viewer there is no option to do so !
Any way I can do that ?

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Samsung :: D900i / Picsel File Viewer Document Reader

Jun 22, 2007

I recently purchased an 02 (UK) Network, Samsung D900i which does not appear to have installed the Picsel File Viewer for document reading. Have spoken to 02 (UK) Customer Support on 08705678678 who state that this a Samsung Technical Support Problem and routed me through to their location at 08702420303. Nobody in this area are aware of this problem and also have no access to a D900i to try on although they suspect that 02 may have locked out this function but are not sure. I advised Customer Service Technical that D900i Phones are advertised on the Web as having Document reading functionality and therefore the phone appears to be non compliant with the advertised technical specification.Further to above Technical Support will return my call tomorrow to offer advise etc.Anyone with similar problems suggest you give above numbers a call to highlight this defect in this model of phone.Has anyone else noticed this problem on other Network or Unlocked phones.

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Motorola Droid Razr :: Window Photo Viewer Cannot Open Picture - File Damaged Or Too Large

May 26, 2012

Recently I have been unable to view my photos successfully on my laptop. It has been happening for several weeks now...When I transfer the photos to my laptop via USB (before you ask, I have tried as USB Mass Storage, PC MODE, and Windows Media Sync) and try opening them, I get the message 'Window Photo Viewer can't open this picture because the file appears to be damaged, corrupted, or is too large.' I just now figured out today how to get the Motocast application installed and running, and it synced up ~400 pictures from my phone to laptop.

However again, when I try viewing any of them on my laptop, I get the message. I have been emailing the photos from my phone, but for some reason that stopped working today also. I go to the photo gallery and do a multi select>Share>Email, and the draft is created. I see the photos attached, put in my email address, but the email never just pops up with an orange triangle next to the subject and says Send Action canceled. Not sure what all information is is updated, is a RAZR MAXX, my laptop is Windows 7. About 65 of the photos/videos appear to be in Internal Storage and the rest are on sD card.

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Nokia :: 5800 - View .pdf File

Jul 5, 2009

How is it possible to view .pdf files?

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Nokia :: N900 What Is An Easy File Unzip Program - Easily Found Within Application Down-loader?

Mar 16, 2010

1 - Not all n900 applications i find on the net are searchable or listed at all on the n900s built in application downloader. some files i download manually off the net are in gz and deb format. do i need to install the nokia pc software and transfer them to the phone in order to use them, as i cannot find any other way to do it? from using google there are an awful lot of users saying the nokia software does not work very well at the moment and to avoid using it until its fully adapted for the n900, as some features are supposedly unusable?

2 - is there an easy file unzip program for the n900, hopefully easily found within the n900s application downloader? i tried searching for 'zip' and 'unzip' but nothing crops up

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Nokia :: How To View Files Inside File Manager In N73?

Jan 24, 2008

I wanted a video of .avi or any other format (For my computer) that N73 Doesnot support..& so i have got it in my inbox via bluetooth inside inbox.But how to SAVE it without opening it.Becoz on opening it says UNKNOWN FILE FORMAT.So any one can tell me how to view it and save inside Phone or directly to computer via USB cable.

Shashank RockZzzzzz...With N73 (23)




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Motorola :: Program Used To View Videos

Oct 18, 2006

I was wondering what program do you use to view videos that you have captured on your phone from your personal computer???

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Nokia :: N900 - How To Open / View Zipped File On Device

Apr 29, 2010

I received a zipped file and my N900 has no app to view this file. What can I use

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Motorola :: What Program Can Use To View / Edit Files On V9x?

Oct 15, 2008

i have its drivers installed, but im failing at finding a working program to use with it.

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Samsung :: E730 Best Program To Take An MP3 File

Mar 31, 2006

I have the Samsung E730 and I was wondering whats the best program to take an MP3 file and select the 30 seconds I want to use for a ringtone?

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BB Curve 83xx :: File Lock Program?

Feb 14, 2009

I need a way to password files or folders on my media card. Any ideas of any free or inexpensive programs that will do this?

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IPhone :: 3GS Bluetooth File Transfer Program?

Dec 11, 2009

Anyone out there know of a good Bluetooth file transfer program? I've tried iBluetooth but it doesn't work at all. Running a 3GS on FW 3.1.2.

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BB Pearl :: Download Program To Open Back Up File?

Oct 25, 2010

i need a program so that when i open the back up file I can view all information backed up

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IPhone :: Are Software Updates From 5.1. To 5.1.1 On 4 Will Delete All File Or Program That Has Installed

Jun 6, 2012

Are software updates from 5.1. To 5.1.1 on 4 will delete all file or program that has installed?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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Samsung :: Gravity - Program That Will Show The File System On Newer GSM Phones

Oct 2, 2009

I recently purchased a samsung gravity its my second one Ive been looking for a program that will allow me to view the file system on the phone in hope of finding an unlock code that may be in somewhere in plain text I have found service codes for cdma ( the LG chocolate and samsung instinct via bitpim) using this procedure but haven't found a application that will let me do it for GSM bitpim doesn't work for GSM phones I'm hoping to find an unlock code in there after all its gotta be some where in there I'm looking for really experienced cell phone user that know how there operating system work as I am familiar with them also I have the proper drivers already installed on my computer just looking for that app

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Nokia :: Car Kit Compatibility - 6230i

Nov 6, 2008

I currently have a car kit for a Nokia 6230i, what current phones available are compatible with this car kit?

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Nokia :: How 6230i And AXF-15S Works Together

May 17, 2009

Can anybody explain to me how the 6230i and the AXF-15S works together.I have not found a "antenna-hole" on the 6230i.I have only been looking on pictures.(on my Nokia 5110 there is a antennahole on the back)

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Nokia :: 6230i Not Getting Any Coverage

Aug 31, 2009

I havent used the phone in a while but i put a Genie o2 sim into the phone and its not gettin anycoverage whatsoever. I have topped the phone up and all but nothing seems to work

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Nokia :: 6230i Get O2 Theme

Apr 3, 2009

anyone know where i can get an o2 theme for my old faithful 6230i? Deleted in error

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Samsung :: Behold - Program For Viewing And Modifying File System With A Data Cable?

Jan 7, 2009

Is there a program like BitPim that will work with the Behold and allow the file system to be viewed and modified with a data cable?

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BB Curve :: How To View A Pdf File

Mar 24, 2011

Can i view a pdf file on my blackberry curve. if yes then how.

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Nokia :: Which Car Kit For Trusted 6230 & 6230i

Dec 28, 2008

I am so confused with the amount of Car Kits available. I would like a kit for my 6230 & 6230i and have seen 2 so far. The CARK 91 and the CARK 126 but do not know which would be more suitable. I do not want Bluetooth connection, I would just like to plug the phone in a cradle and have a decent 2 way conversation. Any ideas on which kit would be the most suitable. Power/stereo mute/external antenna would be nice but not essential.

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Nokia :: 6230i Bluetooth Not Working

Mar 15, 2009

I've got a nokia 6230i bought back when it was launched.It had its fair bit of usage, I used it around two years since I bought it but then left it without using it. The main problem is, the bluetooth function is not working. When I try to turn it on, it shows the 'turning on' progress bar but then it disappears and I'm back at the on/off menu.

I suspect it has something to do with the hardware since I've dropped it a couple of times on solid concrete.I've taken it to a non-nokia service center in the past and the guy told me the BT module needs to be changed but he couldn't do it because it was too risky and he render my phone dead in the process.I'd like to hear some more opinions on this. It is fixable? I wouldn't like to let this great phone go just because of its bluetooth problem so any fixes would be greatly appreciated.

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Nokia :: Downloading Photos From 6230i

Feb 9, 2009

I have got pictures on my phone that I want to download to my pc to get copies printed. I have looked at the boards here but only got more confused.A phone shop I asked told me that a connecting cable should have been supplied with my Nokia 6230i to do this.After searching through a heap of unidentifiable spaghetti kept over the years, I can't find the right thing.I have a disc that I have never used called "PC Software for Nokia 6230i" is this relevant?

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Nokia :: 6230i Unable To Connect Via Wi-Fi

Oct 28, 2008

I have downloaded both the settings wap/gprs from site through Vodafone, but unable to connect wap via wifi!

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Nokia :: 6230i No Signal / Heats Up

Nov 17, 2008

6230i phone is about two years' old. Recently, it was getting very hot and no signal was coming. Showed a technician, who felt the ICFP was to be changed. He tried with a new ICFP, but problem remains.

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Nokia 6230i :: How To Unlock USB Cable?

Nov 25, 2009

How to unlock USB cable on 6230i? I forgot the password.

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Nokia :: 6230i - No Sound When Ringing

Mar 13, 2009

My father's Nokia 6230i doesn't ring anymore. No matter the settings to maximum, or the ringtone we selected (original nokia, or mp3). So far we tried the sounds in the Gallery with the volume to the max, but it does not work. The music in the music player plays, but there is no sound. We also tried recording something, and the playing it back, but with no luck.

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