Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic Language Changes After Firmware Update?

Dec 30, 2008

I updated my phone's firmware yesterday from v7.01 to v9.42 using Nokia Software Updater, but I found out that my phone languages have changed after the update. I had: English, Hebrew, Arabic, Germany and Russian.
Now I have: English, Traditional Chinese(as I understood from the characters not really sure), Simplified Chinese(not sure also) and another one weird language. I tried re-installing the firmware v9.42(Using NSU), but with no advantage. So, how can I get my previous language pack back? If anybody knows how please tell me. What should I do to encore my old language pack?

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Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic How To Install Language Packs

Nov 10, 2008

I got my phone with i'd say Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese language on it..Not really sure if they r those, but they got some symbols drawn so im guessing. And english ofc. I was wondering, how do i install lets say swedish language pack on the phone? No need for t9 support and stuff, i just want my phone on swe

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Nokia :: 5310 Firmware Update Fail

Jun 30, 2009

I just recently purchased the 5310 Xpress Music and hve been enjoying it for the past couple of days. However when I try to update the firmware from ver3.63 to v9.42 it fails, it finds the update and starts to update and then displays the message,"Update startup failed". Now I've been scouring these forums for about 5 hours now and cannot seem to come up with a solution to this. My profile is set to normal, I backed up all of my data and have all of the software updates. Any help into this problem would be greatly appreciated, and if there's a way I can download the firmware and do it myself,( i hate auto updaters of any kind), then just lead me to the right file and how to DDIY article.

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Nokia :: 5310 Needs Firmware Update To Keep Display On

Jan 9, 2009

Right now the 5310 XpressMusic shuts off the screen every 10-15 seconds. Depending on the many different types of 3rd party applications you are running on the phone, using the different menu keys will result in negative effects, because every piece of software designed to run on the phone isn't always going to respond to the same key inputs when you push a particular key to turn the screen on. I have been in many situations where I thought a particular key would be appropriate, to only realize I lost what I was doing, the application shut down, or something had to be started over. Simply put, you're not going to always be able to use the Menu key to turn the screen on, sometimes yes, and sometimes no. So for all the various types of software out there, you now have know the quirks of the software to know which key is best to have the dispaly come back on, which can be a real pain when you forget.

Also it was really bad judgment on the part of Nokia to have a screen shut off every 10 seconds, especially when the phone has many capabilites built into along the lines of multimedia, office productivity, internet activity, email, etc. Who wants to be involved with something in regards to writing and reading as an example and then have to keep turning the screen on every 10 seconds to do what it is you're trying to do? Would you want to sit in front of your computer for hours doing something and in that period of time have your monitor shut off every 10 seconds? Of course not, so you should at least look at it like this, it's a real inconvenience, that also causes problems too if you're not careful the key you pressed. Nokia needs to get a firmware update out for the 5310 so that users can simply keep their display on when they need it, and put it in the sleep mode when you need it to shut off.

I need my phone for business purposes not just pleasure, and I don't like having to keep punching the keypad to turn it on every ten seconds. The phone is a piece of technology meant to be used, not going to sleep all the time, and didn't Nokia realize, having the display constantly going on an off through out the day does put more wear and tear on it, then just leaving it on? Electronics are meant to be run and used, not going on and off, it's not good for it. Someone in management really needs to look at this and hear what I'm saying because the people who did this aren't the people using this phone, because if they were, they'd of changed some firmware on it a long time ago realizing what a pain it is to use this phone. I hope someone responsible for firmware within the company, or whoever knows people who handle this, can give some input back to this post, because I need to use a phone, not have it going to sleep on me all the time, and if Nokia isn't going to resolove this soon, I'm left with no other choice then to get another phone.

As a man that has a good background in technology and electronics, who happens to also work in the IT business, I don't know of any consumer that is going to be looking at devices and asking themself, making decisions based on whether or not the display stays on or goes off all the time. Consumers who understand technology don't look at it this way, they are looking at a device to use it, so they naturally assume it's just going to stay on, and it will go off when they decide it will go off, thus giving them the option to choose. Nokia on their poor judgement made this call for consumers and it was a very poor choice, having a display always shut off evey 10-15 seconds with no options to keep it on is just unacceptable, for technology that needs to be used. I truly can't believe a company like Nokia would of made such a poor choice.

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Nokia :: 5310 Doesn't Find Firmware Update?

May 29, 2008

I've seen firmware v5.91 floating around, but when I use the Nokia Software Updater it doesn't find an update for my phone. I assume this is because Rogers hasn't released the firmware for their phones. Does anyone know how long after Nokia releases new firmware that Rogers typically does? 5.91 appears to fix the low ringer volume issue on the 5310 so I'm quite anxious to try it

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Nokia :: Express Music 5310 - Unlocking After Firmware Update

Jan 30, 2009

I have recently upgraded to the latest firmware 9.42 having received notification from Nokia on my 5310. After the firmware upgrade the songs I downloaded from the Nokia Music store are locked on my 5310. The non Nokia Music store music is unlocked. Please can someone tell me in simple steps the way to unlock the Music Store music I downloaded to my 5310 without having to delete and redownload the music.

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Nokia :: How To Take Apart 5310 XpressMusic?

Jan 28, 2009

Can anyone shed some light on taking apart the 5310? I'd like to remove the front case and replace it, but looking at that guide, I'm not sure how to do this.I don't get what is meant by this in that guide:Run your fingernail around the edge of the join of the camera surround and back cover to unclip it.Edge of the join and camera surround?

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Nokia :: IMEI No Not Available In 5310 XpressMusic

Nov 30, 2008

I couldn't locate the IMEI no.No lable in the handset.pressing *#06# also not display the IMEI No.

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Nokia :: E71 / Firmware Update 300.21.012 / Ukrainian Language Instead Of Russian

Jul 8, 2009

Russian language got messed up - I get Ukranian language instead!Some Russian simbols like Э and Ъ are missing. In the preious firmware everything was ok.Please help to fix!

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Nokia :: N73 Firmware Update Language - Cannot Get French Installed

Mar 15, 2009

I have juste updated my Nokia N73 to RM-133 v4.0839.42.0.1but i cannot get french language installed. The only languages are english, indonesia, malaysia and pilipino.

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Nokia :: 5310 Xpressmusic Backlight Timer

Aug 27, 2008

It's the same irritating thing as for some other models: the backlighting has a timer that starts the dimming within only a dozen of seconds or so. How can it be changed to a user-defined time? And if it can't be changed, how do we tell the Nokia guys to release a firmware that allows that?

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Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic File Transfer - Too Big

Aug 6, 2008

I have a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, I've had it for some time, but not before today i tried installing files on it, I were going to install a file that was 1.03 MB to my phone, and it said in norwegian "This program cannot be installed on you're mobile phone. It's too big". In english thats. Is there any way to fix this? Is it some setting? Ive read around the web and I've seen several people with this exact problem, but no solution to it. Oh, and i got more then enough space, 1.81 GB of free space.

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Nokia :: E71 / Firmware Update / Can't Type & Read Chinese Language

Apr 25, 2009

wat can i do? after updating my E71's firmware, i cant see or type chinese language, is there any way to fix this? previously i can type n see chinese language!

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Nokia :: Why Is 5310 Xpressmusic Not Supporting All Audio Files

Jun 13, 2009

I'm new here. I own a Nokia 5310 Xpressmusic. I have a problem when I try to play music files sometimes as my mobile tells that the file format is not supported. There is no realplayer also. Is there any remedy for this problem?

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Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic Shows Incorrect Messaging Inbox

Jul 30, 2008

I have a Nokia 5310 XpressMusic (firmware 05.81) and recently i tried to move all my phone data from my 6233 using Nokia PC Suite's backup tool. Everything was transferred without a problem except the messages. For some reason the process stopped with an error during the transfer of the messages the first time so i just repeated the process in order to complete the transfer successfully. After it finished successfully, all my messages where there but the memory status showed that my messaging inbox is 908MB big!!!

1)I deleted all the messages and the size of the inbox stayed the same.

2)I restored the phone using Settings->Restore Factory Settings->Restore all but that didn't do it either.

3)Finally i backed up the phone data to the memory card using Settings->Sync and backup->Create backup and restored it using Settings->Sync and backup->Restore backup which helped a little bit; Instead of 908MB the inbox is now only 7MB big, but with no messages in it!

Does anyone know what is eating up the space or what can be done to solve this problem?

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Nokia :: XpressMusic 5310 Unable Pass Security Code

Mar 27, 2009

I purchased the phone in December and I'm unable to get past the supplied security code. I haven't changed it at all and was wondering if this is common?

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Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic Phone - Camera Doesn't Work

Jun 10, 2009

My Nokia 5310 XpressMusic phone's camera doesn't work.. It shows 'camera on standby' error message while trying to open camera or video recorder.

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Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic - Ovi Suite Sync Failure With Outlook 2010

Jun 8, 2010

When trying to sync contacts from ms outlook 2010, I received a message that could not synchronize.
Technical Information:

Nokia Ovi Suite

PC Connectivity Solution

Connectivity Cable Driver

Software Updater do Nokia Ovi Suite 2010.6.0.60359

Maps Service API

Nokia mPlatform 2.6.86

Ovi Desktop Sync Engine

Sistema operacional:

Microsoft Windows 7 Edio de 32 bits

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Nokia :: 5310 Xpressmusic Volume Adjustment Button Doesn't Function

May 3, 2008

i just sent in my phone to get the Bootup problem fixed. It was basically the MicroSD card that was causing all the problems. However, when i recieved it back, the Volume Adjustment button doesn't function at all. I can't change the volume of the music, (stuck at 2 bars) and also cannot change the volume of the other person's voice. I've updated the firmware to the newest version, and tried reinstalling it. It doesnt seem to have any effect. All the buttons are intact, which KINDA eliminates the chances of hardware failure. Before i sent it in to Nokia Cares it worked flawlessly.

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Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic - Contact Groups - Phone Software Error

Sep 16, 2008

The default action for a selected contact inside 'Contact Groups' is "add"(to add more condacts in this group)! It must be "Details" like any contact found outside 'Contact Groups'. Now to access "Details", when i want to call a non default phone number for a contact, i have to select "Options/Details". Am i doing something wrong or is a phone's software error?

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Nokia :: 5310 XpressMusic List Encounter - Error After Playing Song

Jun 15, 2010

Nokia 5310 XpressMusic
Firmware ver 10.10
MemoryCard Micro Sd Card 4Gig
Made Hungary
(Black Edition)

*Phonebook Contacts When i Copy Or Move the Contact list from to Phone or to Sim The Phone will be perform Freeze and Restarting... *Music Player More Slower when i Browse the Music List. *Music Player Showing Error Sometimes After Playing the Song and Browse again the Music List. *Music Player Interface Text turns to Color GREEN? But The Normal Color is RED?..................

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Nokia :: Language Options For Turkish And Dutch Language Lost After Updated Firmware

May 19, 2009

I've Nokia n95 8gb, I've updated firmware via Nokia Software Updater, its now v31.0.015..After that upgrade, I lost Turkish and Dutch Language options, there is only English, Arabic and French languages..

I did not installed anything before.I did not changed any code before.All was original but purchased at Netherlands.I've no more garantie (its end).. What must I do to get my languages back?Why the nokia tool doesn't warn me before upgrade?

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Nokia :: Can Install Chinese Language 5310

May 3, 2009

i have an 5310 express music phone but would like to know if i can install Chinese language on it with pinyn text as well as i am going out to china to work would like nay

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Nokia :: 5700 XpressMusic - How To Add Hebrew Language Pack

Dec 31, 2008

I have nokia {5700} rm-203 am despertly looking for a way to add hebrew lang into my phone.

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpressmusic - Curious Language Options - Philippine

Feb 2, 2010

i am wondering why my phone's language options includes "pilipino" (which i'm presuming is filipino which i'm presuming is tagalog). does this mean that the origin of my phone is in fact from the phillippines and not australia? (the box does have imprinted on, though there is a sticker on the ACMA a-tick and comes with music stuff)

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Nokia :: 5310 New Firmware 7.1v?

Aug 6, 2008

I want to upgrade my 5310,but have lost my usb cable wanting to buy a new one if new firmware is available (which is xpensive),neways I would like to know if Nokia has released new firmware for 5310 after 5.81? I have heard that they have come up with 7.1v is it true?

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Nokia :: 5310 - Issues In 5.81 Firmware

Apr 9, 2008

Please can we start a list of the problems with the 5.81 firmware.

1. Not sure if anyone else has found this but my 5310 now does not like my 8gb memory card even though it did before. Basically i have 8gb of music on the card and although the old firmware 3.63 showed only a 4gb card you could still see and use all 2000 songs. now however the libary update fails at about 50% and i can only see half the songs.
2. The phone is still slow on the menus and at other times fast as you like (this is with no applications running)
3. The volume of text alerts seems to be greater while liserning to music with a headset (nearly took my head off).

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpressmusic RM-428 Upgrade To New Firmware 40.0.005 Delay

Mar 18, 2010

I have an 5800 XM with type number RM-428 and I cant upgrade its firmware to the 40.0.005 version. Every day I check on the nokia website looking for the update and nothing. Anybody has an idea of what happening?

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Nokia :: 5800 Xpressmusic RM-428 Upgrade To New Firmware 50.0.005 Delay

May 2, 2010

I have an 5800 XM with type number RM-428 (product code is 0577454) and I cant upgrade its firmware to the 50.0.005 version. I check in the Nokia Europe home page and I found that this version is aviable for the Nokia 5800 XM. Every day I check on the nokia website looking for the update and nothing.

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Nokia :: 5800 XpressMusic - Up Dation Bugs Firmware 50.0.005

May 11, 2010

I have updated my nokia 5800 with the firm 50.0.005, but there are several bugs.For example, when i listen the radio sometimes i canchoose the chanel and the software is impossible to shut down.

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Nokia :: Way To Revert 5310 Back To T-Mobile 5.91 Firmware?

Aug 4, 2008

I updated by changing product code to one I found on here but miss the myfaves and such of T-Mobile software. Any way to revert back to the old T-Mobile 5.91 firmware? I tried putting my product code back to original and it wont let me reinstall just says you have latest software V.7.01.

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