Nokia :: 5300: RM-147 Update W/ RM-146 Firmware Possible

Jun 21, 2008

I have the Nokia 5300 Xpress Music current firmware 5.02 RM-147.

Can I update to the 5.51 even though it is for the RM-146?

If so what do I have to change to update it, or what program to use?

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Nokia :: 5300 - New Firmware?

Jul 4, 2007

I just purchased the nokia 5300 and i love it so just wondering if theres any (my current firmware is04.51 firmware/updates
2.where can i find them if there are
3.does it break my warranty to use them?

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Nokia :: 5300: Won't Flash NSU Keeps Saying No Firmware

Jul 8, 2007

I am trying to find a way to just flash my Nokia 5300 but no matter what I do the damn thing just wont FLASH NSU keeps saying no firmware available for 4.51 I have use 0515263 and 0515265 unbranding codes and I still have the same issue with trying to update. All my tmobile stuff still there it never went away it just gave me more options when I put in the codes. Can that be the problem? The latest and gratest firmware is now RM-146 5.0

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Nokia :: 5300 - Reinstalling Firmware - Unbranded 05.00

Oct 14, 2007

My firmware is V. 05.02. the firmware i want is the unbranded 05.00 is there a way to install it? i don't like seeing the tmobile startup.

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Nokia :: E51 - Firmware Update - How To Revert To Factory Firmware

Jul 3, 2009

After updating to the new firmware (400.) I have the following issues:

* SMS text messages which contain access point settings for my provide do not open... I get the message that the message format is not supported. I could easily open the message before, and applying the settings using the pin code

* wifi access hangs, it connects but then hangs. There is no way to switch it off. I have to turn the phone off and on again to get it going

is there any way to revert to the factory firmware or something like that?

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Nokia :: N900 / Update Firmware / Couldn't Update / Poor Quality / Slow Internet Connection

May 28, 2010

I'm base in Sydney Australia and have just received a msg from Nokia that I can update my firmware for my N900.(firmware version 10.2010.19.)The problem is that I receive a message that I could not update because of: poor-quality ,slow or intermittent internet connection. This could also be because of problems with our servers. Is it that NSU does not support N900 and if so why would Nokia sell a phone and not provide software to update the phone with.

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Nokia E72 :: Ovi Store Version Update VS Firmware Update?

Jun 9, 2010

I wanted to intsall Mail For Exchange, and the Nokia E72 NAM doesnt seem to have it when I bought it (unless you can direct me to it). I decided to follow the instructions to install it, but it requires me to update the ovi store. I dont know if this will update the firmware as well, but i heard that the newest firmware (v031.032 i believe) is very buggy, so i want to avoid this until another firmware comes out.Can someone help? if its already on the phone, i just need to know where it is. If its not on the phone, will updating the ovistore affect anything in terms of new firmware or other sorts? The reason i want to install this is to utilize the google calendar so i dont have to keep plugging the e72 into the computer (and possibly damaging the plastic usb cover).

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Nokia :: N97 V20 / Update Firmware / PC Suite & Update Manager

Nov 1, 2009

I've just spent 2 months wage on an N97 and i've spent the last 2 days trying to update to firmware 20 and it gives me an error.i've tried using nokia pc suite + update manager, ovisuite but nothing works.they detect my phone, they see it, download the firmware, start installing and after that it stops.What can I Do?

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Nokia Lumia :: 8773 Update But No Firmware Update

Jun 29, 2012

Something wrong in UK, two updates but still old firmware?!No internet sharing or flip working. Is the Nokia bit delayed for lumia 800?

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Nokia :: E71 Firmware Update On 3?

Dec 2, 2008

Has anyone been able to update the E71 firmware on the 3 mobile network....?I'm on 100.07.76, but the updater states there is no new firware beyond this!

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Nokia :: E72 Firmware Update

Dec 17, 2009

I can probably ignore the back cover issue, but when will Nokia give an update on the the firmware?Is there some "channel" of announcing when it will be available? Or they want to surprise us? Sorry, if i'm duplicating any threads, but i think it is safe to say that this issue needs to be repeated until they fix it.Hope they somehow review the threads.

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Nokia :: E72 - Firmware Update

Dec 18, 2009

I have been a user of e series phones like E90, E71. Been using E71 for a long time and very happy with it. I recently bought a new E72 based on reviews on the internet. I am generally happy with the E72 except for some small issues.

1. I feel E71 was faster despite the upgraded processor in E72.
2. Long press of one touch key 'contacts' does not bring up new contacts entry screen. Even reinstall of the firmware did not correct the issue.
3. In E71 creating new entry from the calendar main screen was instant, whereas in E72 it takes a longer time to get to the new entry screen.
4. Light leaks from gaps on the keyboard, especially from the bottom of Home key, where there is a single bright beam of light.
5. The fancy Navi key seems to have its own mind. It works inconsistently. sometimes it is very sensitive,even a slight inadvertent brush of the finger brings up the setup app.(am using the basic screen setup). sensitivity settings don't seem to really change anything.
6. The camera takes very long time to save the image taken even for a low resolution setting.

One would expect a company like Nokia to resolve any bugs before releasing the E72 in the market. Most of the issues mentioned above are ones which can be corrected with a firmware update. But why should the customer, that too a nokia loyalist like me should bear with these issues after paying Rs.22900. Nokia should ensure the products they launch are glitch free before they reach the market. Despite all these, I would still buy a Nokia, since the company listens to the customer ,and resolves any issues, from my past experience.

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Nokia :: E72 - Need New Firmware Update

Apr 6, 2010

22.007 has been out since forever, and it's basically only the second update since this phone was introduced. Has Nokia forgotten the E72? It sure needs a firmware update:
-Little available memory, applications (especially the browser with a big website) terminate for nothing and "memory full" messages occur very frequently. This is actually the biggest issue.
-The camera application sometimes is quite buggy and even the phone restarts after a photo is taken.
-videos have some lag, especially if you zoom while shooting and using the phone memory doesn't help very much.
-sometimes (especially in the ovi store app) if you start typing in a box the first two letters appear in the opposite order than typed.
-The gallery application can't be terminated using the app manager (by pressing the home button for a couple of seconds) when the app is hidden.
-The trackpad sensitivity could be improved (especially when using it in the browser).

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Nokia :: E75 Firmware Update Is Not Possible

Aug 9, 2010

i want to update my nokia e75 via usb cable.actual firmware is 110.48.125 new firmware is 202.12.01.i tried it with *#0000#.look for updates.connection failed...i have tried it even over ovi suite and nokia pc suite.firmware is downloaded to my pc. but during installation, i get following report; installation failed, check usb cable ....if i transfer videos or pictures over ovi suite or nokia pc suite, i don"t have any problems. it"s working perfekt without breaking

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Nokia :: E66 How To Update Firmware?

Jul 7, 2009

I have a E66, but when i run the Nokia Software Updater, it states that i have Firmware v. 200.21.118 and that there is no new Firmware!

How do i update the Firmware then? I want to update because of some problems wiht the alarmclock and batteri life.

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Nokia :: Firmware Will Not Update

Jul 19, 2009

Everytime I try to update my Firmware, the updater tells me I have the most upto date software. I know that I don't. How do I get round this? My phone is telling me this.

Nokia E71-1 (305.04)

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Nokia :: E66 - Firmware Update

Nov 16, 2008

Updating my Nokia E66 firmware.

My phone details:
Nokia E66-1 (14)

I check on : & found that my phone code 0566976
"latest available software for Nokia E66, product code 0566493
Version: 110.07.126 "

Is it worth to upgrade firmware to newest one or stick with the current firmware ?
And what are the difference between new firmware & current firmware ?

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Nokia :: E71 RM-346 / Still No Firmware Update Available

Dec 15, 2008

According to Nokia (, there should be a firmware update available for the E71 (update from version 100.07.76 to 110.07.127.I checked my product code (0569803) on "Can I update my Nokia device software?" and it tells me, that there is no update available:"Latest available software for Nokia E71, product code 0569803
Version: 100.07.76" (> same firmware version which I currently have on my phone.)Does anybody know, when there will be a firmware update available for the E71 with product code 0569803?

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Nokia :: N96 - Cant Able To Update It's Firmware

Jun 20, 2009

Am having NOKIA N96 in the website it is given that version 12 is available for my phone. my phone`s firmware is 11.but icant abble to update it's firmware,if i connect it to update its firmwareits saying that your phone is up to date, it is working slowly

info about my phone




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Nokia :: To Update Firmware Or Not

Jan 21, 2010

So far it is working fine, battery does not last like my N95. I 've been reading a lot of blogs about people having issues after updating firmware, i am currently running 1.2009.44-1.002

I called Nokia to ask if they have any updates and the rep told me to wait because pple are having issues and they expect to roll one out soon. Soon with no date. My question is, should I update the firmware, and whats the best way to do it so i don't run into issues ?

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Nokia :: Best Way To Update Firmware?

Jul 15, 2009

I just wanted to ask you which is the best way to update the firmware for my phone?I mean with usb cable,FOTA etc.

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Nokia :: N97 - Cannot Update Firmware

Mar 14, 2010

I'm currently running firmware version 20.2.019 and when I put my phone's info (RM-507, product code 0576111) into Nokia's website it tells me V21.2.045 is available. However, when I try to download the firmware via OTA or NSU, it tells me no updates are available. What would be preventing me from updating the firmware? Is there another way to download it or is my only option sending the phone to Nokia?

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Nokia :: N97 - Firmware Update

Sep 29, 2009

When the update wants to start it will show this message:

Internal error.

Downloading of the variant package failed. Most probably there is non-commercial software in your device.

what do they mean and what do i have to do to get this new update..?

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Nokia :: Firmware Update V21

Jun 26, 2009

I did the update via NSU. Update went fine and all contacts, etc were fine. however i checked my applications and 2 have problems. the icons for them are still there however when i click on them they do not open. i have looked in istalled apps section and they are not there. I assume now i will have to manually locate and files and delete them. i have had a look in the file manager but do not see any referance to these 2 apps.

1. is a cricket app and

2. is the last minute food app.

How i can remote them?

I have tried re installing them and i just get a new app icon that works the original is still there and doesn't work.

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Nokia :: How To Update Firmware?

Jan 10, 2009

hey can anyone please teach me how to update my phone firmware? where can i get the new firmware?

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Nokia :: N96 Firmware Update

Oct 6, 2008

My current revision is V10.065. I've read that V11.018 has been released. However when I connect my phone to my PC and run software update, it says I have the latest revision?

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Nokia :: N97 Firmware 11 Still No Update Available

Aug 12, 2009

I got my N97 from the Carphone Warehouse monday, it's on Orange, my product code is 0587691, i loved it at first then the niggles with the standard firmware started getting to me a little, i checked the net and saw the 11.## firmware came out July first. I though great can get it sorted right away, checked on the phone airwaves method and it told me i already had the latest, checked on the NSU services on PC and apparantly i've still got the latest, finally i checked the Nokia support website and for my product code 10.01 is still the latest. I'm so frustrated to read the threads as people back in mid to late July finally started getting the updates for there product codes, so why is it that my as far as i can tell unbranded N97 from the carphone warehouse stil does not have the firmware from a month ago available. Would taking it to the CPW and asking them to send it off for update get me anywhere ? Or maybe asking for an exchange would get me a different product code ? I'm at my wits end and i love the phone just frustrated with the firmware.

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Nokia :: N97 Firmware Update 21.2

Feb 3, 2010

The update seems to be great with the following exeption:

It has rendered the music player almost unusable!

With the previous music player, you could press the "Back" button and it would take you to your list of music or podcasts. Now the "Back" button just dumps you all the way out to the phone's home screen (just like the end button.) Now, in order to go to your playlist you have to "options", "go to music library", "albums (or podcasts or playlist etc)" then find the album or playlist you were playing, then find your song or track. That's 5 more steps than necessary. The back button is very inportant with the way this media player was designed. You can't just eliminate it in such a way. What good is the improved scroling in the music player if you take away our ability to navigete.

This would be such an easy fix. Just make the Music player's "Back" buton do what it used to do instead of duplicating what the "end call" button already does.

The media player on a device is very inportant. The one on this device is very ordinary. But i put up with it because I am a loyal and very very patient nokia user. I waited 8 long months for this update. And now you just took my media player away. You are very close to making a 12 year nokia user switch to Android. Nokia, please give me back my "back" button. and don't make me wait a long time for it.

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Nokia :: N97 Firmware Update V12

Aug 23, 2009

Through various sources, I learned that v12 firmware was released on 17th August. Till date, I have not been able to update through NSU as it says that my phone is already up-to-date ! I thought that maybe this had to do something with the product code of my device and that the firmware was not probably released for India. To my surprise, my friend who happens to own a N97 himself happily updated to v12 !

I did a little background research on product codes. To my surprise, his phone had product code 0575724 while mine has product code 0587487. Upon googling these product codes, I found that

0575724: RM-505_APAC_INDIA Black


0587487: N97 India CV B

Both are RM-505. Now can anyone please explain to me what is it with two different product codes for a device same country ? In India, we never get branded phones in contract with a service provider. Hence, that possiblity is also ruled out. Also, can anyone let me know, when to expect the update for my device and why do I have to deal with some bugs and slow device when my other friend who lives nearby enjoys the latest firmware ?

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Nokia :: N97 UK Firmware Update V11

Jul 13, 2009

I've updated the N97 firmware via the official UK V11 release, what improvements should I expect? Seems pretty much the same to me so far. The backlight issue is now ok (so far, for about 1 hour). I couldn't get the list of fixes while updating - the link page never actually opened.

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Nokia :: New N82 Firmware Update?

Jan 5, 2010

in the last week of 2009 i got a text messege from "MyNokia" service notifying that there was a new firmware update for my n82, the v35 i think. The thing is, until today it is unnavailable in the NSU. Anyone updated it already or still waiting like me?

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