LG :: Shine 8700 BitPim To Retrieve Deleted Texts

Sep 29, 2008

how does it work? how do you use BitPim to retrieve deleted texts on a shine 8700?

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LG :: How To Transfer Music To Shine (8700) Via BITPIM?

Sep 7, 2008

I would like to transfer MUSIC (not ringtones!) to my LG Shine 8700 via BITPIM (USB method); directly to the phone memory (dont have and dont want a microSD card). I figure since I've been successful in transferring mp3 ringtones and mp3's files to the "Tones & Sounds" option of the LG 8700 using BITPIM, it should be a cinch to tranfer and play music - but no joy! The music does not show up on the phone itself, no matter what directory in BITPIM I try to transer it to (including my_music, and brew/mod/10889).

Having the MP3s in the phone's "Tones & Sounds" section is fine, if it were not for the fact that the stupid phone stops playing any music or sound files in this section as soon as you start to close the phone! It even cuts off the headphone output! (Of course, I'm assuming the stupid phone wont do this if the sounds or music are in the appropriate MUSIC directory, called "TELUS Mobile Music" on my model. But as I've never purchased MUSIC from Telus, and have been unable to tranfer music via BITPIM, I have not even confirmed whether the phone does play MP3's once you have closed it). Once properly transferred in BITPIM, I believe that Mp3's should show up up in "TELUS Mobile Music" directory, under the option "My Music List". Instead, they only show up in whatever directory I've placed them in, in BITPIM's Filesystem window. The mp3's I've placed in various folders in the BITPIM filesystem don't show up anywhere on my LG 8700 (other than those I place in brew/shared/mysound, which show up in "Tones & Sounds" and dont play when the phone is closed). My best guess as to what the problem is, may be that mp3's need to be somehow registered by the phone to show up in 'My Music List'. Of course the Playlist option in BITPIM is greyed out, so I can forget about giving the phone a playlist of my mp3's that way.

I have also tried WMP 11 to Sync the files directly to the phone, but even though the LG phone shows up in My Computer, Windows Media Player wont recognize the device. BTW, I have no option in my phone menus for "USB Mass Storage" (because I have no microSD card, according to my carrier, TELUS). So any fix that requires that wont work. Days of searching, and I have not found anywhere on the internet instructions on how to successfully transfer MP3 music via BITPIM to any LG phone! Can anyone on Howard clue me in please?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Can I Retrieve Deleted SMS Texts?

Feb 20, 2010

I've got the Bold 9000, and I'm using OS 5.0 ( sister went in my phone and deleted ALL my text messages, I've checked SMS Inbox and SMS Outbox, and all the folders, and I didn't have the option selected to save SMS to Sim Card, so no SMS's there.Is there any way at all to retrieve my deleted text conversations? Any hidden folders or logs or anything in the phone's software files to retrieve the texts?

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LG :: Shine 8700 How To Put Mp3's As Ringtones?

Sep 25, 2008

Please could someone help me figure out how to put my mp3's on my shine as ringtones?I will put the music onto the SD card but i only have access to the music through "Music" and not ringtones.I have no idea what i am really doing so detailed instructions/help would be very useful. I am sure this question has been addressed before but I would appreciate it greatly if someone were to help me out.

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LG :: Shine VX 8700 Keeps Restarting

Feb 21, 2009

I've had my Lg VX 8700 for about a month now, and lately, within the last week, it keeps restarting itself every 20 seconds. I'll be talking and 20 seconds in I will become cut of from the person I was talking to. The "Lg" logo screen appears for about 4 seconds and then phone goes back to the home screen. This is very annoying. I would take it back but there is a slight crack in the camera and is considered "physical damage" so they will not replace it. This seems to be a software issue I could fix on my own. I've already tried removing the battery and have reset it from the security menu.

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LG :: Shine 8700 Conference Calling

May 18, 2008

I'm using my LG Shine 8700 with Telus, and I'm trying to figure how how to do conference calling... my plan says it includes it, so I'm wondering if it's just the phone that's not capable of it? I have no idea where to even start looking.

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LG :: Shine 8700 USB Cable Driver

Aug 13, 2008

I recently bought a usb cable to hook up my LG Shine to my computer. However, the cable did not come with a driver, and none of the ones I've downloaded are working.

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LG :: Can Read Ebooks On 8700 Shine?

Sep 9, 2008

Does anyone know if there's a way to read ebooks on the 8700, and if so, any sources where I can find free ebooks/reader? I would like to try this out, to extend the functionality of my phone!

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LG :: Shine 8700 Last Ten Text Messages?

Sep 30, 2008

I copied this from somewhere and was wandering if it will work with an LG shine 8700. I do not have my girlfriends phone to check with right now but will see if anyone thinks it might work. There is a way to view the last ten text messages sent and who they went to. First, go to "send message", select "text", then add entry. You will see a few options to select from. Select "From recent list." This will show the last 20 recipients. Select the first name, it doesn't matter. Click "next", this will take you to the "message" screen. Hit "mode", then "recent messages". This will show the last 10 messages sent from the phone. The first person on the "From recent list" was the last person to receive the first message from the "recent messages" list. Even though outgoing messages are deleted from the phone, the last ten sent are still there.

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LG :: 8700 Shine New Voicemail Number

Dec 21, 2009

I recently purchased a used TELUS LG Shine off of Ebay. Got everything working except when I press one for speed dial, it dials the old number (ON). My current phone line (CPL) has no voicemail.Here's what I've tried to do to fix this:First thing:

1. Press 1
2. Press View (View Contact: Voicemail: 1-514...)
3. Edit (Voicemail)
4. Input another number: 1-778-XXX-XXXX
5. Shows saving
6. View Contact: Voicemail: Same old number (1-514)... doesn't make the change!

Second thing:
1. Press OK
2. Go to messaging, ok
3. Click voicemail
4.: Display shows:
No Voicemail
Voice Mailbox #:
Press CALL to dial voicemail
5. It doesn't let me make any edits.

Does anyone know how to fix this??? I would be eternally grateful!

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LG :: Telus Shine Aka 8700 / Custom Ringtones

Oct 28, 2007

This may have been already posted but for anyone trying to get custom non DRM clips into thier phone, here's how.This works for anyone using the new LG Shine... aka LG 8700 with the Telus network

-connect phone via data cable and fire up Bitpim
-manually select phone as VX 8700 ( The phone auto dectects as a 9900... this won't work)
-Click the ringer tab and in preview pane right click add... pick your fav mp3, do the conversion.... crop exactly what you want and then save the file somewhere on your computer
-In Bitpim click on file system... navigate to /brew/shared/ringtone
-drag your newly cropped ringtone into the directory
-click on send data to phone
-reboot the phone
-your new custom ringtone is ready to be assinged... no DMR issues.

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LG :: LG-8700 Shine USB File Transfer Software

Mar 22, 2008

does any1 know what software i need to transfer music and pics from my comp. to my shine flip

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LG :: Shine 8700 Text Message Retreival

Sep 29, 2008

how can i retreive deleted text messages from my lg shine 8700 (Canada)? does it have a sim card ? Would SIMcon work ? how about something else?

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LG :: 8700 Cannot Detect It In BitPim

Dec 2, 2007

I must be doing something wrong. Yes, I am new at the bluetooth phone thing, and I am having troubles over here. I am wondering if anyone can help me set up my phone on PitPim.I have my phone listed in my bluetooth devices, but, for some reason, I cannot detect it in BitPim. Does anyone know the steps that I can follow to properly detect my LG8700 with BitPim via bluetooth?

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LG :: Shine 8700 Reboots When Going To USB Mass Storage Menu

Jul 17, 2008

I have a GSM lg shine 8700, every time I go to transfer music over to the SD card (4 gig kingston micro sd card) i goto tools ->usb mass storage drive h: shows up in my computer, then dissapears then I'm prompted that there is a slow write error. i close and reload the usb mass storage menu it shows up again i can now go into the folder, the folders are all there music sounds etc. i copy a file into a folder the phone suddenly reboots out of nowhere.can anybody tell me what i'm doing wrong? Then for clarification I take the sd card out and put it in my computer card reader and it won't even recognize the card..i pop the micro sd card out it's like "place a disc in drive h to continue!"

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LG :: Shine 8700 How To Change Size Of Image Of Wallpaper?

Feb 15, 2009

Does anyone know how to change the size of the image of a wallpaper so it fills the screen? My wife had some 1930 style pinup photo's done for my birthday and I want to put them on my phone but it won't fill the screen. It's starting to become a nuisance.Some images will do it and others won't. I have tried using BitPim but it isn't working. Can someone lend a internet brother a hand?

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LG :: 8700 How To Transfer Files Using Mac Osx And Bitpim

Feb 12, 2008

First of all does anyone know how to transfer files using mac osx and bitpim. I was able to move a mp3 from my mac to the 8700 no problem but I want to know how to take the pics off my phone and transfer to mac. Also If anyone can figure out how to sync the calendar on the LG with mac osx tiger that would be greatly appreciated. I have not seen any real comprehensive posts on this subject.by the way i do have the mac and 8700 paired via bluetooth now its just the file transfer part

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LG :: 8700 Only Holding One Bitpim Ringtone

Feb 13, 2008

for some reason my lg8700 can only hold one ringtone from bitpim. the files are all short between 20-30sec and under 200kb's but the phone can only take one. they all work individually but i can't put them all on at the same time. is this because i don't have an sd card? there should be enough room on the phone memory for more than just one new ringtone.

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LG :: 8700 Pening Any Media Once Data Sent To Bitpim?

Feb 9, 2008

Anyone have problems with opening any media once data sent to bitpim? I right click on image or video and open is greyed out.

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LG :: BitPim With Shine And Vista

Feb 27, 2008

Just want to let you guys know that BitPim will work and let you access your LG Shine using Vista OS.

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LG :: KE970 Shine BitPim Settings

Dec 11, 2007

Anyone knows with what settings would i be able to connect to bitpim?because bitpim hasn't the KE970 in the list for supported phone, and maybe there is an another similar supported phone, which settings can i use to connect to K970.

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LG :: SHINE CU720 What Driver To Use Bitpim?

Mar 28, 2008

i have the at&T version of the shine and i cant get my bitpim to recognize the phone. i put the phone to hte 8700 setting. but i dont think i have the correct driver. can someone put the link to the driver download so i can try to mess wit my outlook contacts and add some ringers.

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LG :: Shine Cu720 Trying To Get BitPim To Recognize It

Jan 4, 2009

Problem: Wanting to transfer music and pictures between my phone and computer without an microSD card (if it is possible)
Phone: AT&T LG Shine Cu720
Computer OS: Vista 64bit
I have a data cable and a driver CD which doesn't seem to have the correct drivers.

I have searched and read all of the posts here that mention the cu720 and I have yet to solve the problem. And I get this message "Failed to auto-detect the port to use. I couldn't detect any candidate ports" And it gives me a list of downloadable drivers, but not what to do with them or any way to install themI've tried restarting BitPim, the computer, my phone, I've tried my phone in mass storage and data service modes.
I have a CD that came with my USB cable, but I don't think it has the proper drivers. LG KG90, LG KG800, LG KG810, LG MX8500, and LG VX8500 I've installed all of these on my computer and none of them worked.

The installation wasn't successful. I tried running the installation in compatibility mode for windows XP because my OS is vista 64bit. I got the same installation error again.So if there is a way to do it, I could really use some help.

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LG :: Shine Saving Multiple Pics Using Bitpim

Oct 12, 2008

I have a lot of pictures on my lg shine's internal memory. Since transferring them to the sd would take too long how do i select all of the pictures using bitpim to save instead of selecting them each individually which takes a long time.

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LG :: CU720 Shine Add Ringtones Via BITPIM Program

Apr 2, 2009

I have an LG Shine and am trying to add ringtones via the BITPIM program. I finally got the program to recognize the phone, however when I click filesystem then click on the + nothing appears; as if it's empty. How can I remedy this?

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LG :: TU720 Shine Where To Find Games On Phone Through Bitpim

Dec 11, 2007

Well first off downloading games and installing them to the phone is easy, it has worked for me, but does ANYONE know where to find the games through on the phone through bitpim, I have been looking around looking for it but had found nothing, so instead of downloading all the games, I could just use minipulate it and just throw the games on through the USB saving me money.

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LG :: Shine 8700 Change Menu Style To List Instead Of Icon Style

Dec 17, 2008

I want to know if you change the menu style to a list instead of the icon style.Can this be done? If so, can you please give detailed instructions, on how to do this? Please note that this is the Flip version, not the slide version!

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IPhone :: Limit My Texts So Everytime My Texts Are Full It Doesn't Randomly Get Deleted?

Mar 18, 2012

I need help limiting my texts. Cause i dont want themto get deleted.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

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LG :: How To Recover Deleted SMS Messages From Shine?

Oct 31, 2009

I deleted several message that i need to recover is there any way to do this in a LG Shine model ME970

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Nokia :: Unable To Retrieve Texts

Nov 17, 2009

I'm not sure if this is right place to ask about this, so I apologize if this is wrong.I recently purchased a Nokia 5800 xm and everything was fine until this morning when it has suddenly decided to stop automatically retrieving my texts. I now have to turn my phone off and back on again for my mobile to get them.I don't think I have accidentally altered any settings to make this happen...so why would this be happening?

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LG :: Shine TU720 Accidentaly Deleted The Default Message Tones

Mar 30, 2008

Alright i used windowseans method of bitpim but i accidentaly deleted the default messagetones ( ones for text incoming ) and now i cant do anything.

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