LG :: Dare VX9700 Security Unlock?

Mar 18, 2009

I feel pretty bad posting this on the net but I don't know where else to turn. I'm in a predicament where I need to unlock my teenage child's Dare without them finding out about it. You can likely figure out why without all the gory details. Can this be done? I'm talking about the 4 digit lock in the security settings. It's been changed to something other than the default number. I have tried the 2945#*# deal with no success and the other factory reset trick also but you can't dial when prompted as the keypad screen won't pop up. I also have a Dare and can try all suggestions on my phone first. I never wanted to be the shady parent but I'm at that point.

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LG :: Dare Vx9700 Wont Fully Charge

Aug 19, 2008

I seem to be the only person to have this issue for some reason. I have the Lg dare or vx9700 and i have left it charge for 8 hours... one time on and one time off.I cant get it to fully charge. It gets no higher than 50 percent. I have gotten the phone replaced 2 times and the battery 3 times. Am i just a retard or is there something wrong with the phone?

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LG :: Dare Vx9700 Browser Causes Phone To Reboot

Sep 9, 2008

Got the dare all of a week ago, and I am on my second phone already as both have had the same problem. If I go to start the browser the phone restarts. I thought the first one was a fluke, but the same issue with two in a row? the strange thing is this happens a few days after getting the phone, it will work fine when i first get it in the store.It doesn't lock up, just goes to the Verizon screen. I don't think it has to do with any setting, and it doesn't matter what menu I access it from.

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LG :: Dare (VX9700) Don't Want To Block Port / Unable To Plug In Car Charger

Sep 22, 2008

I recently upgraded to the LG Dare, and I'm looking for the best car mounting option for my phone. I looked at the universal kits, and I have two concerns.

1. The universal kits squeeze the phone on the sides with foam pads and I don't want the buttons on the side of the phone to get pushed.

2. The USB/Power port is on the side of the phone. Again, with most of these universal kits, they grab the phone from the side, and I don't want to block the port and be unable to plug in a car charger.

Has anyone found a car mounting bracket that works really well for the Dare (VX9700)? If so, please provide a link where I can purchase one. Either adhesive or windshield mount will work fine. Vent, cup holder and screw (hardware) mounts will not work.

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LG :: How To Crack / Unlock DARE?

Jul 29, 2008

how do i put games and improve the speed of the dare is there a code i could use to crack the phone and get features that are locked?

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LG :: Is There Code To Unlock Dare?

Dec 15, 2009

Is there a code to unlock the LG Dare. I have a company i wannan go to

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LG :: Dare Find A Way To Hack / Unlock / Jailbreak Phone?

Nov 25, 2008

Can anyone help me (if theres any) find a way to hack/unlock/jailbreak this phone?

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LG :: XV9700 DARE Way To Reset Phone Or Unlock Pass Code?

Jan 25, 2009

My friends kid was playing with my phone and some how managed to set a password on my phone.. so now its locked.. is there a way to reset the phone or the unlock pass code? this is really bothering me now..

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LG :: How To Unlock Security CE 110?

Jun 24, 2010

I want to use T Mobile sim ATTwill not give me the unlock code Jerks! Wow Ive only been with them for 9.5 years. Still they think their the power. I know someone can help me without paying a fee to get this done, Yes I am from Texas, we usually help out strangers, Thank you , Dan N my IME 011298-00-0522GB-7 jUST NEED SOMEONE TO WALK ME THRU IT !

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Nokia :: N82 How To Unlock Security Code

Nov 8, 2008

My Phone had been locked by security code can anyone tell me how to unlock the phone?

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BB Curve :: Possible To Unlock Without Security Question

Dec 4, 2012

i bought a blackberry curve second hand and i dont know the person i baught it off it was through a friend of a friend so i dont know the answers too the security questions is there any way the phone can be unblocked

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Motorola :: How To Unlock Security Code For V3m?

Sep 30, 2007

how do i unlock my security code for my v3m? its not 0000 1111 2222 1234 or the last four digits of my number

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LG :: How To Find (security) Unlock Code?

Apr 24, 2008

I've seen a lot of people with the problem "I can't find/I've lost the unlock code for my phone".I hope this thread will put those queries to rest. To find an unlock code for a phone you need a couple different things.

1. Phone connection to computer
2. LG Download + .dll file specific to your phone (discussed later)

First off: I can't give a direct link to the program LG Download, as it is warez. However, to download this program (the program LG uses to flash the firmware on this phone, you could (hypothetically) either find a torrent, or a direct download. You also could search for a direct link on google. However, as that would be technically against the rules of the forum, this has to be all hypothetical.

Secondly: You also need the .dll file for your phone(so LG Download can identify it). These are free files, and a humpa has a bunch of them on his website for you: <www.humpa.com/vzw>. If it's not hosted there, search on google. If you can't find it, you're out of luck, sorry. These .dll files are downloaded as .msi (windows installer package). Once you download the file, double click it to have it install itself in the LG Download folder, hassle-free.

Finally: Open LG Download. Connect your phone to your computer, and wait for it to detect your phone (you can tell when the phone model name and other information show up in the blue box on the right bar). Click the shortcut button LockCode on the top to find out the code for the phone.

IMPORTANT: Don't touch any other buttons in LG Download unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure what you're doing. You risk "brick"ing (making unusable) your phone.I'm not sure if this works via BlueTooth, someone have info on that? Connecting your phone to LG Download provides the basis for the ability to "flash" or uprade/downgrade the firmware on your phone. There are multiple tutorials out there on how to do this.
Also: The NV Edit mode allows some phones with an error of "locked by provider" to connect to bitpim. More information on that here, 5th post: <http://howardforums.com/showthread.php?t=1360860>

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Cseries :: Set A Security Code To Unlock Screen?

Oct 15, 2012

I m using my C2-03 since 6 months, and I set a security code to unlock screen.Last night I switched off my cell and today when I switched it on I tried hard to unlock the screen but couldn't successful.

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BB Software :: Unlock Security Code Of The Device?

Apr 21, 2011

I use a security code for the device, now i have try 8 times the correct code acces, but the phone don't accept this code.How can i unlock the phone?

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HTC :: Tmobile Dash Security Code Unlock

Apr 28, 2008

I have a Dash and someone put a security code on it. They don't remember what it was and I can't use my phone. Is there anyway to reset this or get it to work again. Even if it resets the phone completely that's fine as long as it works.

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Nokia :: E71 Security Lock Code / Unable To Unlock

May 17, 2009

I'm having a really odd problem with my Nokia E71 phone. I've set up the security lock code to a numeric code (8 digits). As it's a well known date for me, I'm pretty sure to know the code but I can't unlock it anymore. I've tried every possible combination for a date (yyyymmdd, yyyyddmm, yymmdd, ...) but it still refuses to unlock.I've pressed the FN-Key 2 times to activate numeric typing - maybe it's related to the input method?The Nokia care center in Munich want to have 30€ to unlock but I don't want to pay if this is a problem of the phone and not me unable to recognize the code I've entered just hours before.I'm really shure to have the right code but the phone won't unlock.Anybody having the same problem or any hint how to reset the security code wihtout paying 30.

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IPhone :: Forgot Security Number And 4 Disabled - How To Unlock

Jun 29, 2012

I forgot my security number and my phone is disabled and I cant get a solution on itunes. How I can unlock it?

iPhone 4

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LG :: Vx9700 Won't Turn On

Mar 21, 2009

I dropped my phone today, and now it won't turn on.I took it apart and saw that some of strips were out of their pins.I put them all back, but it still won't turn on.Any idea?If not, anyone know a good place that I can get this fixed?

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BlackBerry :: Forget Security Password - How To Unlock Without Info Being Cleared

Aug 21, 2010

I have changed my password and I forget it, so now my blackberry is locked. And it is on its last attempt before being my information being clear. I haven't backed up my datas, is there any other way to recover it? I don't want to lose all of my datas, there are some important ones.

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Sony Ericsson :: P990i Phone Security Unlock Code

Jul 15, 2009

i bought a secondhand p990i and the vendor forgot the phone security code. do you have any programs for unlocking security code?

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HTC :: Program Can Be Used On Ppc6800 / To Turn Screen Into Fingerprint Scanner For Security Unlock?

Jan 6, 2008

does anyone know of any program that can be used on the ppc6800 to turn the screen into a fingerprint scanner for security unlock? instead of typing in a password to log on?

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LG :: VX9700 Video Resolution Hacking?

Jul 16, 2009

Does anyone know if it is possible to hack the vx9700 to play back video using the whole screen? I have been searching around here and a few other places and all I have come up with is that the playback is currently constricted to 320x240 but the phone is capable of 400x240. I would think this is easily hackable with bitpim and a hex editor but I just can't find the right file to edit.

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LG :: VX9700 Root Certificates / Can't Get Games App?

Jan 5, 2010

I've got a cricket-hacked LG Dare VX9700, and while being cricket-hacked means that I can't get gamesapps on it, I'm still very happy with the PhoneTxtpicweb functionality. And I still prefer this over anything that Cricket currently offers themselves.I'm somewhat concerned though; I was noticing that the RSA Data Security certificate is going to expire on January 7th (Two days from now); and I could swear that this was a fairly common security certificate.My concern is this: The phone no longer updates itself(due to being flashed for Cricket), so when the certificate expires, is this going to affect my ability to use the web functions? Will I still be able to continue using mobile web for things like gmail, facebook, twitter, and craigslist like I do now; or is this going to cause a lot of sites to stop functioning correctly?

The battery on this thing is on it's last leg as it is; I can replace the battery for about $10, but I don't want to do so if the phone is going to lose major functionality.

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LG :: VX9700 Can Receive Text Messages But Can't Send Them

Mar 27, 2009

So I just got my LG Dare flashed for cricket and I am having a few problems.

1) Actually not a problem anymore. I was able to make calls out but receiving them was not happening...That fixed it self ( for now!)

2) I can receive Text messages but I can not send them. My service plan is all set its just something wrong with the flashing of the phone I would imagine or a setting somewhere. This is my main issue that I need fixed right away.

If anyone has ever had this problem please lend me a hand I would be forever greatful!

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BB Bold 9700 :: 9700 Requires Password To Unlock Keyboard Regardless Of Security Timeout

Aug 9, 2010

I am working with a user who recently switched from a 9550 to a 9700 (verizon to at&t) for coverage reasons.Whenever he unlocks his keyboard (using the lock button on the top left of the device), he must enter his password to access his phone. The security timeout settings on his phone are set to 1 hour, but even if he locks the keyboard for 5 seconds, he still has to enter his password when unlocking it.The only time that the keyboard will lock and unlock without requiring a password is when it is entered/removed from the holster.We are using BES.I cannot replicate this issue with the 9650 or 9550. Unfortunately I don't have a 9700 at my disposal to play with.Is this a normal feature for the 9700?I've checked his encryption settings (disabled).We cannot disable the password function (mandated by BES policy).The issue is not that he has to enter his password, it's that he would prefer that a password not be needed unless the security timeout has expired.

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LG :: Dare Hacking Dare For Better Browser

Aug 22, 2008

I have a website I use on my PC for work that absolutely will not work correctly on the Dare (small menu bars will not open and scroll properly with touch screen), but does work on a friends Iphone with the Safari browser (the Safari browser changes the whole way the site works to make it useful on a small handheld device). Doesn't look like the Safari can be done, but I'd like to try anything at this point. If this can't be done, is there a way to change the way the phone opens a site other than the three options it gives you in the display rendering?

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IPhone :: Forgot My Security Answers, How To Reset Security Questions

Jul 2, 2012

I forgot the answers to security questions, how do I reset Questions

iPhone 4S, iOS 4

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BB Pearl 8110/20/30 :: Security Options - What Does Security Timeout Do?

May 19, 2008

I am fairly new to the blackberry and I am finding there are a number of options that I have no idea what they do. What is the difference between putting the phone in standby mode, locking the keyboard, and security timeout? What exactly does security timeout do? Mine is set at 2 min, but i don't think its doing anything. Can someone help me please. I am so confused.

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Nokia :: 5610 - No SECURITY Phone Doesn't Ask You For Security Code When Turn On Phone

Jan 12, 2008

I have a Nokia 5610 I bought 1 month ago and I want to describe the main dis advantages I can see in this phone.. Please comment if you own one with your opinions on what to do. help, or anything to add...

1. No SECURITY , you cant make the phone ask you for security code when you turn the phone.. This is a major flaw considering ALL my previous cell phones had this.. So if they steal your phone or someone wants to use it there is no barriers.. Really bad.

2. No InCall timer. This is amazing from nokia how can they release a phone that does not have the option of showing how long you've been talking??? This is really bad, you can choose "call resume" function which shows you the time at the end of the call but its not the same.

3. NO FLASH as LIGHT! what is this?? I mean how come it has such a great light to be used as flash and you cant use it as flashlight?? how many times you are in a dark situation? I was used to take out my phone and spare some light. (keys, dark stairs, ect.. even shooting video at night.) Well.. not possible.

4.MICRO USB .. Why??? why didint you just stay with miniUSB?? Why micro?? who uses micro? nobody.. so if you lost that cable its really hard to get and you cant charge it (phone )through a computer so its useless.. This slot is useful just to connect the computer to a PC.. Attention ; The charger is a different slot.

5. No 3.5mm jack.. so you cant connect your normal headphones you have to connect the nokia ones or use an adapter..

6.No Auto lock keypad.. You have to manually lock the keypad every time .

7.No battery warning signal.. There is no absolute sing of the battery telling you its going to finish.. No red line , no sound (MO), no screen message.. (SE) , no nothing.. you just go to sleep and wake up the phone has been with no battery since you who knows... you put it in your pocket go out.. check it a 2 am .. absolutely dead.. with no warning..

8. No MAPS,..

9. No searching songs or artist title through the numbers keyboard .. so stupid.. you have a thousand songs and you have to scroll allll the way down .. wouldn't it be quicker to just press the 1st letter??

10.Cant send SMS from the phonebook menu.. Im sorry but this is really retarded, you see the options of a contact on the phonebook list and theres 10 options but no "send sms" option.

So prepare to go to SMS menu and then not even scroll but ADD new recipient.. i mean **bleep**?

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BB (RIM) :: Differences In Unlock Methods - IMEI Unlock Vs Software Unlock?

Jul 2, 2008

Are there any big differences between IMEI unlock vs software unlock? Will software unlock cause undesirable effects to the blackberry?

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