IPhone :: Send Voice Memo As Text?

Jun 18, 2012

Trying to send voice memo as text. Shows as received but cannot play.


IPhone :: Save A Voice Memo After Someone Sending Them In A Text Message?

Mar 19, 2012

I recently had a voice memo sent to me in a text message and some reason when i press save video, I dont have a clue where the voice memo actually goes and this is frustrating because I want to keep that memo and it would have alot of time in having to scroll through my text messages to get to that memo..

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IPhone :: Record A Voice Mail To Voice Memo

Mar 15, 2012

Can you record voice mail directly to voice memo

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IPhone :: Use Voice To Send A Text Message

May 3, 2012

how can i use voice to send a text message

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IPhone :: Can't Get The Voice Memo Off

Mar 13, 2012

I have a large voice memo and need to get it off of my phone so I can transcribe it.  But when I sync'd, it didn't come off. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Send Text Messages With Voice Memos Or Other Audio?

Mar 28, 2012

Is it possible to send text messages with voice memos or other audio

Info:iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: Transfer Voice Memo To Mac?

Apr 28, 2012

My iPhone syncs with my Mac A.  I need to transfer a 10 minute Voice memo I have on my iPhone to my Mac B.  The file is too big to email.  What do I do?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.3)

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IPhone :: Get Voice Memo Without Sync?

May 9, 2012

My iphone was synced with my previous computer, which is on strike now.

So I bought a new computer. But when I sync my iphone in itune, the itune library only allow iphone to sync with one computer. If I sync with the new computer, the itune only allow me to erase iphone and replace with musics in the new computer!!! 

I have an important voice memo saved in iphone, which is too large to be email(iphone doesn't allow me to email it).

And I can not save it in the new computer because itune wants to erase it if sync. 

iPhone 4

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IPhone :: Can I Pull Voice Memo Onto My Computer?

Jun 18, 2009

The voice memo app is very useful and allowed me to easily record an hour and twenty minute conference call yesterday.I'd like to be able to share that audio with some coworkers, but obviously I can't email it in 60 2 minutes clips Anyone figured out a way to extract the audio onto a computer?

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IPhone :: Does Voice Memo Recording Sync With Mac?

Jun 20, 2009

Does the voice memo recording sync with Mac? If so, do you know where it is?

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IPhone :: What Is Maximum Length Of Voice Memo?

Jul 11, 2009

What's the longest voice memo you can record? 1 hour? 2hour?

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IPhone :: Recover Trimmed Voice Memo

Apr 2, 2012

How I recover a trimmed voice memo

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IPhone :: How To Upload Voice Memo From 3GS To Computer

Apr 19, 2012

I have a iphone 3, how can I load my voice memo from iphone to computer. I try thru Itunes but it does not work.

iPhone 3GS

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IPhone :: What Is The Time Limit For Voice Memo

May 21, 2012

I would like to check how long can a voice memo records. I was wondering if it is limited by the amount of free storage in the phone or there is an official time limit for it. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: Speakerphone Non-functioning But Can Record Voice Memo?

Mar 14, 2012

Just got new iPhones a couple of months ago. Up until now everything was great. Now when I put a call on speakerphone, the other party can't hear me at all. If I blow into the mic, they can hear that, but they can't hear me talk. I've cleaned the mesh with a soft, dry toothbrush as suggested, made sure that the volume didn't read "headset", turned the volume up, turned the phone off-on, made sure nothing else was blocking the mesh over the mic, etc.  

The really weird thing is that I was able to record a "Voice Memo" which uses the same mic and the recording sounded just fine. 

So, is it hardware or is it software? Doesn't seem to be hardware since I can record a "Voice Memo" with no problem and I can also communicate with Siri just fine. It seems that the problem only happens when using the phone speakerphone feature.

iOS 5.1, App Store Features

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IPhone :: Why Can't Callers Hear Me But Can Record Voice Memo

Mar 20, 2012

I'm currently having an issue w/ my iPhone 4. For some odd reason when people call me they can't hear me but I can hear them loud & clear. I can record voice memos w/ no issues what-so-ever. I'm not sure what I can do to fix this issue. I've also tried replacing my sim card w/ a new one & that didn't work either, unless that sim card was a bad one as well.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: Voice Memo App Icon Not Found On Any Of Screens?

May 5, 2012

I have seen several people asking about voice memos app/icon, but still not viable/working solution. I can find Voice Memo app in "search" and work it from there, but why isn't it on any of my pages? How can I get the icon to show up for ease in use? I have an iPhone 4 with the latest update.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

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IPhone :: How To Download Voice Memo From 4S When Too Long To Email

May 16, 2012

How do I download my voice memo from iphone when I get the message memo is too long to email?

iPhone 4S

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IPhone :: Copy Voice Memo From Old To New Without Restoring Backup Of Old?

Jun 11, 2012

how can i copy voice memo from old iphone to new iphone without restoring backup of old phone?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1

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IPhone :: How To Not Interrupt Music While Recording A Voice Memo

Jul 2, 2012

I used to record myself singing along to certain songs, and I would text it to my friends to torture them. In the past I had a regular iPod plus a phone; now I have an iPhone so I use it for both. I have an accessory hook-up in my car that connects the iPod / iPhone to the stereo. The problem is, now that both the music and the voice recorder are on the same device, music playback is paused while the Voice Memo app is open. I want to know: is it possible to keep the music playing (through the accessory hookup) while I record a voice memo? 

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

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IPhone :: 3G Not Synched After Recording Deleted Voice Memo - How To Retrieve

May 7, 2012

Yesterday, I recorded a voice memo on my iPhone 3G and accidentally deleted it when trying to delete another message. The phone was not synched between recording it and accidentally deleting it. Is there anyway to recover the message?

iPhone 3G

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BB (RIM) :: Does Not Seem To Have A Voice Recorder / Voice Memo App

Jan 24, 2008

My 8310 doesn't seem to have a voice recorder/voice memo app. I can't believe it. There is an app to send voice memo via MMS, but no way to save them as an MP3 file. Every phone I've had for the last 5 years has had one. Am I overlooking it somewhere?

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BB Torch :: Send Text Sms To Voice Caller?

Jun 18, 2011

how to send text sms to voice caller when unable ...

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LG :: VX4500 Voice Memo To PC

Apr 14, 2008

I have been unsuccessful in my search to find a way to transfer voice memos in my LG VX4500 to my PC. Does anyone know of anything that works?

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Nokia Lumia :: Can't Send A Voice Note Or Pictures Via Text

Dec 15, 2012

Own a Nokia Lumia 920 on AT&T. Tried to use the texting function to send a Voice note. When I try to send it says "Can't send message Try Again". Same thing happens when I try to send a picture via text. Finally, people have tried to send images via text and it says I can open the media.

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IPhone :: Accessing/Downloading "Too Long" Voice Memo File?

May 17, 2012

I have an old 3G Iphone that I used to record a talk today with - it's 23 minutes long and so I'm having difficulty figuring out how to get to play and/or download.  I get a "too long" message. how to get the whole file off my phone? 

iPhone 3G

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Samsung :: M500 / Get Voice Memo Out Of Phone?

Oct 12, 2007

I've got a Samsung m500 cellphone from Bell Mobility. I have a voice memo that I'd like to email to someone, but I can't see any way to do so.The only options when at the voice memo page is to review, edit caption or erase.Is there a way to get a voice memo out of this phone, either through the USB cable, or sending to an email address, or even via bluetooth?

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LG :: Chocolate VX8550 Where Is Voice Memo Located?

Jul 2, 2008

Supposedly this phone has a voice recorder according to many reviews.I have not been able to locate it in any of the menus. I would love to utilize this feature (if it indeed exists). I get tired of losing Post-It notes!!

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Motorola :: Rizr BackFlip Voice Memo?

Apr 1, 2010

Many of the reviews and first looks say that the BackFlip has "Voice Memo/Dialing".I've found the voice dialing, but no voice memo.There are Voice Memo apps on the market, but did one really come with the BackFlip or not?

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LG :: What File Extension Voice Memo Files Are For Vantage?

Aug 23, 2008

Does anyone know what file extension the voice memo files are for an LG Vantage?

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Samsung :: SPH-A920 - Voice Memo - Save To Memory Card

Nov 4, 2009

I have a voice memo saved to my Samsung SPH-A920 and I'd really like to save it to a memory card to I can transfer it to my computer. I can't see any option to save it to an external card. Am I missing something?

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Motorola :: Telus K1m Way To Record Voice Memo Without Holding Down Side Button?

Jun 23, 2007

I'm wondering if it's possible to press the right hand side button down just once to start recording a voice memo, then pressing it once more to stop. I'm using a Telus K1m.

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BB Pearl 8100 :: Getting Memo Text To PC?

May 15, 2009

I don't have a service plan that allows for email or web browsing. So my question is, while my BB is connected to my PC by USB, can I get the text of a memo off the BB and into my PC so I can read it using desktop PC software (such as WordPad or Microsoft Works)? I thought I could set up Synchronization to do it but my only options were ASCII Import/Export and Yahoo. While I have a Yahoo account, I'm not sure how my BB memos would show up there (online? in some desktop Yahoo app?). And I don't know where the ASCII Import/Export would end up on my PC, too. Long ago, I had a Palm and their desktop software synchronized so that you could capture memos on your PC or Mac, edit them, and then send them back to your Palm. I guess BlackBerry is not comparable.

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BB Software :: Searching Text In Memo Pad?

Jun 25, 2008

Does anyone know of a way to search for text within the body of a memo?  I have hundreds of memos and would like to search for "keywords" within the memos instead of searching by the title.

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BB Bold 9700 :: What Is Default For Memo Text Files?

Jan 12, 2010

What file folder on the Blackberry (Device Memory), please, is the default for storage of MemoPad txt files? I created a sample memo and cannot find it with the explorer on either the device memory or the sd card. I am wondering whether I can use this for business -- each client has a text file in their own folder, and each client has been assigned a category for task purposes -- the text files have my billing entries, contact information, and notes about the client. I want to make use of MemoPad, but need to better understand how this thing operates.

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