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IPhone :: Email App Icon Disappears

So my wife tells me that her iPhone email app has disappeared.At the bottom of the iPhone screen where you usually have 4 icons (email, phone, Safari, and iPod) there are only three icons and the email icon is gone. If I backup and use the iPhone search function, and search for "mail", I can find the app and go into it and check mail. Obviously, that just verifies that the app still exists, but it is not a solution to the problem.

Why or how did this happen? and most importantly.How do I bring back her email app icon?

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IPhone :: Map Icon Disappears From 4?
What happened the map icon gone???

iPhone 4

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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IPhone :: 3G - Enable Restrictions Safari Icon Disappears
If I enable restrictions Safari icon disappears. It is not moved, it's gone. Clicking on a web link on home screen does nothing. If I disable restrictions the icon and web function return.

iPhone OS 3.0

Posted: Jun 18, 2009

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IPhone :: 3G - Camera Icon Disappears From Main Menu
i'm hoping this is just a setting i don't know about. when in the messaging screen the camera icon is not next to the messsage box. it was there a couple of weeks ago.
i've been to the at&t store and the apple store. after messing with the phone they both sent me home to do a restore.
i did a restore to 'as a new phone' and the icon returned, great!
but then i did a restore from back up to get all my info back and the camera icon disappeared again.
i can't just make it as new and start over. i'd rather live without mms photos. but the best solution would be if i can just get that function back.

iphone 3g
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: Mar 1, 2010

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IPhone :: New App Icon Disappears Brings To Home Screen?
Whenever I try it acts like its going to start, then the new app icon disappears and it brings me back to the first home screen. Anyone else?

Posted: Jun 17, 2009

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IPhone :: Sent Email Disappears And Is NOT Sent
This happened twice in the last two months, and again this week. I confirmed with another IPhone user that he thought he was crazy, like I did, but NO this is a problem. I composed two emails, one after the other and sent to two contacts that I have in the past. The next day both people said they didn't get. NOWHERE on the phone was a log of a Sent or Outbox message. Identical issue this week. What is happening??

Imac, MacBookPro
Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Dec 19, 2008

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IPhone :: Email Disappears Automatically While Viewing It?
my email from iPhone 4s disappear automatically while viewing it.

iPhone 4S

Posted: Jun 22, 2012

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IPhone :: Sending Email - Progress Bar Disappears Before Reaching 100%
I have two email accounts on my iPhone. First is an Exchange/ActiveSync account which is all working perfectly fine. Next is a Gmail account set up for IMAP/SMTP configured manually, not using the automatic Gmail option. The Gmail account used to work fine as well, but not anymore.

I can receive new messages, move messages around, and save new messages to my Drafts folder. However when I try to send an email it does not send. After writing up an email and tapping "Send" I see the progress bar at the bottom of the screen flash very briefly, maybe half a second at most. Then it disappears before reaching 100% After that there is no sound effect, no error message, nothing at all to indicate what went wrong. The message does not get sent, it does not go to my Sent folder, nor does it go to the Outbox. Its as if the phone just gave up and threw the email away.

I've tried deleting and re-creating the account many times. Did a wipe/restore on the phone. I am confident in my SMTP settings as I used Google's help docs, and I've never had this problem before using the exact same settings. I tried using the iPhone's automatic Gmail option as well but that didn't work either. Any thoughts? Am I going to have to take a trip to the apple store on this one?

Black Macbook
Mac OS X (10.5)

Posted: Nov 24, 2008

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IPhone :: Exchange Email Appears / Disappears After One Read
Since installing OS 3.0 on my iPhone 3G my Exchange email appears then disappears after 1 reading.
To get the emails back I go to the account settings and switch the Mail off (which removes the account and the folder format) then I switch the mail back on then the email are back again!(if it can get through to the server, as I often get a Sever error message)Anybody else seen this problem?I don't use the Contacts or Calenders as currently through iTunes sync they seem ok.

IPhone 3g with OS 3.0
Mac OS X (10.5.7)

Posted: Jul 29, 2009

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Nokia :: E72 Freezing - Clock Icon Disappears
I started using an E72 recently and installed the latest software. However there is an annoying problem with it, from time to time, i.e. once a day, it freezes. The phone won´t respond to any key (you can press and nothing happens), except the email key if keep it press it will display the screen to send an email, but that is all.

I found that the problem in clock related. The clock icon disappears from the main screen and anything after will led to a frozen phone, reboot is the only option. Sometimes going to the clock applications solves the problem but not always.

I disable the automatic sync of the clock and left it manual. But that only has halved the occurrence of the problem.

Posted: Jul 7, 2010

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IPhone :: Mail In Inbox Disappears / When Retrieving New Email From Server
I just got a replacement iphone because of problems that I was having with the battery life. I am now having problems with email. Not all of the time, but enough to frustrate me, my mail in the inbox just disappears when retrieving new email from the server.I did not have this problem with my other phone, nor the 1st generation phone that I had. Does this ring a bell with anyone? Is there something that I need to change with my setup?

IPhone 3GS
iPhone OS 3.1.3

Posted: Jun 30, 2010

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Nokia :: N85 - Icon Of Utilities And Music Folder Disappears
after updating the nokia n85 to v30.019, the speaker icon of the music folder disspeard in the menu and even the icon of utilities folder disspeard. how can i restore the icons
i've tried the hard reset and it didn't work?

Posted: Sep 2, 2009

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: SMS Icon Disappears With New Themes?
I have 3 email icons & a SMS/MMS icon on the top row of my Storm. However when I try to use any other theme my SMS/MMS Icon disappears? Any idea where it goes & how to get it back?

Posted: Mar 13, 2009

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Samsung :: Blackjack Email Disappears
I have a gmail account with my blackjack. For some reason, emails disappear from it. This happens two ways.if I read a new message, once I get out of it, the message is gone. Also, if I get a new message and do not read it within 15 or so minutes, it disappears.

Posted: Jun 27, 2007

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Nokia :: N97 - Email Widget Disappears From Homescreen
I've setup email on my N97 (Mail for Exchange) and had the email widget happily showing my latest emails. A few hours later, the email widget was completely blank and unresponsive, while all the other widgets remained unaffected. Removing and adding didn't fix the problem, nor did deleting my mailbox and setting it up again either. I can still access my emails, they simply don't show up in the email widget as they should. 

Posted: Sep 17, 2009

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BB Tour 9630 :: Email Notification Disappears
I've tried searching for a solution for this but all i find is people who cant get their notification to go away, i have the opposite problem:

I have a yahoo email account pushed to my phone. If my phone sits idle for a few minutes after receiving an email, the notification icon goes away and the message appears to already have been opened before i open the messaging app. The led continues to flash showing i have a message but there is no icon in the notification area.I'm running OS 5 with v7.11 hybrid and also have BerryBuzz installed.

Posted: Dec 11, 2009

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Nokia Lumia :: Attachment Disappears When Replying To Outlook Email
In the Lumia, if I receive an email with an attachement and then I reply to it, it actually causes the original message and attachment disappear.


Posted: May 20, 2012

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Email Indicator Disappears In Landscape Mode?
Had a Palm Treo until last Thursday. Got the Storm and loving it so far. But I have 1 small problem that I can't figure out. When I have the phone in portrait it shows that I have email, but when I turn it to landscape, it shows I have none.

Posted: Mar 2, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: Data Connectivity Icon Disappears From Time To Time
I bought my Bold recently and love its design. My issue is on the signal strength indicator, beside 3G there is a Blackberry icon indicating data connectivity. It disappears from time to time and then I don't get email or BBM messages. The only way I can get BBM and data again is to go to my connections and deselect and select connect to network. My carrier doesn't seem to have it listed as a known issue, and I can't find anything about it on the web.

Posted: Jul 14, 2009

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BB Bold 9000 :: Email On Phone Disappears On Opening Outlook Express Inbox
I am receiving e-mails both to my BB 9000 and outlook express without any problem but when I open my outlook express inbox, the e-mail in Blackberry Bold screen disappears in seconds but the same e-mail still stays on outlook. How can I keep e-mails on BB.

Posted: Jul 13, 2009

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IPhone :: Adding Email Icon For Other Email Accounts
I have several email account on my IPhone. Is there any way to create additional email icons specific to each of the email accounts I have set up on the phone? This way I do not have to keep changing which Account i want to be in.

PC & Mac
iPhone OS 3.0.1

Posted: Sep 16, 2009

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BB Bold 9700 :: How To Change Yahoo Email Icon Back To Stock Icon?
I don't know if this is the right forum for this, but I woke this morning to see my Yahoo email icon back on my home screen. Has anyone else gotten it back? And lastly, how do I change it back to a stock BB icon?

Posted: Feb 24, 2010

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BB Pearl 8100 :: Yahoo Mail Icon Replaced By Generic Email Icon
I have a Blackberry Pearl Flip 8230 by Verizon, and had to delete & resend my service books. Since then, my Yahoo! mail icon has been replaced with a generic Blackberry email icon. Based on suggestions I have seen online, I have tried removing and reinserting the battery, as well as deleting and re-adding the email account in the BIS website. Neither of these worked.

Posted: Apr 12, 2010

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BB Torch :: Unable To Find Personal Email Icon And Map Icon?
I got a BB Torch, i tried to set up the email by following the demo online, but  there is no personal email setting on there just work email, and i tried to set up my email as enterprise account, it showed activation request failed.

Posted: May 7, 2011

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BB Curve 8300 :: Messages Icon VS Email Icon
I am getting confused a little bit. I have two icons on my blackberry, one says Messages and the other has a custom name for my email. When I receive email it shows in both inboxes. The custom email box  (lloks like earth w/ a yelow envelope) appeared when I created my pop3 account. I want to receive my emails in one box and nothing else. I know I can separate the SMS/MMS messages from the "Messages" box. Is there a way to turn off email for the messages box and just allow call history and SMS/MMS messages only and leave email to the custom icon only? Or am I looking into this way to much and there is a simpler way of doing this.

Posted: Mar 12, 2009

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BB Curve 8300 :: Don't Have Email Set-up Icon Or BIS Browser Icon?
I don't seem to have the email set-up icon or the BIS browser icon, I do have the MediaNet for internet access. I have tried the setup wizard and when i arrive at the email section I have two options: "I want to use a work email account with a blackberry enterprise server" or "I want to skip email setup". Blackberry curve 8310 with AT&T

Posted: Jun 3, 2009

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BB Curve :: Contacts Icon And Email Icon Have Disappeared?
My contacts icon and email icon have disappeared...How do I get them back on my main screen.  i have the Smartphone Bold 9650.

Posted: Jan 19, 2012

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BB Bold 9700 :: New SMS Icon Same As New Email Icon?
When I get a new SMS, it is the same as a new e-mail icon. However, this is not supposed to be so... SMS's are supposed to be a slanted envelop. I never had this problem with my old curve 8320. I've also had this icon issue since I got my phone several months ago. The icons remain the same no matter which OS version I use. I am on T-mobile.

Posted: Jul 25, 2010

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IPhone :: Camera App Disappears
I tried to configure the Microsoft Exchange account, on successful configuration the camera app icon disappears. After deleting the account again it appeared on my iphone home screen.I dont know why there is conflict with a Microsoft Exchange account and a camera app. and settings0>restrictions do not work in this case.

Dell latitude
iPhone OS 3.1.2

Posted: Mar 10, 2010

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IPhone :: E And Sometimes 3G Disappears During Call
I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this and if it is normal. I have been on with tech support on 3 different occasions and they went through all the typical troubleshooting. They finally had me exchange my iphone and thought it was hardware related. I have noticed now that my new one and my wife's phone both do this. When I am on edge network and make or receive a call the E on the top of the screen next to the bars and AT&T goes away. In some areas with 4-5 bars of 3g coverage it also does the same thing and I can't use the internet while on a phone call. The edge icon always goes away and sometimes the 3g goes away but other times it stays and I can use internet during a call.

iPhone 4
iOS 4

Posted: Jul 26, 2010

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IPhone :: FaceTime Disappears In IP4?
We just got our new iPhone4. The Facetime was there when the phone was activated. Once we restored the Backup from the old iPhone 3G, the Facetime is gone. Can't even see it in Setting. Please help! Any advice will be appreciated...

Posted: Aug 20, 2010

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IPhone :: Toolbar On Bottom Of Mac Disappears
Ok, so you know the toolbar on the bottom where your applications are that you use, well my son hit something on my keyboard so now they disappear.They reappear when I move my cursor down there but once you click on the app you wont it goes away into hidding and the heck do I just keep it there at all times.?

Mac OS X (10.5.2)

Posted: Sep 4, 2008

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IPhone :: To Do Lists Disappears In Phone?
When I access iCal from MobileMe on my laptop, I can view my To Do lists but the To Do list disappears when I view iCal from the iPhone.


Posted: Jul 6, 2009

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IPhone :: Mail Disappears After Arriving
I searched for this but couldn't find anything. I have Gmail (fetch, not push) set up on my iPhone 3G, latest software. 75% of the time, when I get a new mail message, my phone alerts me, displays the icon badge or email itself if I'm in mail, and then the message just disappears. I then reload, the message redownloads (and plays the new mail chime/vibrates again) and then always stays on the second go around. This happens both when I manually check and when the iPhone auto checks (i.e. I'll get a "new mail" chime, but my mailbox shows empty when I check so I open mail and reload and the message downloads).

Has anyone else had this problem? It seems to happen the majority of the time, but never to more than one email at a time (e.g. if i get 5 emails, only one disappears) and they even dissapear as I am looking at them during a manual fetch of mail. If I can open the message up quick enough, sometimes it disappears as I even have the message open, not just in the list view.

iPhone 3g
iPhone OS 3.1.2

Posted: Mar 24, 2010

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IPhone :: .mac Mail Disappears On Phone
My .mac mail disappears on my iPhone. The phone bings, and I look at the mail and see the mail, but when I go to open it, it disappears. I search the iPhone for it, it's simply not there. It doesn't happen every time, which is even more frustrating.I have a MacBook Pro and mobile me account. Everything is synched together.It does not happen with my work mail account which is also on my iPhone.

MacBook Pro, G5, iBook G4, iMac
Mac OS X (10.4.3)

Posted: Jan 4, 2010

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