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IPhone :: During Call Face Hitting Mute End Contacts Buttons

I had the iPhone 3G for two years. After dialing a call, one brings the phone to one's ear, the screen goes black BEFORE contact with one's face, and the call proceeds. I never had a problem with this in two years - not even a single time.

The iPhone 4 I got early yesterday is consistently allowing my face to mute calls, hang up on calls, hold calls, etc. before the screen goes black. Of course I don't realize this because my cheek does it and I'm not looking at the phone, so it leads to repetitive dialing.

Anyone else having this problem? Any fixes? I may just have a dud and will have to return it.

iPhone 4
iOS 4

View 115 Replies (Posted: Aug 20, 2010)

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IPhone :: Face / Hitting Mute Button During Calls
I did a search on this topic, but I haven't found my problem.I read about a proximity sensor so the screen turns off during calls or close to your face. So far I haven't noticed the screen go off at all. Is there something in settings I need to activate? Where is the sensor on the phone? I have a case but I won't think it's covering anything?It's VERY annoying, so any advice would help out.


Posted: Oct 5, 2008

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IPhone :: Face Setting Off Buttons During Call
Just upgraded to Iphone 4 and when I have the phone to my ear to talk, my face is setting off the buttons on the screen like the speaker button. It didn't do that with the 3Gs. Am I just a "cheeky fellow"? Is this happening to anybody else?

Iphone 4
iOS 4

Posted: Aug 23, 2010

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IPhone :: Hitting The Mute On 4s?
I keep hitting the mute on the iphone4S during conversations. i never had this problem with my previous iphone.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

Posted: May 2, 2012

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IPhone :: Ear Keeps Hitting Mute Button
I am so distressed with the new i4, I just cant believe it.I keep muting calls with my ear. The touch screen is too sensitive.The other issue is the phone locks up all the time, whats the deal with this? My activation too 6 hrs.Apple get your stuff together. My phone's going back tomorrow. back to the 3GS till they get it right.Has anyone had problems with their phone book after upgrading? My Contacts got all jumbled up. Wrong names with numbers, Photos with wrong contacts.

Mac OS X (10.6.2)

Posted: Aug 13, 2010

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IPhone :: Face Mute - People Can't Hear - Can't Do Anything Other Than Hang Up And Cal Back
This is an intermittent thing but I have had occasions where part way through a call I can hear the person on the other end of the line but they can't hear me! When I take the phone away from my ear there is still a blank screen and I can't do anything other than hang up and cal them back. It doesn't happen all the time, and not at the start of the call. I don't recall it having happened when on speaker (I don't use the headphones - weird shaped ears!)
I have read about problems with cases (I have the jam jacket) so I was wondering if it could be a "face-mute" followed by the screen going to sleep

3 GHz iMac / 15" MBP; 3g iPhone
Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Aug 22, 2008

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Hitting Buttons On Screen During Calls
I will be making a call and hitting mute, flash, whatever! Even if the dial pad is up I somehow inexplicably hit mute or flash or whatever. It is DRIVING ME NUTS! I had TalkLock on my Storm 1 and it was alright.

I heard StormLock is better but I can't find it in App World. TalkLock is there but I'm not sure if it will work with Storm 2.

Posted: Aug 28, 2010

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IPhone :: Volume And Mute Buttons Are Not Working
no volume or mute buttons working, will come up with earphones in, not sure what to do?

Posted: May 20, 2012

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IPhone :: Mute And Volume Buttons Not Working After 4 Dropped
My iPhone was sadly dropped today. Afterwards, its Mute and Volume Buttons are not working.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

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Nokia :: E72 Shortcut Key For Mute / Un-mute During Phone Call?
Does anyone know if E72 has a shortcut key to mute/unmute during the call ? The only way I am aware of is using options to select mute.

Posted: Jan 20, 2010

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IPhone :: Transferring #ís - Hitting Sync Under Contacts
The only place I have my phone #'s is on my iphone. I want to get them on my mac book just in case I ever lose my phone. Is it as simple as plugging my phone into itunes and hitting sync under contacts?

Mac book pro
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: May 25, 2009

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LG :: 8300 What Is Function Of Three Buttons On Face Of Phone?
Just got my new VX8300 awesome phone.Downloaded the BitPim, and transferred over 25 MP3's to the phone through a BT connection. However, do I have to re-send songs that I want as ringtones in a different format... or is there a way to set the MP3's on the phone as ringtones? Also, what is the function of the three buttons on the face of the phone? I'll hold down PLay/ Pause and PLayer Error occurs on the screen?

Posted: Jul 6, 2006

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BB Bold 9700 :: Lock And Mute Buttons
I don't like the lock and mute buttons on top of phone. I hit them all the time accidently. Is there any way to turn these buttons off (disable)?

Posted: Nov 18, 2009

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BB Torch 9800 :: Speaker Buttons Mute During Using Phone
I have been having problems with stopping the accidental hit of the onscreen mute or speaker buttons when I am using the phone. I noticed that if my face is too far away from the phone or I switch ears this can happen. Is there any way to lock the screen while I'm on the phone?

Posted: Aug 18, 2010

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Top (lock And Mute) Buttons Died Without Warning
Any obscure setting that I may have tripped that would kill these two at the same time all of the sudden? I'm at a loss other than the fact the sucker got wet about 10 days ago. I did the proper wet phone recovery procedure and even had it apart same day to make sure it wasn't moist in there. Worked fine till about an hour ago.

Posted: Apr 22, 2010

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BB Curve :: 8520 - Play / Mute Buttons Open Browser But Not Media
My curve 8520 play/mute &FF and rewind buttons if there is no song in the now playing list it opens the browser.

Posted: Aug 27, 2011

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IPhone :: Face Time And Muting Pops Up During Call
Just curious if anyone else was experiencing this problem, when ever I am taking on the phone, it keeps opening up speaker and face time or muting my call, it feels like the sensor is over sensitive, if I barely move it from my face it is opening up the keypad screen. I can't hold a decent conversation without this happening constantly during my calls, should I return it or is this something I am going to have to deal with? I love the phone, but this is starting to bug me, not sure if something is faulty or what.

Mac OS X (10.6.3)
iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Shuffle user...

Posted: Jul 6, 2010

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IPhone :: During Call Side Of Face Keeps Initiating Touch Pad
I'm a new I Phone user, that is getting increasingly off when during the call the side of my face or my ear keeps causing the phone to switch from speaker phone to key pad, causing the calls to be interupted with bleeps from the key pad or the sound dropping in and out of speaker phone etc.How do I prevent this from happening? Is there a way to have a call without the contact between the screen and my face messing up the conversation??

Posted: May 26, 2008

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BB Torch 9800 :: Touchscreen Buttons Hold / Mute Causing Error During Phone Calls
I just got the BB Torch 9800. It's my first touchscreen phone, so I'm sorry if this has been discussed before.While I'm on a phone call, the following buttons automatically appear on the touchscreen: Mute, Hold, Speaker Phone, and Add Recipient. I have yet to complete a phone conversation without hitting one of these buttons with my cheek. I cannot for the life of me find a way in Options to stop these buttons from appearing during phone calls.I am actually considering returning the phone over this.

Posted: Aug 16, 2010

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Xperia Mini/pro :: Mute Incoming Call Ring Without Rejecting The Call?
Was just wondering if its possible to mute the incoming call ring without rejecting the call? I have seen that feature in some htc phones and tried on my phone but it didnt work.

My phone is running GB 2.3.4 Stock unrooted

Posted: May 8, 2012

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IPhone :: 3G - Mute During A Conference Call?
I often conduct conference call while on the road and wish to mute the microphone from background noise like, airports, kids in car, other on-going meetings etc?

Posted: Dec 17, 2008

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IPhone :: Phone Will Automatically Go On Mute When On Call
When I'm talking on the iphone it will automatically go to mute, contacts etc. This is my 3rd iphone & I never have had these issues along with dropped calls!!!!! Do I have a lemon?

MacBook Pro
iOS 4

Posted: Jul 10, 2010

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IPhone :: Phone App Freezes / Cannot End Call / Mute
This has happened since I updated to OS4 but am noticing it now consistently. If I make a phone call at any point, leave the phone app to do anything else, then come back, the phone app will be completely frozen until I do a hard reset.

I just got done testing it with a friend, me on my 3G (now running 4.0.1) and him on his 4 (same firmware for him). I could not end the call, switch my bluetooth off, or do anything inside the phone app.

Does anyone know how to fix this besides resetting my phone after every single call?!?

iPhone 3G
iOS 4

Posted: Jul 17, 2010

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IPhone :: Mute Option Enabled When 4s Received A Call And Ringing?
how to mute option enabled when iphone 4s received a call and ringing

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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IPhone :: Faces Continually Pushes Speaker And/or Mute When Am On A Call
My face continually pushes speaker and/or mute when I am on a call.† Is there a way to decrease sensitivity?

iPod touch

Posted: May 14, 2012

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IPhone :: Hang Up On Every Call / Put People On Mute And Start Random Calls
This sensor issue is a total cluster. I purchased 70 iPhone 4's for every sales person in my company and the phones basically don't work. They hang up on every call put people on mute and start random calls. We need some sort of announcement out of apple this is nuts. It's not as simple as going back as the sim chard changed, what am i supposed to do have every employee go into an att store and get a new sim card to go back to their old phones?? What a mess! nice job on this one.

iPhone 4
iOS 4

Posted: Jul 5, 2010

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: BUG: Cancel Call With Face?
There is a bug in firmware which causes phone calls to be cancel by accidentally touching the screen with face. The bug is present since 2.3.4 and is still present in newest.The problem is Neo V tries to be smart and turn the screen on when the phone is placed horizontally. Unfortunately it sometime fails. So the actual problem is with identification of the phone orientation, which points to accelerometer. On the other hand the idea of turning the screen on when detected orientation is horizontally seems to have completely no sense. Reliable and robust solution would be to stick with proximity sensor data only and not to take orientation into account when deciding whether or not to turn the screen on.


Posted: Jan 6, 2013

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BB Bold 9700 :: Disable Mute And Lock Buttons On Top Of Bold
Is there a way to disable the lock and mute buttons on the top of the BlackBerry Bold 9700? I just received my new windshield cradle that grips it from top and bottom, and the buttons are invariable pressed accidentally for a variety of reasons. Perhaps an application that can shut them off, or some type if setting?

Posted: Jan 6, 2010

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IPhone :: 4 To Sensative To Press Buttons While On Call
I had the 3g and it was very rarely an issue.Whenever on a call i almost have to hold the phone away from my face just so it doesn't abruptly end the call or put it on speaker phone or put it on face time. It is very fustrating is anyone else having this problem?


Posted: Jun 28, 2010

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Nokia :: E90 Mute Receiving Call
When I receive a call I cannot hear the other person ( unless I open speakerphone), but they can hear me. When I phone someone there is no problem we can hear each orther. Is there a wrong setting maybe?

Posted: Jun 10, 2008

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Mute Option While On Call?
I am using the Sony Xperia Neo v mobile for last 2 months and recently I discovered that I am not able to put the call on mute while on a phone call. Is this feature not available for this phone or I am not looking at the right place ?

Posted: Feb 14, 2012

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Motorola Atrix 2 :: Mute When First Receiving A Call?
Had my Atrix 2 for a week and some times when I answer the phone no one is there.They can hear me perfectly well but my phone is dead quiet. Yes I've checked to make sure I haven't accidently hit the mute when answering. There is just no sound coming from the phone. Only a battery pull while powered on will restore the speaker function.Doesn't happen all the time, just enought to be annoying. Had taken back a SGS2 for this phone so I am stuck on this model and frankly I like it way better.AT&T didn't have any answers other than just hard reset it.

Posted: Nov 7, 2011

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Motorola Razr :: Photo's For Contacts / Cannot Get Face On The Contact?
When I applied a photo to the contact of both my daughters on my razr I was able to select either the whole photo or just a part of the photo I wanted to use,ie their face. However I am now trying to do the same with a picture of my wife but I cannot get just her face on the contact.

Posted: May 3, 2012

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BB Storm2 9550/9520 :: Phone Is Pulled Slightly From Your Face While On A Call The Screen Turns On
I was on the phone and noticed a bug. When the phone is pulled slightly from your face while on a call, the screen turns on.... then if I plug it in only to put it back to my face, the speakerphone is activated. It seems t happen 100% of the time and if its a bug, then I'm sure it happens to all devices.

Try it...

It almost killed my ear when it flipped to speakphone as soon as I put it on the charger

Posted: Nov 4, 2009

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IPhone :: Unable To Access Call,mail And Ipod Buttons
Cannot access the call,mail,safari or i-pod on my i-phone, all other apps I can access it' only the ones at the bottom (4 of with the Grey background) I have reset, updated and restored to original with no luck, any ideas?

Posted: Mar 21, 2010

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