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IPhone :: Battery Dead Within 3 Hours While Charged It Up

I'm having some rather serious problems with my phone which started on Friday. My phone was sitting at a healthy battery rate (didn't have % on at that point) then I went to use it and it was dead. I've NEVER had an iphone die on me. Not even after heavy usage. So I charged it up, noticed the new 3.1.2 update and applied that with a hope that it would resolve the issue.
On Saturday I made a 2min phone called and use the browser for about 10-15mins tops. In 3hours the battery had "died", it flashed up 20% battery remaining then 9mins later 10% then 40mins later it was dead. I couldn't get to a charger then randomly 4hours later the phone turned back on with over 50% battery and lasted another 2hours, it didn't even go near a charger.

Sunday, pretty much the same, was at 46% then randomly died on me. Monday can't really remember. Tuesday the phone lasted about 3hours again. Today it's not been "too" bad. but i put the phone on charge in the car today and the battery went from 26% straight to 66% just by plugging it in. Took it off charge and went down to 54%. Went to use the phone this evening to see it at 9% in less than 20secs it went from 9% to 6% to 3% to dead. My problem is, I'm in the UK, the phones from Australia, this phones not even 6 weeks old. Obviously Apple won't touch it.Does this sound like battery or something more complex?

Windows XP

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IPhone :: Dead Battery Screen When Fully Charged
So I surfed through these forums and didn't seem to find anyone with my specific problem.I have an iPhone 3G I bought back in September 2008 or so (actually I bought one in August but it was defective by September so I had to get a replacement). Anyway, recently it has been acting a bit strange.

I'll be texting some friends or whatever on the phone when all of a sudden it displays the dead battery image and the screen goes blank. It's not off however. When I click the power button once it goes right back to the "unlock" screen as it should. Once I unlock however, my AT&T service is completely gone for about 5 seconds. Then all of a sudden a couple of backed up text messages show up.

Has anyone had this problem? I'm worried about bringing it in to the Apple store because it doesn't happen TOO often so I doubt I'd be able to prove anything is actually wrong...

Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Jan 26, 2009

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IPhone :: Reporting Dead Battery Despite Being Fully Charged
I've been having a recurring problem with my iPhone as of late. I'll attempt to turn on my phone only to see it reporting a dead battery. Several hours later, when I again attempt to turn on the phone, it successfully powers on and reports a full battery. This is happen several times and is getting quite frustrating. I've attempted restoring the phone and turning off all push/seek services. It is a 3GS with the most recent firmware version.

Windows 7

Posted: Dec 24, 2009

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Nokia :: E51 - Eating Battery - Fully Charged Battery Is Barely Lasting 6 Hours
my E51 is about 1 year old and has suddendly started eating up battery ...a fully charged battery is barely lasting 6 hours if I have it on silent with no vibrate, the light settings at the lowest possible and only use it for SMS. I have tried restoring the factory settings, changing the battery, updating the software but still have this problem. Can anyone help? I really like this phone but i can go on carrying my charger everywhere and pluging it in whenever there is a socket in sight just to keep it going.

Posted: Aug 23, 2009

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BB Tour 9630 :: Battery Need To Be Charged After 8 Hours
I am wondering if this is a defect in the Tour.I just got the Tour less than a week ago and after 8 hrs the battery needs to be charged so I got a new battery and it did the same thing so then I got a new phone and now I find it's still doing it.Which is extremely frustrating.I just want a phone that works and so far I am not impressed.

Posted: Dec 23, 2009

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BB Curve :: Fully Charged Battery But It Is Showing Dead
I have a BB Curve 8302. Yesterday the battery depleted unusually fast (with in about 2-3 hrs with hardly any use). I put it on the charger for about 3hrs. Still showed the battery symbol (top left) as dead. And the words low battery below the clock. I left it charge over night. Still same thing. I put the battery into a friends 8320 & it showed fully charged no problem at all. I can access the phone if I have it plugged into the computer or charger. But the moment I disconnect it says something along the lines of "battery drained powering down". And it turns off my phone. So I have discovered there wasn't anything wrong with the battery. So is there something wrong with the phone? Or is there something wrong with the firmware? Even when I go to the wrench Icon & check battery level from there, it say 0% for charged. What can I do?

Posted: Mar 14, 2011

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Nokia :: 5300 Battery Duration - Charge Last Only 4 Hours After Being Fully Charged
I'm the proud owner of a Nokia 5300, its a new phone that I bought a month ago. A few weeks after the purchase the phone started acting wierd, turning on and off at will, vibrating on its own without calls or msgs incoming, and other weird stuff. I visited the local nokia aproved repair center and they took the phone in for 7 days, solve the software problem. However now the phone charge last only 4 hours after being fully charged.

I took the phone to the repair center again and they gave me a new battery, the phone still suck the power in 4 hours. I took the phone to the repair center again and they took it in for 4 days, they returned it to me stating that the problem was solved. But it still suck the power in less than 4 hours.The phone's temperature rises without it being un use. I tried changin the memory card without any luck...

Posted: Aug 28, 2008

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BB Tour 9630 :: Battery Life Down To 2 Bars Only 3 Hours After Being Fully Charged?
I sent a few text messages from work and just adjusted some settings, but wasn't actually browsing the internet (although i think the browser was left open). It went from 90% charged to only 2 bars, in a span of less then 3 hours just from no more than 5 texts?

Am I doing something wrong here? I just put the thing in the pocket and lock the keys when I'm not using it, and I have the backlight to time out after 10 seconds.

Posted: Jul 13, 2009

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Nokia :: E75 / Battery Dead In 6 Hours
Since a couple of months I have a Nokia E75.The battery performance was never very good, but the last 2 months it has fallen to less than half a day. I already bought a new battery but that doesn't seems to be the problem.I have Handy Taskman to see which apps are running and I leave only email running with syncing to exchange every hour.Any ideas?

Posted: Mar 18, 2010

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BB Bold :: Battery Is Dead Within 4 Hours?
I have had my BlackberryBold for 2 years. Now, the battery is dead within 4 hours. I use my Blackberry only as a phone., for texting and for the "Drive Safe App". Nothing else. It is fully recharged ( or so it indicates) every night. I still have 1 year on the contract with my provider.

Posted: Aug 2, 2012

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BB Tour 9630 :: Dead Battery After 4 Hours
upgraded to 5.0 last nite.....dead battery 4 hours into the day with no cellphone use....what gives....

Posted: Apr 1, 2010

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Nokia :: Battery Is Dead Within Six Seven Hours - No Apps Running
I'm not sure if this has been posted already (apologies if so in advance), but I'm continually coming across the same issue with the battery. It is as follows:I come home from work in the evening and charge the device. The battery fully charges within a few hours and I go to bed.I get up maybe six or seven hours later and the device is completely dead - the battery is dead!

If that wasn't strange enough, every other morning I wake-up and the device is fully charged (still from the night before)?I have absolutely nothing running; I never use the caleandar and I've been a faithful user of Nokia N - devices for the best part of five years now, so I know to turn off everything in order to save battery charge.

Posted: Feb 2, 2010

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BB Storm 9500 :: Battery Dead In 4 Hours After Update To V4.7.0.148
Realized the other battery thread was marked solved after I responded to it so figured I better copy my post to a new thread.

I've had my Storm since just after the first of the year. Never a battery drain problem. The phone would go from 1-2 days without recharging under what I would call standard usage. i.e. no heavy apps or browsing.

About 4 weeks ago I dl'd the update to v4.7.0.148 (platform my Storm barely makes it 4 hours withminimal usage before the battery is completely drained. (example: this morning I turned my fully charged phone on ay 6 am. Checked some mail and read the news headlines. Maybe ten minutes usage. Put in standby in its magnet clip thingamajig. Took two calls. 5 minutes max each. The phone was dead at 11:30.

I didn't use to worry about closing apps (why isn't there a "close all" app button?). Now I'm super vigilant to close all appsas I back out.Bluetooth is turned off.GPS is disabled.

I went by a Verizon store last week during a business trip and they replaced the battery.Still no joy.I like the phone. It does more than I'll ever need a phone to do BUT I can't afford to continue topay hundreds of dollars a month forphone service when I have to constantly look for outlets to use tocharge up or that shuts off in the middle of a conversation with a clientabout a multi-million dollar sale.

Posted: Jan 4, 2009

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Nokia :: 6500 Slide / Fast Battery Drainage / Dead In 10 To 12 Hours
i have a 6500 slide in it only lasts 10 to 12 hours and the battery dies.this is wether i make on call or not.charge it to full battery take of charge go to bed and its dead when i get up for work in the morning.i have sent this back to 3 ,3 times now and they are telling me its because of my bluetooth being on
its not being used.i have tried a new battery ,different charger ,even different power points three just say theres no fault and its because i leave my blue tooth on.I mean come on i am sleeping unless i am making sleep calls via my blue tooth head if anyone else has had these problems let me know and how/if you got them sorted

Posted: Nov 21, 2008

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IPhone :: My 4 Discharges With In Two Days Of Being Charged, Hours Shows Usage With No Apps Running?
My Iphone4 discharges within two days of being charged, hour shows usage but no app running, why?

iPhone 4, Windows Vista

Posted: Jun 15, 2012

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BB Bold :: Dead 9930, Charged All Night But Will Boot?
Device info

Your carrier: Verizon Model info and OS version (Go to Settings, then Options, then about): Latest Add above to you profile if you dont wat to type it in all the time.

Apps and free space File free before and after a battery remove/replace. (Go to Settings, then Options, then status): I don't know, see comments below Did a battery pull fix your issue? NO Apps installed and their version if possible.(Go to Settings, then Options, then applications): BT device model/version (you will have to look at the BT device):

Battery Saver, NFL Mobile, Flashlight, IM+ Talk, a few i can't remember

When writing your question Any other details that would help us out with your issue: Good description of what is really wrong and how to reproduce if possible. Details of what you did before:

What is worth a thousand words Pictures of your issue if possible: Screen capture if possible with this:

I charged my Bold 9930 all night and now it won't boot up or reboot. I tried a battery pull to no avail. I can't see my BB so I can't give screenshots or too much more info but I will try and answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Posted: Nov 20, 2011

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IPhone :: Low Battery Screen When Battery Is Fully Charged
My phone has started displaying the low battery screen, and refusing to do anything, after being unplugged from the charger for a few hours. The battery is fully charged, but after only 1-2 hours, the phone starts to display that warning screen and going back off. Sometimes, if you push the home key as soon as the warning screen goes off, it will come up normally. Sometimes, it won't. I believe this all started (along with the texting issues several other people have had) after the last update, I believe it is 2.2.1. I have drained the battery and restored, I have reset the settings at least twice, I have forced a restart.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.4.11)

Posted: May 6, 2009

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IPhone :: 4s Displays Battery Is Charged, But Battery Has No Charge
My iphone 4s battery was dead, so I replaced a battery bought over internet. Now when I charge the phone ( using usb cable plugged to the power outlet on the wall) on right top corner it displays "battery is charged" (battery icon with a plug) but % of charge remains at 5%.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 25, 2012

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IPhone :: Battery Lasts About 4 Hours With Exchange Service On - Do Have A Bad Battery?
I bought my phone from AT&T on Tuesday night and my battery lasts about 4 hours with exchange service on. Tonight I went about 3 hours with it going into the red. I have had it on the charger for 10 minutes and its almost half full already...does that seem odd at all?

Posted: Feb 15, 2009

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IPhone :: Charge Phone When Battery Is Totally Dead Or Battery Low Is Better?
Charging the phone when the battery is totally dead or battery low is better?

Posted: May 27, 2010

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IPhone :: Battery Hot But Not Fully Charged
This morning I woke up to a hot iphone. I left it charging over night but when I looked at the battery bar, it wasn't fully charged and the phone itself felt pretty hot. I unplugged it to let it cool off while getting ready for work and plugged it back in and started charging and stopped heating up. is there something wrong with the battery for me to bring it in? or some glitch? any known issue?

Powerbook G4 12

Posted: Apr 20, 2009

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IPhone :: 3GS - Powered Down On Its Own / Battery Well Charged
I was doing something with it (not plugged in) and it powered down on its own. It would not respond to a soft or hard reset (holding home and sleep button). I plugged it into the charger and the battery logo with the lightening bolt showed up. For a good 2 or 3 minutes it was unresponsive until it finally responded to the sleep button power up. It boot up and what to you know? It shows 87% battery life like it should be.

I figured I had done something quirky and I would figure out what I did as I learned the phone better. Well I never did figure it out. Two months later, today, it did it again. I was in the middle of the Maps app and all of a sudden the circular loading splash popped up and it shut down. It did the exact same thing as before.

iPhone 3Gs 32GB
iPhone OS 3.0.1

Posted: Dec 1, 2009

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IPhone :: 3Gs Charged Battery Life
I've got this issue with my iphone 3Gs which I purchased in July in New Zealand where it seemed to behave as expected regarding the battery charging and its life with an average daily use. Then I went in US in semptember and having forgotten the wall charger I bought a new one (universal with all the differnt plugs) from SF apple store. Charged the phone and surprisingly the iPhone charge lasted less than a day with lil or no use. I kept charging it continuosly till i went back to New Zealand and once there the phone went back to its original behavior. Now I left new zealand and back to italy and i am experiencing again the same battery behaviour using the wall charger.
This is my first iPhone and honestly dont know much but i am finding this behaviour quite strange. Has anybody experience the same while traveling in different countries? is it a power/voltage issue or is just my iPhone faulty?one thing i notice while in Us or in Italy is that it charges very quickly as die as well as quick whereas in Nz it seemed to take longer to charge(wall charger).
any tip/suggestion would be greately appreciated.

hp pav
Windows XP

Posted: Feb 21, 2010

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IPhone :: Cannot Power Up 4s Where As Battery Is Charged?
My husband's 4s will not power up at all. Battery has charge. Tried to connect to iTunes but it could not "find" the phone. On vacation and nearest apple store is over an hour away.

iPod touch, iOS 5

Posted: Mar 26, 2012

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Motorola :: Rokr E1 - Even With Fully Charged Battery Phone Recognizes Low Battery
I have a Rokr E1 and recently my battery died, so I got a new one however even with a fully charged battery the phone recognizes it as having a low battery.

Posted: Apr 15, 2008

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IPhone :: Battery Charged In 30min Normal?
When my battery drains to under 10%, I charge it and it fully charges in about 30min, is this normal? how long does everyone charge their iphone for? should I let it keep charging longer or just unplug it? as well does charging it while im on my comp on itunes the same thing as charging it by wall?

HP Pavilion dv2608ca
Windows Vista
Notebook PC

Posted: Mar 3, 2009

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IPhone :: Battery Not Charged Full / Overnight
for the past two nights i have put my iphone on charge while i sleep. however, when i have taken it off in the morning, it reads less than 100%, typically 80 odd %.the phone would have charged for about 8 hours and it wasnt flat when i stuck it on. any ideas? i wonder if it is peaking and then not going onto trickle charge?


Posted: Nov 12, 2009

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IPhone :: 3GS - Battery Doesn't Get Charged Properly
Earlier today I remember seeing my battery at 62% about 15 minutes later when I checked again, it was off, trying to turn it on gave me the beginnings of a boot up sequence but stop nearly after the screen flickered. Follow up attempts only gave me the empty battery icon. Plugging it in to any source with different cables also failed to put a charge in it, all I see is the big empty battery icon. Putting under restore mode and doing a clean FW install gives me an error #1601.

It has now come on but the battery life indicator is all over the place. 60% then 89% the next minute. 5 minutes later it's 32%

Posted: Jun 21, 2009

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IPhone :: Battery Fully Charged Shows 97%
The phone is still attached to the computer.What gives?

Posted: Aug 28, 2009

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IPhone :: Fully Charged But Battery Cannot Last Long Without Using
I am currently using ip4, iOS5.1. The problem I am having now is when my phone is fully charged, it just can't last long. I left my phone idle and without using it, it will automatically turned off. When I turned it on, the battery shown a value (example: 16 %), after a while, it shows higher battery life value (example: 32%). Then after some time, it automatically turned off again. Is this battery problem or software problem?

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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Xperia Pro/Neo/V/L :: Battery Charging Status \ Battery Has Been Charged To Only 90%?
the battery charging status led becomes green when the battery has been charged to only 90%. isn't it supposed to go green at 100%?

Posted: Mar 23, 2012

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IPhone :: Fully Charged Battery Icon At 71% Charge
I'm wondering why I have a charged icon (not the lightning bolt) displayed even though my battery is only 71% charged?

Sony Vaio
Windows Vista

Posted: Jul 29, 2009

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IPhone :: My 3gs Won't Turn On, It Went Off All Of A Sudden Even Though The Battery Was Half Charged?
My i-phone wont turn on and I don't know why, it went off all of a sudden even thought the battery was half charged, I've tried holding the power and home buttons to reset it but that hasnt worked, I don't know what else to try?

iPhone 3GS

Posted: May 22, 2012

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IPhone :: Battery Is Not Fully Charged After Charging Whole Night
My iphone 4 battery does not seem to be fully charged. I charged it for whole night, but it stops at about 67%.Will it be solved after replacing the battery? Or could it be other problem?

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1, It was bought less than 2 years ago

Posted: May 30, 2012

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IPhone :: Fully Charged Battery Is Draining Too Fast?
I got my new iphone 4s two days ago and I took my phone off charge this morning at 7.45 and already at 12 its down to 60%. I have turned off location settings, reduced the brightness, turned of push and notifications. And as I whatapp I can literally watch the battery go down. Should I take it to have it looked at, or is that normal apple battery standard?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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