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IPhone :: Auto Answer Phone Call App Request

Has anyone found a phone app with a option to auto answer your calls?If so please leave it's name thank you.
I ride a motorcycle and this would really be a big help using with a bluetooth earpiece.

View 4 Replies (Posted: Sep 13, 2009)

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Auto - Answer Someone Answer Others Phone Possible?
Ok so I read this somewere I cant remember where though, could have been here and I also cant remember if it was a joke, and idea, or if it was actually real.But anyways heres my question, is there a way to..... When your calling someone lets just say they dont wanna answer is there a way to awnser thier phone for them ??? Lol I know its not the smartest idea alot of flaws, like what if there werent even close to the phone. But I was just thinking about it.

Posted: Apr 17, 2009

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Nokia :: No Auto Answer / Call Barring
There's no auto answer in call it something to do with call barring? i had no answerphone probs on my previous mobile.

Posted: Jul 25, 2009

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IPhone :: How To Program Phone With Auto Answer Facility
Does anyone know how to program an auto-answer facility in the iPhone 3G using the SDK (i.e. the phone rings and an application allows the call to be auto answered)?

Dell Dimension 9200
Windows XP Pro

Posted: Nov 3, 2008

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Xperia X8 :: Can't Call And Then Friends Try To Call They Get Answer Phone
Cant call anybody and then friends try to call me they get my answer mashine.Reinstalled the software, but it didnt help.SMS is working fine.Have tryede my card in another phone, and then it worked fine.

Posted: Aug 16, 2011

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Nokia :: N97 / Cannot Answer Call When Phone Is Locked
Due to my corporate security policy on Mail For Exchange, I have to protect the phone with a lock code (auto-lock after being Idle for 5mins). The problem is that when the phone is locked with a code and I get an incoming call, I cannot answer the call. Clicking on the green button or on the touch screen or sliding the Unlock slider to "Answer Call" or "Unlock" does NOTHING. The only solution I found was to slide out the keyboard. This then allows me to click on "Answer" but this is a huge pain - to slide out the QWERTY keyboard everytime I receive a call.Does anyone have an answer for this?

Posted: Jul 1, 2009

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Nokia :: N97 / How To Answer Call With Phone Locked?
i'm sure many of you will know how to do this, but it's not completely obvious so i thought it would do no harm to mention it.with the screen locked when you receive a call you get this screen.what this is telling you is that if you swipe your finger right you'll answer the call, and if you swipe it left you will unlock the screen and be presented with further options such as reject, reject with sms etc.

Posted: Jul 9, 2009

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Nokia :: Phone Rings - But Cant Answer The Call
My friend is trying to call me from the USA, my phone rings but I cant answer the call. The tech tells me to go to "calls" then select "Distance Calls" but I cannot find this choice. Am I missing something or is there another way to make my phone internationally enabled so I can recieve calls?

Posted: Dec 28, 2008

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BB Curve 83xx :: First Answer Phone Call It
I've noticed when I answer my phone for a split second the phone is in speakerphone. Has anybody else experienced this?

Posted: Mar 27, 2009

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Xperia X10 Mini/pro :: Cant Answer Phone Call?
phone rings.i try to pickup the phone by moving the slider to the right side - it just doesn't get picked up.

Posted: Jun 25, 2011

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IPhone :: Auto Answer For Bluetooth Car Kit
Can you set up auto answer on the iPhone while in the car kit?

Mac OS X (10.4.9)

Posted: Jan 4, 2008

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IPhone :: Auto Answer Function On IP?
One thing i can not find is if there is a way to set the iphone to answer automatically after 2 or 3 rings, specifically when i am in my car and i am using my bluetooth headset or old Motorola Krazr had a function to auto answer when the phone was paired with a bluetooth earpiece...does any body have any idea if this is possible....

Posted: Jul 12, 2007

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Nokia :: Can't Answer Phone Call By Just Swipe Screen
I have seen others having the same problem: it used to work fine, but suddenly I can't answer phone call by just swipe the screen. I have to unlock using the side unlock key, and answer the phone. I now set the Any key Answer function on, so I can answer by pressing the white key or the unlock side key. But I am afraid that the side lock key is going to give after prolonged use. And it's kind of inconvenient especially when I don't want to answer a call. I have tried soft reset, hard reset, and taking out the battery and everything. Nothing worked. Can anyone give me advice on this issue?

Posted: Apr 21, 2010

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BB Pearl Flip :: Opening The Phone Does Not Answer Call
Is there a way to change this option? I can't figure out how to make it so that opening the phone does NOT answer the call...I want to have to push the little green button.

Posted: Jun 24, 2009

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Samsung :: A920 - Answer A Call - Phone Shuts Itself Off And Restarts
I'm charing my phone last night because it had one bar left. Picked up a few calls while it was charging and everything is fine. A few minutes later i get a call and try to pick up. Right when i go to answer the phone shuts itself off and restarts. Only, the problem is it kept restarting over and over and over again. I tried to replug it back into the charger and even take the battery out and try to charger again while the phone was off. I managed to get the phone to start charging a little but then it went back to restarting over and over again. I figured if i leave the battery out of the phone for the night things should be fine. Turns out I go back to my phone this morning and what do you know, the keypad lights up, but no response from anything else. The red light on the front won't even turn on along with either of the lcd screens.

Posted: Aug 31, 2007

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Motorola Motoactv :: Can't Answer Phone Call (Wired Headset)
I just get my MotoACTV two days ago, after try it out i realize that i can't receive the phone call even i had plug in the default wired headphone (SF200 i though).in the display just show up "silence" text. i successfully sync my MotoACTV with my Droid 2 and i can get text message, twitter, weather, etc. the problem i get just to receive call.

Posted: Oct 30, 2012

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Prompt Before Answer An Incoming Phone Call
I started getting a prompt --- a voice recording telling me if i wish to answer the call select "1" how do I stop this

Posted: Nov 21, 2011

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BB Pearl 8100 :: Whenever Answer Call / Can Only Hear Conversation In Speaker Phone?
Anyone know why whenever i answer a call i can only hear conversation in speaker phone? The other party can hear me either way, but i can't hear anything until i switch to speaker phone...

Posted: May 27, 2008

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IPhone :: Cannot Press Hold & Answer Call Waiting Call With 3G
For some reason, I can not press the HOLD & ANSWER button when I get a incomming call waiting. I can press END CALL & ANSWER (the red button) but not the middle button, which should hold my current call and answer the new incomming call.When I press on it, it doesn't "click" so to speak.

Posted: Dec 15, 2008

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BB Software :: Auto-Generated Email/Unsolicited Password Request?
Last night I received 3 auto-generated emails from Each one was addressed to my "pin" and stated that I had requested my password be sent to me. It DID include my password. I could not respond to the email since it was a do not reply address. I called Verizon to see if they could tell me what was going on....they could not help. I called BlackBerry customer service and was told they couldn't help either. I find it hard to believe that this was an error since each one was a minute if somone was repeatedly attemping to gain my password. Is there any possible way to find out where this request originated from and/or who made the request?

Posted: Feb 26, 2010

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Cseries :: C7 - Set To Auto Answer For When Connected?
I connect my c7 to a via bluetooth to hands-free when driving. Works a treat but I have to manually answer by pressing theheadset button.How can I set it to automatically answer after a ring?

Posted: Oct 8, 2011

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Motorola :: Q9C Auto Answer Not Working
I have the Q9C paired with Plantronics Voyager 510 v.G. "Auto Answer" is set to 2 seconds. When a call comes in, the headset rings until I manually answer. What am I doing wrong?

Posted: May 13, 2008

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BB (RIM) :: Bold AUTO ANSWER With AUX Cable
This is a good question. I contently use my blackberry to listen to music in the car through the AUX port. I also have a bluetooth headset.Now heres the problem... a call comes in.... the phone automatically answers (pauses music, and the call is answered through the speakers, not the headset).Now is there any way to turn this auto-answer off? As well is there any way to make it FORCE to go through bluetooth ONLY on the calls (not the audio playing?)

Posted: Jun 23, 2009

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Samsung :: Gmail Certificate Auto Save Sent SMS And HTTP Request Bugs Fixed
I'm wondering if the Gmail certificate, auto save sent SMS and HTTP request bugs have been fixed.

Posted: May 21, 2007

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IPhone :: Answer To Call With SMS
can I answer to incoming call with SMS? Someone call me, but I now cannot talk, so I need to send him directly SMS (predefined?), that I cannot answer now. Is this possible?

Macbook Pro 13 (Win7), iPhone 4 32GB (iOS4)

Posted: Aug 24, 2010

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BB Pearl Flip :: How To Disable Auto - Answer
I've had my Pearl Flip for almost two months now and what irritates me the most is that when I have an incoming call, the phone automatically answers the call when flipped open. I've had previous flip phones that would let me set them to display the "accept call" and "reject call" options after flipping them open. Is there a way to reprogram my BB to do the same?

Posted: Feb 17, 2009

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BB Curve 8300 :: Bluetooth Auto Answer Possible?
I just purchased the 8310 curve. Is there a way to have it automatically answer whenusing the hands free jawbone ear piece. I was able to go into settings with my razr phone, but have been unable to locate an area in the curve to do it.

Posted: Oct 7, 2008

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IPhone :: Did Answer Call Screen Always Do This?
When someone calls me it says "Slide to answer".This is my first iphone but doesn't it usually show a green and red button that you hit to reject or deny the call? How do i deny the call now?

Posted: Jun 24, 2010

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IPhone :: What Is Best Way To Answer FaceTime Call?
I wish I was back in college and all my buds had iPhone.I can only imagine all the pranks.

1) Friend calls you answer with a shot of a present in the toilet!

2) Friend calls you answer with your a$$ hanging out....hello I'd like to assk you a question.

3) Friend calls to see any number of genital configurations!

4) You call your girlfriend with an iPhone and hope to god she answers in the shower.

This should be a top 10 list on Letterman or something Richard Christy from Stern should take up....I hope this does not get zapped by a mod.

Posted: Jul 2, 2010

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IPhone :: How To Automatic Answer A Call On 4
How to automatic answer a call on 4?

Posted: Mar 12, 2012

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IPhone :: Quickly Answer A Call?
how do you quickly answer a call

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: May 24, 2012

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Nokia :: E63 Set To Auto Answer For / When Connected Via Bluetooth When Driving?
I connect my E63 to a via bluetooth to hands-free when driving. Works a treat but I have to manually answer by pressing the green button.How can I set it to automatically answer after a ring?

Posted: Mar 13, 2010

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Nokia :: N900 Enabling Auto Bluetooth Answer
I am trying to find out how you enable auto answer on a bluetooth headset for a Nokia N900...I can pair the headset without a problem and make a call using it, however, if someone calls me the phone rings and I can hear it in the headset but does not 'connect the call' automatically.

Posted: Jan 16, 2010

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Nokia :: 6760 Slide Auto Answer - How To Stop
I have a 6760 slide phone in apouch on mybelt.It automatically answersa call when I remove the phone from the pouch. I am positive that I am not hitting any keys when removing the phone from the pouch, and I have AnyKey answer off in settings.As far as I can see it can only be the motion detector, or the light sensor automatically answering the call.This is extremely frustrating as I do not get to decide whether to silence the call. I have looked extensively on the Internet, in the manual and in thephone settings but can not stop this happing.

Posted: Mar 14, 2010

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BB Pearl Flip :: Auto Answer While In Media Player
Odd that it hadn't happened before, but today I got a call while I was listening to music (I'm using the bundled wired headphones). I would've expected the call to stop the player and answer the call, but in stead, it stopped, disconnected the headphones, and started playing my ringtone, waiting for me to flip open the phone! Is this normal?I've made calls using the headphones and they work just fine...

Posted: Jan 24, 2009

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