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IPhone :: Applications Updates - Not Enough Space

I have app updates waiting on my phone but when I try to update I get a message saying there is not enough space and to delete some photos/videos. However, I can load new apps no problem and memory on phone is showing plenty free

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Motorola Photon 4G :: Not Receiving Updates For Lack Of Storage Space
Have not been receiving updates because of this message. Yet I have 13GB available on my SD card and 7GB available internally.

Posted: Apr 4, 2012

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IPhone :: Applications Not Updating - Says No Updates Available
I am having trouble updating applications to my iPhone. When in iTunes, when I look at Applications within the Library, it says i have 3 updates available, but when I click on the little arrow, the App Update page tells me there are no updates available and to check again later.

iphone G3
Mac OS X (10.4.7)

Posted: Mar 26, 2009

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IPhone :: Can't Download Updates To Applications And Syncing
After downloading updates to applications and syncing to iphone I got error message: Some of the applications in your iTunes library were not installed on the iPhone "(my name) iPhone because one or more errors occurred.
Example of error:
"The application "(the updated app)" was not installed on the iPhone "(my name) iPhone because an unknown error occurred (0xE800002E)."

The applications however were still on the phone after the update and I was able to run them. I did a restore of the iPhone from the latest backup and the error message still came up. The more updates I receive the more error messages I got. I'm up to 19 app errors.
However, after deleting one of the 19 applications that were listed from my iTunes library and then syn icing to Phone again after erasing it I did not get the error. I now how 18 errors. I called up apple tech support that they could not resolve the issue.

Macbook Pro, 1st gen iPhone
Mac OS X (10.5)

Posted: Nov 22, 2008

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IPhone :: Applications With Updates Not Showing In Itunes
I am having problems with the applications update within itunes. If I click on the check for updates itunes tells me that there are no updates. However if I go to the app store and check individual apps there are updates.

iMac & MBP
Mac OS X (10.5.6)

Posted: Mar 25, 2009

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IPhone :: Updates As Separate Files In Mobilde Applications Folder?
When I update an app in iTunes, I get a new file in my "mobile applications" folder. For example, if I update Facebook I now have 2 files, one "facebook" and one "facebook 1". chould it be like this? If you get a duplicate file in OS X it automaticly adds a number after it. Is the update file suppose to overwrite the original app or do you also have a lot of 1s and 2s and 3s of the same app in your "mobile applications" folder on you mac?

Im having some troubles with my updates. I cant update apps on the phone (the install repeat itself over and over) and when I uppdate an app in iTunes the app is still the same version in the info, and the updates is still in the updates list.If you dont have duplicate files on your mac, it is probably some problem with my mac and overwriting files.

Mac OS X (10.5.4)

Posted: Jul 31, 2008

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BB 8830 WE :: Can't Download Applications - Out Of Space
I want to put some apps on my WE - mostly stuff to keep me amused at 35,000ft. But it tells me I am out of space. I have an 8GB chip in the thing, but I can't download to it. And once I stick stuff over there by using my PC to load it, the BB doesn't see 'em. So, how do I either expand the internal memory or make the BB see the apps on the chip?

Posted: Apr 1, 2009

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Nokia Applications :: Angry Birds Space For 500?
it seems angry birds for nokia 500 is great with nokia belle. but i wonder, like AB rio and seasons released for nokia 500, is angry birds space will release for other S^3,anna and belle devices? specially for nokia 500?

Posted: Mar 24, 2012

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Nokia Applications :: C Drive Space Gone After Install Failed
C drive space issue.An install failed and now megs of space from my phone are gone. Can I delete anything from this dir without messing up my phone?

Posted: Apr 5, 2012

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BB Bold 9000 :: Increasing Memory - Can Use Extra Space For Applications
I get more usable memory if I delete the sample videos etc. on my Bold? They reside in samples/videos and take up 60MB - if I delete them, can I use that extra space for applications etc.?

Posted: Dec 30, 2009

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Nokia Applications :: Application Or Updates Not Downloading?
Nokia is really driving me nuts with this, I have one applicaiton in particular that will just not complete the download. It is a paid application so, when I get a message, maximum download attempts reached, it is very upsetting. I have logged feedback request via the built in feature in the application store and you can see clearly Nokia does not care what response they send a person.Upon further research, I find some other applications have this issue too. What is going on Noki

Posted: Mar 30, 2012

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Nokia :: Applications Popup Software Updates X6 Every Time
Everytime i go applications the software update app opens up and says important software. i have started the update but nothing happens. this keeps happening everytime.

Posted: Aug 5, 2010

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BB Bold 9000 :: Removing Applications / Programs - Stopped Sending Automatic Updates
I want to remove facebook from my Bold. My facebook application has stopped sending me automatic updates for picture tags and msgs. I am goin to reinstall it to see if the functions reset themselves. SO if anyone knows how to remove an app or if someone happens to know how to restore the facebook app. this site is a godsend for finding infomation also if anyone knows how to reset the default location on the weather channel app.

Posted: Aug 13, 2009

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IPhone :: ITunes Left Panel Shows Updates / But Click And No Updates Available?
When I start my iTunes, the Apps panel on the left will show I have available updates. When I click it to get the available updates, the My App Updates screen will show "No updates available. Check again later."

In my iPhone handset, there are updates in AppStore. Now I can only do my apps updates thru iPhone and not thru iTunes on the computer.

I am using a Windows Vista computer with iTunes and iPhone 3GS with iPhone OS version 3.1.3 firmware.

Windows Vista
iPhone 3GS

Posted: May 6, 2010

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Nokia Applications :: Low Memory Space But Memory Is Free?
When I start any application on phone its show a message like saying that Low memory space but there is 30 mb of free space in my phonephone model is 5233

Posted: Mar 26, 2012

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Nokia :: Memory Card Runs Out Of Space When Use Up Small Percentage Of Space
I havea Nokia XpressMusic and I bought a memory card with (allegedly) 1.9 GB of storage, yet the card runs out of space when I use up a small percentage of space. I have formatted the thing, but still no joy.

Posted: Apr 26, 2010

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IPhone :: 4 Not Jailbroken "other" Space Taking So Much Space?
iPhone 4 NOT JAILBROKEN "other" space taking so much space!!!!! How do I fix it to go down some?

iPad, iPhone 4, Macbook, iOS 5

Posted: Apr 18, 2012

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BB Curve 8300 :: Checking Updates Would Itself Look And Install Verizon Device Updates?
From what I've read you should only update from your mobile carrier's web site. With that said...I went to Verizon's web site and downloaded their version of Desktop Manager. However it says "The BlackBerry Desktop Manager needs to be the same version as the Handheld Software." How am I suppose to do that ? My BB Curve is ver. and Verizon's desktop mgr. is version .Next. If I just connect my BB to the computer and have desktop mgr. check for updates will it look for and install the Verizon device updates ?

Posted: Jul 18, 2009

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IPhone :: "other" Space Is Taking Up 5.8Gb Of Space?
My "other" space is taking up 5.8Gb of space. I have restored many times and erased emails,messages,history and cache.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 20, 2012

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IPhone :: 4s Says Not Enough Free Space To Download An App But There Is Enough Free Space
My iPhone says not enough free space to download an app but there is enough free space.....

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 5, 2012

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IPhone :: App Says "to Free Up Space" But There Is Space Available
using an app tells you to "free up space on your device to continue" but you have already verified there is enough space on your device than needed by the app (17 gigs free).

Posted: Apr 23, 2012

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BB Curve :: 9300 When Plug Into PC And Check For Updates Get Message Saying No Updates?
My daughters both have 9300's One is running on 6.0 2949 the other 9300 will not let me upgrade from 5.0 1399. When I plug phone into PC and check for updates I get message saying no Blackberry updates

Posted: Jan 8, 2012

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HTC Desire :: Clicking On Updates It Goes Straight Into Apps But No Updates Are Showing?
Since the Market App was updated to ver. 3.1.5 on my htc Desire, that when I get a new message in the notification area that there are updates for any of my20 Apps and clicking on updates it goes straight into My apps but no updates are showing only installed apps so don't know what apps need to be updated, or if already updated it does not say what app was updated.On clicking on all my apps there is no ticks in any of the Automatic Update boxes! Before the update to ver. 3.1.5 you could see what apps needed to be updated and why and had a choice if you wanted it updated or not

Posted: Oct 19, 2011

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IPhone :: More Space?
When is the iphone going to have a larger capacity? i'll even settle for a 32gb. but come on! they have 120gb ipods out there, why is the iphone still at 16gb max?

Windows XP Pro

Posted: Oct 28, 2008

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IPhone :: 3G / 2.87 / Other Space
I just synced my iphone with itunes when i noticed i had 2.87gb of other space and obv. that isent normal. My iphone was jailbreaked on 2.2 and thn i updated to 2.2.1. I tried to jailbreak it on 2.2.1 and it frooze up and thats when i noticed tht i had 2.87 gigs of other space. Even before i knew i had over 1.5 gbs of free space but now i have even more. I am running windows xp. Thanks for the help.

Posted: Feb 8, 2009

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IPhone :: 300 Other Space
i had OTB 1.1.2 unlocked by geohot's gunlock today i upgraded it to 1.1.3 by itunes and then used ziphone i was able to successfully have 1.1.3 running but i now notice that there is 306MB in others shown in itunes 7.6..previously in 1.1.2 there was about 52 MB in other

can some one help me to get rid of the other space occupied??

Posted: Feb 11, 2008

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IPhone :: How To Get Rid Of The Other Space
I have 2.7 GB of space in "other" which puts me over my limit for storage. I have done a restore with no luck. I have nothing to be synced with my phone. I have tried unchecking "open ituens when this iphone is connected" and checking it again but that didnt work either. I didnt have this much "other" until yesterday when i got errors about backups being corrupted. I thought the restore would fix that.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 20, 2012

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IPhone :: Back Space
I have looked up and down on the online user's guide. That said and done, I cannot figure out how to back space many things at once. I'm not talking about copy all and right click like the cpu. Just faster then what I'm doing now. I know we can do it cause by mistake I del my long e mail I was writing. Maybe something like the caps lock? (double cliking the up arrow gives you caps lock)

Windows Vista

Posted: Oct 8, 2008

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IPhone :: Storage Space?
I have a new iPhone and have seen several references stating that the amount of "user" space is limited, but nothing stating the actual amount of space that is available. Anyone have any ideas?


Posted: Nov 4, 2008

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IPhone :: Out Of Free Space
I had 400mb of free space. I added one new music album and wanted to sync. I get a message no photos are synced (the 20mb i had on it were gone) because i'm out of free space. After syncing, the info says i still have 365 mb of free space. I sync again, wanting to get my pictures back on the device, but get same message telling me not enough space. But i do have enough! What's wrong?

Windows Vista

Posted: Sep 20, 2009

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IPhone :: Memory Space
I've just synced by iPhone and it's saying that I have 300MB of 'Other' What is 'other' I have 8MB of photos and 135MB of Apps. I've just deleted my music and still have 'other' How do I get rid of it!

Dell Inspiron 9300
Windows XP
iPhone, iPod Touch, 120GB Classic iPod

Posted: Oct 12, 2009

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IPhone :: Allocation Of Space?
In my case I have an 8GB (7,08GB in reality according to iTunes) iPhone with currently 6,77GB being consumed by music, 4KB by photos, 10,4MB by Apps and 267,9MB by Other. That leaves me with 39,7MB of free space.When I was adding music to my iPhone, iTunes would tell me that there is not enough space to add all the music when I had around 70MB of free space and I was only trying to add a simple track (around 12MB). Why is this? I was still able to add cover art for all my albums, which took up some megabytes.

More oddities evolve: after deleting an album which took me from that 70MB to 130ish MB of free space, I was able to add a 90MB album taking me down to that said 39,7MB of space. And, even further, I was still able to add single files to the phone.

What I described above was just one scenario, because I've had to reset my iPhone once and cram all the music back in. I've had situations where I was not able to add one single track with some 40MB of free space, deleted an album to free up space and still haven't been able to add that one track.

So how does iPhone exactly allocate its space? Should I able to add music to the phone until iTunes tells me there is 0.0MB of free space? I hope there's some coherence in my post, the numbers might not be all right but the basic idea still stays the same. It's hard to be coherent when iPhone/iTunes is not.

iPhone OS 3.1.2
iTunes 9.0.3

Posted: Feb 16, 2010

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IPhone :: 3.3 GB Free Space
After update to ios4 my phone's summary on itunes show that I have 3.3 Gb free space but when I add a 950 mb folder on the sync photos tab my phone tries to sync and then a message says that there is no free space on the phone. The summary is again showing 3.3 Gb free.

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.4.10)
2.33GHz, 3GB SDRam

Posted: Jul 15, 2010

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IPhone :: Low Disk Space 1.1.4
I'm having some issues where I'm continuosly getting low disk space warnings when installing new apps. I know there were some workarounds prior to 1.1.3 (BossTool & SSH commands), but I can't seem to find anything referencing this for 1.1.4.

Posted: Apr 14, 2008

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IPhone :: Free Space Is Zero
I have a JB'd 3GS 32GB (via Blackra1n) and it's been perfect for a while now.All of a sudden yesterday I added a few tracks and this morning I get a message that there is no space available. There was 9GB of free space available the day before today. I went into the "about" area and it says 0 bytes available?

Any way to restore back my space? I don't really want to re-jail break it, it's too customized.

Posted: Mar 16, 2010

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