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IPhone :: 3GS - Auto-Lock Not Working

I have had this issue since I got my new 32GB, 3GS. The auto-lock function is not working at all. It's set to lock at 1 minutes but it never does. The only way is to hit the sleep button.

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Nokia :: Lock Code Set / Auto Lock Set For 10 Mins / Can't Invoke Lock Manually?
I carry a lot of personal info on my phone.It's encrypted.I have the lock code set & auto lock set for 10 mins... works fine.Why can't I invoke this lock manually ? .. so sometimes 5 / 10 / 15 mins is fine.. whatever.If I want to lock it NOW . why can't I ? besides it not being an option Would be nice to do a manual lock with PIN or lock code too.. like the normal key lock.

Posted: Apr 30, 2009

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IPhone :: 3G - Turning Off Auto-Lock And Passcode Lock
Ever since upgrading to firmware 2.1, the option for the Auto-Lock and Passcode Lock to be "never" no longer exists. The longest time I can pick is 5 minutes for Auto-Lock and 15 minutes for Passcode Lock. Is there anyway I can get around this?

Posted: Nov 22, 2008

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IPhone :: IOS 4 - Auto Lock And Passcode Lock
so here's an odd thing with auto-lock and passcode lock...i want to set iOS 4 to screen lock after 5 mins, and require a password after that time. but the option to auto-lock is greyed out and stuck at 1 min, and when you go to passcode lock > require password... it's stuck at immediately.

Posted: Aug 22, 2010

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IPhone :: Auto Lock On The 3GS Vs 3G
Just a little beef with the iPhone 3GS and version 3.0 My wife has the 3G with the 3.0 update and I have the 3GS. We take a lot of trips and I have a cradle in the car where we dock the phones and leave them on as they are being charged. Now on my 3GS, the auto lock feature has had the setting "Never" removed. The best I can do is 5 minutes. On her iPhone 3G with the 3.0 update, she still has the "Never" option, so it appears to be specific to the 3GS. Why take this away????

Just posting this in hopes that someone will reply so I know it is not just my iPhone before I post this to Apple.

Posted: Jul 23, 2009

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IPhone :: Is There An Auto-Lock App
Is there an Auto-Lock App for iPhone?

Instead of pressing the button at the top of the iPhone (in this case iPhone 3G) to put the phone to sleep or darken the display has anyone seen an app that you can just touch on the screen to do that? Unless there already exists an operating feature I'm not aware of.

Posted: Jun 23, 2010

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IPhone :: Set Auto-lock To Never
I need to set my phone to Auto-lock -> never but do not get the option to anything but set it to 1-5 minutes.

I am thinking that there is something else that needs to be set first (like turning the passcode off - which I really do not want to do.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7)

Posted: Mar 13, 2012

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IPhone :: 3.0 Disable Auto-lock?
In the old iPhone OS, under auto-lock settings, you could pick "disable" as well as the different times. Now in OS 3.0 there are only time options, can't disable.

This is hosing up a lot of applications that I depend on the iphone staying unlocked for, like car GPS applications and whatnot.Am I missing something? Is this setting somewhere else now? Why did apple remove this option?

iPhone 3G
iPhone OS 3.0

Posted: Jul 16, 2009

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IPhone :: 3Gs - Auto-lock Settings
I recently was able to sync my office email account to my iPhone using Microsoft Exchance active sync. The problem as I understand from searching through different posts, is that I can no longer set my Auto-lock setting to "Never" because of this, only 5 minutes (sort of a security thing as far as I can tell).

The reason I am trying to do this is that I like to use one or two of the GPS golf apps out there, and they stay dialed in if the phone doesn't "sleep" while I am playing a round, so I would like to keep it on the entire time.

How I might be able to work around this issue in any way?

Posted: Jul 21, 2009

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IPhone :: 3G - Make An Auto-lock Message?
Is there any way to make a message on my iPhone when the auto-lock comes up?

If I ever lose it, it would be nice to have at least my name come up when someone got to the auto-lock screen.

Posted: Dec 15, 2008

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IPhone :: 3GS - Auto Lock Wont Work
I am encountering this weird problem which I couldn't find any helpful advice online or from Apple store. When I set the auto lock on my iPhone 3G(S) at 1min, the phone won't lock but instead will show some sort of screensaver/video about App Store advertisement after 1min. The screensaver/video will keep on playing and the phone won't go to sleep. I thought auto lock was supposed to put the phone to sleep to conserve battery power. I have tried to locate such screensaver or video file but to no avail. I have brought it to Apple store and they didn't encounter this before.

Posted: Aug 3, 2009

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IPhone :: Reduce Auto Lock Time
Is there any way to reduce the auto lock time to less than a minute? There are couple of option in setting but the least is "1 minute". I would like to reduce the auto lock option to 10 seconds.

Posted: Aug 24, 2010

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IPhone :: Disable Auto Lock In Certain Apps?
Is there something where I can disable auto lock when in certain apps? I.E.I am in the maps app and want the screen to stay lit until I close the maps? I am new to the jailbreaking scene so sorry if this has been asked(I searched too)

Posted: Jan 27, 2010

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IPhone :: Cannot Change Auto Lock Setting On 4
iPhone 4 on 4.0.1 jailbroken. I have Auto-Lock set to 1 minute and tried to change to Never since I was going to use cyberduck and didn't want to keep waking up the phone. Well the phone went to sleep after one minute and when I went into settings again to check it wouldn't load the page. Had to respring the phone and setting was back to normal except Auto-Lock was set back to 1 minute. I tried againg with same consequences.
BTW, i just updated to MobileSubstrate 0.9.3228-1 check to see if they can change their Auto-lock time on their iPhone 4.

Posted: Aug 5, 2010

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IPhone :: Auto Lock Longer Than 5 Mins?
I recently got my ip4 and loving most of it but...Is there any way to get a longer auto lock than 5 mins?

I'd prefer 10, 15, 30 mins.

I use a 6 character alphanumeric passcode which is a real pain to have to keep putting in so often.

Dont want to set it it to never in case I forget to lock it then lose it!

Too much confidential info on it to risk leaving it unprotected.

Posted: Aug 12, 2010

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IPhone :: Passcode Auto-lock Bug Time Option
I have 2 iphones 1 black 32gb and 1 black 3g 16gb.

Since i have bought the 3G@16gb i have always had the problem that if i set "REQUIRE PASSCODE" I had only this options:
After 1 min
After 5 min
After 15 min
After 1 hour

AND NOT : After 4 hours (in the black32gb i have also this final option).

It was not a big problem because 1hour was fine for me , but yesterday i have bought a white32gb to replace the old 3G@16gb . I have upgraded his firmware and restored the backups of the 3G@16gb on the new white.

And.... BAZINGA now i have only this few options:

After 1 min
After 5 min
After 15 min

Is my iphone kidding me ? what can i do ? in the older black32gb i still have has maximun option the 4 hours setting , but in the white now has maximum is only 15 minutes ...

Posted: Nov 1, 2009

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IPhone :: 3GS - Bluetooth Connection Drops After Auto Lock Kicks In
Just bought a Motorola T505 car speaker. This is the first bluetooth device I pair with my iphone. The T505 and iPhone pair successful and work fine. But when my iphone auto-lock (set as 2 minutes) kicks in and about 30 seconds after, the bluetooth connection drops. It then reconnects but may be 1-2 minutes after, it drops again. T505 announces "connection dropped" whenever it happens so that's how I notice it even the screen is blanked out.

Now if I have music playing through the bluetooth connection, the connection will not drop. I pair a Windows Mobile phone to T505 and all is good so the problem does not seem to be T505.

Posted: Jan 31, 2010

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IPhone :: App Or Trick To Override Auto-lock When Listening To Music?
I'm looking for a way to keep my iphone awake while I listen to music on the ipod. I have auto-lock set and a password so everytime it goes to sleep I have to input my password just to change song/artist. I know that if you double click you get the little ipod control box but its limited functions don't let you change to a different artist/album etc. For security reasons I don't want to turn off the password or auto-lock so is their a cydia app or trick to override the lock/password for when I'm listening to music.

Posted: Nov 10, 2009

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IPhone :: Standard Auto-lock Action Doesn't Work
I've tried pressing the home button and the on/off button to disengage auto lock. Touch screen is still dead.

iPhone 4S

Posted: Jun 23, 2012

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IPhone :: 3G Automatically Disable Auto Lock / When Hooked Up To External Power
Is there way to automatically disable auto lock on a 3GS when hooked up to external power?


Posted: May 26, 2010

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IPhone :: Upgrade OS 3.1.3 To IOS4 - Auto-Lock - Reboot Didn't Work
Previous to the Upgrade from iPhone OS 3.1.3 to iOS4 I used Auto-Lock with "3 Minutes" Setting. After update to iOS4 the Auto-Lock is set to "1 Minute" and greyed out. What I tried so far:

Reboot - didn't work
Reset settings - didn't work

Restore - did work and I could change settings to 3 Minutes - but after restore my Backup it is greyed out and back to 1 Minute. I will not restore to factory and rebuild that iPhone from scratch - their should be an other fix for that issue

iPhone 3GS
iOS 4

Posted: Jun 27, 2010

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LG :: Auto Lock On Venus
I couldn't find anything on how to disable the auto lock on the side of the phone for the LG Venus. Is there a way you can?

Posted: Jan 11, 2008

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Nokia :: E52 Phone Auto Lock
My E52 has proble. After enanled function phone auto lock period 30 mins, I could not disable it. When i goto phone autolock period, change, select NONE, then it appeared error: phone unable to unlock.I tried factory reset and reinstall software but still can not change. I have to enter lock code after every 30 mins phone unuse.

Posted: Feb 1, 2010

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Nokia :: E71 Auto Remote Lock
theres a feature auto remote lock in e71 security settings.please tell me how to make it work.
i tried to enter a message into and set a lock code.but when i sent the same "locking" message from another phone my phone dint lock.

Posted: Nov 20, 2008

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Nokia :: E71 Removing Auto Lock
I downloaded an application to my Nokia E71 that required using the autolock function. I no longer need the application, and I have done a complete uninstall; however, when I try to remove the lock function by going to Menu > Tools > Settings > General > Security> Phone and SIM card > Phone autolock period and try to change the setting to None, I receive a message "Unable to unlock phone". Does anyone know another way I can try to remove the autolock feature?

Posted: May 25, 2009

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Nokia :: How To Activate Auto Lock On N73
I want to activate automatic phone lock on my Nokia N73 but it asks me for a code which i dont know.

Posted: May 22, 2008

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BB Curve 8900 :: Does Anyone Have An Auto Key Lock?
I have now had my first BB for a week, and have made a handfull of calls from my pocket which I didnt want to. The problem is that all of my previous phones have had an auto key lock which kicks in after about 10 seconds of inactivity. I cant see this feature on my 8900 and wondered if there is something which I could download. Its not for security so something simple would be fine.

Posted: Mar 26, 2009

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BB Tour 9630 :: Auto Lock With New OS?
One of the best features with my BB is the auto lock (an app I downloaded). It would basically put it in standby mode after a few seconds of inactivity. This was key because it prevented it from going off in my pocket.

With the new OS, the app doesn't work. I know there is a similar function with the new OS, but it requires a 4-digit (?) password as opposed to a quick 2-button key press to unlock.

Any ideas on how to get this back?

Posted: Apr 9, 2010

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LG :: Turn Off Auto Key Lock Vx8550?
Is there a way to turn off the automatic key lock on the vx8550? All I can find is the lock when the slider is closed. I dont want the phone to lock at all unless I hit the switch on the right side.

Posted: Dec 25, 2007

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Eseries / Communicators :: E52 Auto-key Lock?
Whykey pad auto lock will work if there is an active application at the front?Very annoying to me ifusing GPS and keypad will lock after some time? How can it becorrected?

Posted: Nov 29, 2010

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Cseries :: How To Set C7 Auto-lock Period To None
after belle update, I am unable to set the Phone settings Phone autolock period to none. The maximum period it is allowing is 20 minutes. There is a none option, but system is not allowing me to select that option. I want to avoid the security code everytime the phone is locked.

Posted: Apr 3, 2012

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Cseries :: Disable Auto-lock On It?
is it possible to disable auto lock on my phone (c2) ??? and how can i do it ?

Posted: Oct 21, 2011

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Nokia :: How To Get Auto Keypad Lock On Phone?
how do you get auto keypad lock on the phone? like after after a set time?

Posted: Nov 13, 2009

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Nokia :: E75 How To Disable Auto Keypad Lock
Can I disable the auto keypad lock feature in E75? Don't seem to be able to find a setting to disable this feature.

Posted: Jun 30, 2009

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Nokia :: N70 How To Set Time For Auto Keyguard Lock
How to set the time for auto keyguard lock in N 70?

Posted: Sep 12, 2008

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