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HTC :: Tilt Switching Between Silent / Vibrate And Audible Ringing?

Previously on my 8125.. I held down the comm button and it switched between vibrate and audible.. I recently aquired a tilt due to my cat puking on my wizard and rendering all the hard buttons non functional (yes this really happened.. but I am more pissed about the cat puking on the couch where my phone was).

Short of moving through menus and such, I have not figured out how to set a hard button to this functionality.. and yes I have tried changing the settings for the buttons.. its driving me nuts.... (ps I reassigned the ptt key to the comm application)

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HTC :: Tilt Way To Toggle Between 'Ring' / 'Silent' / 'Vibrate' Option On Device?
I just picked up a Tilt finally and I'm loving the phone, but I do have one question that I haven't been able to find in the manual and through searching on here:Is there a way to toggle between a 'Ring', 'Silent' & 'Vibrate' option on this device? I see the option on the title bar to click and then adjust the differences there but I was hoping for something I can customize. Or at least a faster way to change between them. I use all 3 quite a bit depending on where I am and it's always been very nice to have them available quickly.

I'm coming from a Nokia and BB Curve and those both had this... hoping the Tilt had something handy like it as well.

Posted: Nov 24, 2007

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BB Tour 9630 :: How Do You Do Selective Audible Ringing
I have an 8900 curve also and a tour on the way..when i go to sleep, i need to set up a profile to only ring when it's a specific number, is this what 'important calls' is ?

If for example, *8005551212* calls me, then ring.. or obviously pick it out of the phone book.. if it's anyone else, remain vibrate or silent.

Posted: Jul 14, 2009

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Motorola Cliq :: No Audible Ringing After 2.1 Upgrade?
So I upgraded to 2.1 and [knock on wood] everything seems to work fine with one exception - the phone will not audibly ring on incoming call. Volume seems to work fine in all other instances, just not on incoming calls. Vibrate still works.

Posted: May 28, 2011

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IPhone :: IP4 Bluetooth In Car / Nissan Sentra / No Audible Ringing
I have a Nissan Sentra with built in bluetooth, and I am having problems since getting the new iphone. I synced mine with no problems, but when someone calls, the phone vibrates and then only after a couple of "rings" the car display says bluetooth but there is still no audible ringing at all. The phone was not in silent mode.

With my 3G, as soon as a call came in, it would silence my radio and the car would ring to let me know of an incoming call. Anyone having similiar issues with their car bluetooth?

Posted: Jun 25, 2010

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IPhone :: Audible Alert In Silent Mode?
I keep my phone on silent while in class, and I recently received an audible alert during lecture while on silent. The alert tone was not one that I have set or recognize, and I was only able to view "iPhone alert" before frantically turning it off. Does anyone know what causes these embarrassing audible alerts while in silent mode or know of a way to check past alerts?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

Posted: Apr 3, 2012

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BB Tour 9630 :: Silent Profile: Audible Ring Possible?
From what I gather, the only way to mute the keypad when dialing is to use the Silent profile. However, is there a way to have an audible ring when using the Silent profile? In short, I want to silent the key pad (i.e., Key Tone = Off) when dialing a number and have an audible ring as well. I've tried a few things but no luck yet.

Posted: Aug 12, 2009

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IPhone :: Text Audible Alert In Silent Mode
I have a need to have text (SMS) messages to wake me, but I dno't want general emails to wake me at night. My iPhone 4s spends most of its life in silet mode, but I need all text messages to be obnoxious so that they will make me. When I had a BLackberry I could set different message notification types for example I can always have text messages loud but could silence anything else. I'm toying aroudn with setting the contact SMS to be the Alarm tone but I'm not sure how this iwll work when I have it in silent...

I've read articles on Google where I'm not the only person seeking this functionality; the most recent article was a doctor that was on-call. While I'm not a doctor, I do work an on-call position.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1

Posted: Mar 20, 2012

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LG :: Vx9900 (enV) Using Vibrate Mode BUT Need Audible Alarm
I have a vx9900 (enV) and I want to leave the phone on vibrate but use an audible alarm. Is this possible? I can't figure it out.The only other thing I tried was to leave the phone on audible mode but turn everything to vibrate with no ring. It almost works, except there's an audible beep if you miss a call that can't be turned off. This would be another option if anyone knows how to turn this audible missed call reminder off.

Posted: Feb 22, 2008

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IPhone :: Silent A Ringing Call?
when the iphone is sleep, and a call comes in, the only option i have is to slide the bar to the right to answer the phone, then i have to press the end button. isnt there a way to stop the call from ringing and let it goto voicemail from sleep mode?

Posted: Mar 2, 2010

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IPhone :: Stop Ringing In Your Headphones On Silent?
Is there a way to stop the ringer from ringing when you have your headphones on?

I like to use the App "Ambiance" to relax and nap with. It plays ocean sounds and flutes and all kinds of fruity crap like that which helps block out noise and let in sleep.

Problem is even with the phone on silent and all the alert volume's turned off, if the phone rings, the damn thing still blasts your ringer into your earphones!

Posted: Sep 16, 2009

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IPhone :: 4 Gone Into Silent Mode - How To Get It Back To Ringing
My phone has gone into a slient mode. How do I get it back so it rings.

iPhone 4

Posted: Jul 5, 2012

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Still Ringing In Silent Mode
Is anyone else having this problem? Whenever my bf calls (he has a customized ringer), it still rings/vibrates even if my phone is on silent. I've tried changing it to ring only on "active profile" or "out of holster", but it doesn't affect anything. It's annoying. Is there a way to fix this? This only applies to customized profiles. All others remain silent.

Posted: Nov 25, 2009

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BB Bold 9000 :: Profile Is On Silent And Calls Are Ringing
Just today, my profiles are NOT working. I had "Profiles" on silent and calls were ringing The calls that were coming through were set for "active profile" so they were NOT supposed to come through.

Posted: Jun 11, 2010

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BB Bold 9000 :: Silent Ringing During Receiving Call?
Is it possible to shut down ringing during receiving a call, like on Nokia, you have a Silent button?

Posted: Mar 13, 2009

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HTC :: Tilt Turning On Vibrate By Its Self
I yesterday it started to do this and I dont know why or how. it turns vibrate on by its self and I end up by missing calls and what not.

Posted: May 7, 2008

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IPhone :: 4S Not Ringing And Vibrate After Call Missed
The phone dont ring and when the call is miss it vibrate..

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1

Posted: Jun 27, 2012

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Phone Ringing / Sms Notification Even When Silent
I have the .109 NOT HYBRID official release and i have always had this problem. Since i go to work and i put my STORM on Silent or vibrate only. Sometimes it rings until i do a batt pull or quick pull. Please advise. Any1 having same issue? That is really annoying. thanks in Advance for the help.

Posted: Feb 26, 2009

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IPhone :: Ringing Volume Switching To Minimum
I have updated my iPhone to 2.0, I love it however, sence then my ringing volume keeps switching to the minimum. I slide it back to full But after 5 to 15 minutes it is back to the minimum. is this a problem with my phone only or is it because 2.0 is there any way to fix it.

Powerbook 667 15 & 1 Ghz 12
Mac OS X (10.4.7)

Posted: Nov 15, 2008

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BB Curve 8300 :: Can Change Ring So It Does Not Vibrate Once Before Ringing?
OK, so I found in the profiles where I can change the number of times the phone vibrates before ringing and got the phone to ring 4 times, but I really just want the rings - is there any way to disable the vibrate function?

Posted: Mar 6, 2009

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Sony Ericsson :: C902 Stopped Ringing Out / Only Vibrate
My C902 has stopped ringing out but only vibrate, I can only use earpiece. what do I do?My C902 has stopped ringing out but only vibrate, I can only use earpiece. what do I do?

Posted: Jul 20, 2010

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Nokia :: N85 - Hangs After Switching On, Alarm And Phone Not Ringing
since yesterday I'm owner of N85-1 phone, so I was very happy when I saw the device (it is a present), but today I've become very sad.

So, my main PROMLEM is very strange:

Last evening I used the phone for probably 30 min. conversation, than I set the alarm clock in order to wake up this morning and go to work. But I overslept and a thought that I did not hear the phone alarm.

My surprise was huge when I tried to switch on the phone, I entered the PIN code of the card and there was the alarm active whit the usual two options - snooze or switch it of. No matter what I choose the phone is blocking and I can't use it at all. The only way to do something is to remove the battery, so I've done it this morning for at least 20 times and the result is the same every time - the phone is blocked and I can't do anything to use the phone.

In the same time when I dial my number from other phone I'm hearing the "free" signal, but the N85 is not ringing at all.

Posted: May 20, 2010

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Nokia :: Does N97 Vibrate In Silent Mode?
I got the N97 only a week ago, so I am still learning the ropes. Does anyone know how to put this phone in vribration mode, when it is silent? I miss a lot of calls once I set the phone to Silent.

Posted: Nov 9, 2009

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Nokia :: How To Put E17 On Silent / Vibrate At Same Time?
I know silent is:(J or #)I now want to make it vibrate and go on silent.

Posted: May 21, 2010

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BB Tour :: Still Rings When Set To Silent Or Vibrate
Every time I set my phone profile to "silent" or "vibrate" calls continue to audibly ring through normally. I went into my provider with my problem, and they're trying to tell me that its not possible for me to have custom ringtones set up and have the vibrate/silent work at the same time. According to them I either have to have my phone on vibrate all the time, remove all my custom tones, or just turn my phone off when I want it to be silent! My friend has the same phone and is on my family plan, and he has custom tones and his vibrate/silent still works as it should, so I know that its possible. All I want is to be able to have my phone not ring while in class or at the movies.

Posted: Jan 5, 2010

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BB Curve :: How To Turn To Silent Or Vibrate Only
I like to use my bberry as my alarm clock. But I don't want the phone ringing or hearing a jingle when I get a text message. Is there a way to set the phone to a "bedtime" or "in meeting" or "silent" mode for this situation? I don't see a "profiles" option in my bberry. I see how I can set the tone and volume for each item - phone, message, etc. but no overall way to just make the whole thing silent or vibrate when I don't want to be disturbed.

Posted: Mar 1, 2011

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IPhone :: 3gs Keeps Switching To And From Silent Mode
My iphone 3gs keeps switching between silent and regular modes when I have the silent button depressed. It seems to have a mind of it's own. I'm currently using ios 5.1, but I don't know if this is a software problem or it's something with the phone itself.

iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.1, silent mode

Posted: May 2, 2012

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Vibrate Profile But Phone Still Ringing
I have a friends storm, when she sets the profile to vibrate only, and recieves a txt the ringtone still sounds. To my understanding you cannot customize each specific preset profile like on the curve, I was thinking it was because she had a ringtone set for a specific person but I sent a txt from a random phone and did the same. anyone have an idea on how to resolve this other than creating a custom profile.

Posted: Jun 11, 2009

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BB Curve 8300 :: Device Is Not Ringing - Does Vibrate On Incoming Calls
My curve was working fine until a couple of days ago. I'm not sure what I did, but now its not ringing although it does vibrate on incoming calls. I have made sure that my in and out of holster setting are on tone and vibrateand not on mute. The do not disturb is also set to no. The media player works fine, so I know it isn't my speakers.

Posted: Sep 23, 2008

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IPhone :: Vibrate / Turn On The Silent Switch?
Wen using the otterbox I know to turn the ringing down you can just use the volume buttons on the side to turn it down. I was wondering if there is a way to fix it so everything will vibrate like it does when you turn the silent switch on?

MacBook Pro
Mac OS X (10.4.11)
iphone, 30gig ipod.

Posted: Jul 24, 2008

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IPhone 3GS :: Vibrate For Messages When In Silent Mode?
Is there a way to allow my iPhone 3Gs to vibrate for messages when I am in 'silent mode'?
iPhone OS 3.1.2

Posted: Dec 29, 2009

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BB Bold 9000 :: Vibrate On Silent - Anyway I Can Turn This Off?
For school I put my berry on silent so it doesn't disturb class, but for some reason when someone calls me it still vibrates. Is there anyway I can turn this off? It defeats the purpose of putting my phone on silent rather than vibrate.

Posted: Mar 17, 2009

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IPhone :: Vibrate / Silent Button Fell Off
so my friends iphone button for the silent/ringer popped off, his iphone 3g is over a year old and the button looked like it fell off, he can use his fingernail to move it up and down but thats really digging ur nail in, its like the cap popped off or something, think we can take it back to apple to get it fixed?

Posted: Mar 19, 2010

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Motorola :: Silent / Vibrate Shortcut (KRZR)
Is there any way to easily change my KRZR from ring to silent/vibrate? I like to leave my phone on at all times, but find it a pain to have to enter settings and change the ring tone that way. I was hoping there was a way to make one of the shortcut icons on the main screen be quick way to silence my phone.

Posted: Sep 10, 2007

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HTC :: Ozone Changing Between Vibrate / Normal / Silent
when i change between vibrate / normal / silent - it never goes back to normal, it always stays on silent even though you go to:


i just upgraded to 6.5.i can't get the phone to ring normal now

Posted: Feb 27, 2010

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