Google Nexus 6 :: Hangouts Has Stopped / Force Closed - Pop Up Message

Dec 14, 2015

So I've disabled hangouts on my Nexus 6 for a very long time now. I also keep on getting the message hangouts has stopped/force closed, then I just click OK. Is there any way to prevent this message from a continuously popping up though?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Doesn't Hangouts Show More Than One Message Anymore

Jul 14, 2014

I can no longer expand the notifications in Hangouts to see that I have multiple messages from someone. I can only see the last one. It used to not be this way.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Shared Link From Chrome Shows Up In Hangouts Message

Aug 30, 2014

So the other day I sent a link from a website to my wife. This was maybe Tuesday. Every time I get a text from her and open it up through the notification bar, the link that I sent shows up in the text box to send to her again. I've cleared the cache in Hangouts, SwiftKey, and Chrome, and rebooted and I still can't get it to go away.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Can Schedule Hangouts To Send Text Message At A Specific Later Time?

Oct 29, 2014

I'm curious, is there a way to schedule a text message to be sent at a specific time later in the day through the Google Hangouts app?

For example, it's 6:15 a.m. right now, and I would like to text someone after they wake up today, but I may be sleeping by the time they get up, so I'm wondering if there is a way to schedule my phone to send out a text message 2 hours from now at 8:15 a.m.?

It seems as though there are several third-party apps that claim to do this - and I may end up trying one of those apps - but I would prefer to not install any other Texting apps on my phone, if possible, so I would like to find out if there is a way to do through through Google Hangouts.

I have T-Mobile service on a Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.4 and I use the version of Hangouts that is automatically installed on my phone for text messaging. I don't have any other Text Message apps installed on my phone.

By the way, if there is no way to do this through Google Hangouts, any 3rd-party app that will do this that they have used?

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LG G3 :: Incoming Text Message Force Keyboard Closed While Inside That Conversation?

Mar 6, 2015

I have a LG G3 recently updated to Android 5.x. While texting yesterday I noticed that if I was typing (had the keyboard showing) and an incoming message arrived within my conversation, that the keyboard is forcibly closed. Thinking it was my built in LG messenger app, I downloaded the Go SMS Pro, Handcent SMS, Chomps, and Google Messenger apps. They all behave the same way.

I then tested my wife's iPhone. When she gets incoming messages they just show up, without forcing the keyboard to close.

So, is this the way it is supposed to work? I have never noticed it before. Could this be a LG upgrade-to-Lollipop issue?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Message Unfortunately Photos Stopped?

Jun 11, 2015

i updated the photos app in my nexus 5. now i am not able to open it. when i try "unfortunately photos stopped' message comes. i tried clearing cache. Even then it is not opening.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts Occasionally Logs Into Google Account?

Dec 12, 2014

I use Hangouts but purposely use it only for SMS/MMS and stay logged out of my google account there.

At least three times now since installed Lollipop three or so weeks ago the app has logged me into my google account. I then have to go into the Settings area of the app and Sign Out.

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Google Nexus 5 :: ADB Doesn't Work - Connection Closed

Oct 18, 2015

my friend nexus 5 got water damage. he opened it up and cleaned the corrosion. when he put it back together one pin was short circuited and smoked a lil. but then he removed the pin and able to boot the phone. it goes to the google then to the flying color dots but stuck there forever.

i tried adb, it says connection: closed.

so i tried fastboot oem unlock and suceeded

i try able to fastboot flash recovery.img to TWRP, but after flashed, the recovery is still stock recovery.

I go back to fastboot and saw unlock was not there anymore.

so why is the unlock doesn't stay and the flashing in fastboot doesn't get updated.?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts Sending Twice?

Nov 30, 2013

Hangouts keeps sending messages twice and i don't know how to fix this. It is very annoying because my friends get angry because i always send twice. Is their a fix for this or Google just has to update it?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Using Hangouts - MMS Over WiFi

Jul 27, 2015

In an effort to squeeze a little extra battery life from my phone I setup a tasker profile to disable mobile data when on Wifi.

Unfortunately, that means I can't get MMS messages when on Wifi. I'm using hangouts, but don't think it's hangouts specific. If there's a way to make this work?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Import SMS / MMS History Into Hangouts?

Nov 5, 2013

I tried using MyBackupPro to backup my SMS, MMS, and Phone logs from my Nexus 4 and then import (restore) them into the Nexus 5. Phone logs came over just fine, but I still can't see the SMS/MMS history in Hangouts. How this can be done? It's not really important to me, but I would like to know if it is at least doable.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Sending Video In Hangouts

Aug 14, 2015

so in the new 4.0 version of hangouts noticed that you can send a video anymore?!? In the older version of hangouts you could. Is it just me?

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Google Nexus 6 :: How To Remove +1 From Texts In Hangouts

Apr 9, 2015

I am having a problem where I cannot text to 6 digit numbers (for card balances and whatnot) because there is a +1 in front of the number. There is no way to edit the number before sending the text. I have tried deleting the contact and manually typing the 6 digit number but it still adds +1 in front of it (which gives me an error when I send the text) . How to get hangouts to remove the +1?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts SMS Avatar Is Blank

Nov 13, 2013

I can't get an image to appear for me in Hangouts SMS. I'm referring to the user image on the right side of the screen during conversations/threads. It just shows the generic person graphic.

If I send a txt to myself then the left-side avatar (the sender) shows up correctly (my Google+ profile image), but the right-side image is still the generic one.

At first I thought this was due to me not having an image assigned in the top part of "My local profile" when I open myself up in the People app. I assigned myself a photo but still nothing appears (after a reboot). (I did note that on the N4 there was nothing assigned to that image option either, and SMS simply used my Google+ image.)

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Google Nexus 5 :: MMS Messages Not Being Received In Hangouts?

Feb 19, 2014

just picked up a Nexus 5 last weekend.

My fiancee has an iphone and has been trying to send me MMS, and they're not coming through to the Hangouts app. I have auto-retrieve set to ON (even checked auto retrieve on roaming just to make sure). I'm on LTE in NYC (AT&T). I've rebooted the phone, tried deleting the message thread and starting a new one, airplane mode, etc...APN seems fine.

The strange part is this was working just the other day. Now, I'm totally new to Android (coming from an iPhone) so is it possible I changed some setting without knowing what I was doing? Possibly. Do I recall what I did? Nope.

Even stranger: Textra shows the image fine. Hangouts does not.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Attach Videos In Hangouts?

Nov 24, 2013

is there a way to attach videos? i just see record video.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Can't Open MMS Messages In Hangouts

Oct 30, 2015

I believe since my last android update. When i receive MMS messages , I can't open them... When I click download it's downloading for a few minutes and then it just tell me message not downloaded. Touch to retry... I Have a nexus 5 therefore I only use hangouts.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts Group Messaging

Dec 20, 2014

My friends and I have group messages. But my phone wont receive a good portion of what it actually sent in the thread. I get all the pictures but the texts dont all come through. Running 5.0.1 on straight talk.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Adding Emoticons To Hangouts?

Aug 21, 2014

had to switch back to Hangouts from Textra and miss the emoticons Textra had. Hangouts emoticons seem...rather crap. I've tried different emoticons apps from the playstore, but they want to replace Hangouts. While I don't particularly like Hangouts, im just going to settle for now. So, is it possible to keep using Hangouts and just add the emoticons to the current keyboard?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Can't Figure Out Hangouts Icon

May 8, 2014

I have been using the new Hangouts app with merged SMS and I like it. I can't figure out for the life of me why all people either appear as their photos in G+, others who have no photos appear white on gray background and one contact appears dark blue on light blue background. What the dark blue on light blue icon means?

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Save Pictures From MMS In Hangouts

Nov 6, 2013

Someone sent me pictures and I want to save them. I long hold it when it is maximized and no options come up.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts And Sending Multiple Pics

Nov 6, 2013

How can you send multiple pictures from hangouts? I go to the gallery app and multi select but the hangout app doesn't display for sharing. I can only do one at a time ..

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Google Nexus 5 :: Any Way To Send Audio Recording Through Hangouts?

Feb 17, 2014

Prior to owning the Nexus 5, I remember always having an option to attach video, picture, or voice memos straight from the text message app.. is there a way to do this with Hangouts.

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Google Nexus 6 :: How To Switch From Speaker To Earpiece In Hangouts

Jun 14, 2015

While on a voice call in Hangout, how do I switch from speaker to ear-piece on Nexus 6...

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts - Unread SMS Count On Icon?

Nov 13, 2013

Is there any way to show the unread sms count on top of the hangouts icon? I'd like to know if I have unread messages.

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Google Nexus 5 :: How To Send SMS Through Hangouts To Multiple Recipients

Mar 18, 2015

I have been unable to figure this out... I want to send a single sms message to two recipients (my kids) via the hangouts app. one of my kids is an apple fan and they don't use hangouts or google plus.

I have tried selecting and unselecting the MMS to group messaging box in the settings and it seems to have no effect. I can't figure out how to select two contacts for sms.

Nexus 5 running 5.1 on hangouts version 3.0.87531466 and am using google voice on AT&T.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Why Unable To Recreate Superscript In Hangouts SMS

Mar 10, 2015

While texting a friend, I typed the message: "like 4 years" and the 4 came out in the superscript format for no reason. All I did was hold down the 'r' key, and let go once a 4 showed up. I sent the message, and they read it as the 4 being superscripted. I tried to recreate this accident, but was unable to. I kinda want to send superscript format messages, because that would look cool.

I have a Nexus 5, and I was using the 'Hangouts' sms system.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Recent Messages Deleted In Hangouts

Jul 13, 2015

send an SMS message to someone in Hangouts then delete the message. Now open up the Contacts app (not Dialer) and find that same person. Under the person's details you will see a section called Recents. You will see the message you just sent and deleted with no options, at least that i know of, to delete this message. It will stay there for a few days and then will disappear. But those few days keeping a deleted message is not a good thing. I can just imagine the number of people who are cheating get caught because they didn't know their spouse, boyfriend or girl friend can see who and what recent messages they've been sending to someone, that they thought they had deleted or cleared, just by browsing thru the Contacts app. I think this needs to be changed so that if you delete your messages in Hangouts it will also delete the corresponding message in Contacts instantly.

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Google Nexus 6 :: Can't Change Notification Sound In Hangouts

Mar 23, 2015

I am on Lillipop 5.1. I have chosen a notification sound in Hangouts but no matter which one I change it too, even silent it uses the Europa sound all the time when a message comes in. Is it a bug?

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts No Longer Receive Pictures

Jun 26, 2014

So I have been having an issue with my Hangouts no receiving picture msgs. Its as if Hangouts picks and chooses which ones it wants to allow. One notification says"new MMS message to download: size is 1265KB" followed by an expiration period. I click on download, but it keeps failing.

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Google Nexus 5 :: Hangouts Auto Starts Call

Apr 21, 2015

i just noticed yesterday that hangouts happens to initiate calls by itself.i'm on a N5, with android 5.1 and every app up to date.i noticed it when writing, all of the suddn the green bar "call in progress" drops down from the top.... it happened 10 times yesteraday and this morning i got noticed by a friend that i called him in the middle of the was my N5 built on an ancient burial ground? or is the app buggy?

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