BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Still Ringing In Silent Mode

Nov 25, 2009

Is anyone else having this problem? Whenever my bf calls (he has a customized ringer), it still rings/vibrates even if my phone is on silent. I've tried changing it to ring only on "active profile" or "out of holster", but it doesn't affect anything. It's annoying. Is there a way to fix this? This only applies to customized profiles. All others remain silent.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Locator Application - Silent Or Vibrate Mode?

Aug 13, 2010

It is my understanding there is an application that will allow a phone to be located by calling the phone. It is supposed to work when the phone is in silent or vibrate mode.

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IPhone :: 4 Gone Into Silent Mode - How To Get It Back To Ringing

Jul 5, 2012

My phone has gone into a slient mode. How do I get it back so it rings.

iPhone 4

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BB Pearl 8100 :: Headset Auto Answer - Ringing Noise In Headset In Silent Mode

Jul 11, 2007

Has anyone managed to get this to work. Use the standard Blackberry Headset (two earphone model) for the Pearl 8100 and get the phone to auto answer either after a few rings or straight away when a call comes in. Has anyone managed to have the phone set so that although it is on vibrate, if you have the headset connected, then you get a ringing noise in the headset? Finally has anyone managed to get any bluetooth headset to auto answer calls on the Pearl? I am using the Jawbone, but have also used a Motorola but had no joy with either. Seems very strange as this is a fairly basic feature on most mobile phones, and has been for a long, long time.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Vibrates On Silent

Apr 3, 2010

As the title says, while my phone is on silent (and even on "All Alerts Off"), my phone somehow seems to vibrate when a phone call comes in. It works perfectly fine on SMS and everything else; it's only a problem for phone calls. I have went into the profile settings and it is set to silent and vibrate off. I even have done a master reset of the phone. So I don't know what the deal is.

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BB Storm 9530/9500 :: Phone Ringing / Sms Notification Even When Silent

Feb 26, 2009

I have the .109 NOT HYBRID official release and i have always had this problem. Since i go to work and i put my STORM on Silent or vibrate only. Sometimes it rings until i do a batt pull or quick pull. Please advise. Any1 having same issue? That is really annoying. thanks in Advance for the help.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Profile Is On Silent And Calls Are Ringing

Jun 11, 2010

Just today, my profiles are NOT working. I had "Profiles" on silent and calls were ringing The calls that were coming through were set for "active profile" so they were NOT supposed to come through.

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BB Bold 9000 :: Silent Ringing During Receiving Call?

Mar 13, 2009

Is it possible to shut down ringing during receiving a call, like on Nokia, you have a Silent button?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Set To Silent Still Vibrates On Incoming Calls?

Apr 9, 2010

This is pretty frustrating - anytime I get an incoming phone call when my 9700 is set to Silent, it still vibrates. I've gone through the profile settings and alerts menus, and they all have vibrate set to OFF under the Silent profile. Battery pull has no effect. Anything else I should try?

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Samsung Galaxy S II :: Silent Mode, Non Silent Mode, Seems Reversed?

Feb 1, 2012

It was 5 weeks old and developed a screen issue, went back to repair centre, came back fixed.....All good.....Well no.Now, when the silent icon on the drop down curtain says silent, its not, when you select to change this from the long press of the power on/off button (It gives you a turn device off option, deactivate/activate data, Airplane mode and Silent off and on)The turn on silent mode actually does the opposite?

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BB Bold 9700 :: 9700 How To Extend Ringing Time For Ringtone

Apr 22, 2010

I am sure that this issue has been raised before but it is the one aspect of the BB9700 that is driving me to distraction. What profile settings should i use just to get the darn thing to ring for 20 secs - both in and out of its holster? (I have tried the code to extend the time to 30 secs but it does not seem to work with Orange UK).

I just want the phone to ring like a phone without LEDS, vibration etc. At the moment, I need the hearing of a 5 year old and the strength of a 20 year old to get to my phone before it trips over to answerphone.I am on OS593 and I have tried battery pulls etc. I am also using a ringtune rather than Classic Ring.

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Xperia X10 :: Phone Goes Into Silent Mode Without My Knowledge

Feb 1, 2011

i own a Xperia10i. the problem is the phone goes into silent mode without my knowledge. quite often i miss calls and messages because of that. is there a way to stop the phone from going into silent mode by itself.

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HTC Tattoo :: Shortcut Or To Having The Phone On Silent Mode?

Nov 26, 2009

i currently have the HTC Tattoo and i want to know if there is a shortcut or to having the phone on silent mode just like any other phones?

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BB Tour 9630 :: How To Make Contact Tone Silent When In Silent Mode

Apr 8, 2010

Ok so i bought a BB 9630 Tour couple days ago. and i have a i set my girlfriend as a specific ringtone. but i usually use silent when i am at home, and one day she called me and guess what, the phone here is the question, how do you make the contact ring when it is in like when my normal is activated BUT NOT MY SILENT. cuz when i do silent and when she calls me and my phone rings... it doesnt really make sense cuz i put it as in silent.

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BB Bold 9700 :: Bedside Mode For The Phone?

Dec 4, 2009

Is it not on the 9700? also, what all does it do?

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Nokia :: 5800XM - Phone Going Silent Mode Automatically

Apr 29, 2010

My Nokia 5800 XM (firmware v21), is going from general to silent profile automatically every weekday at 09:00 AM. I don't understand how it happens as I didn't set auto profile or whaever to anywhere!

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BB Torch :: 9800 Phone Rings When In Silent Mode

Oct 31, 2011

Torch 9800 will ring when a phone call or text is receved even though I have placed the phone in Silent mode.How do I prevent this?

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BB Bold :: Silent Mode Still Rings?

Jun 13, 2010

I have recently noticed a disturbing situation with my BB Bold 9700. I can set the audio profile to Silent (like when I am in the movie or theater) but when people with specific ringtones call, the phone still has the audible ring.

I have tried all the tips I have found on this site and other sites. However, nothing seems to work. It only happens with people who have custom ring tones set.

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BB Tour 9630 :: Calculator Is Not Silent In Silent Mode

Sep 16, 2009

Had a surprising moment in a dead quiet library today when I was using the calculator app on my Verizon Tour and found out the hard way that when you press the delete key a couple of times it will emit a very loud beep. This happens regardless of what sound profile you are in, including vibrate only and silent.Very disappointing. Can I hope for an official fix or do I need to find some workaround?

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IPhone :: In Silent Mode, But Still Be Able To Receive Emergency Phone Calls

Mar 16, 2012

have my iPhone in Silent Mode, but still be able to receive emergency phone calls from pre-determined telephone numbers?

iPhone 3GS

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BB Bold 9700 :: Clock Is Gone And Phone Frozen In Bedside Mode?

Feb 15, 2010

I put the phone in bedside mode then drop it in the cradle and when I wake up the clock is gone and the phone is frozen. It won't let you do anything not even shut it off, I have to do a battery pull.

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IPhone :: Silent A Ringing Call?

Mar 2, 2010

when the iphone is sleep, and a call comes in, the only option i have is to slide the bar to the right to answer the phone, then i have to press the end button. isnt there a way to stop the call from ringing and let it goto voicemail from sleep mode?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Actual Silent Mode On Bold?

Oct 23, 2008

I'm currently using a treo 750, and one of the most annoying things is that there are no "profiles" at all. It's either vibrate loudly, or ring. Because of this theres not a true silent mode. I miss this when i'm in class/meeting at work and my phone begins vibrating loudly. Does the bold have profiles? And are the customizable?

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BB Bold 9000 :: Is Possible To Temporarily Switch To Silent Mode?

Jul 6, 2010

I had the option to switch my phone to silent for a period of time of my choice. After that the phone would switch back to normal. The benefit of this was that I could never forget to switch back to normal. For example at the beginning of a meeting with an estimated duration of 2 hours, I would program the phone to a 2 hours silent period and after that it would switch back to normal. This was so handy. Is that possible at my BlackBerry 9000?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Phone Rapidly Switch Between Headset And Handset Mode

Dec 27, 2009

I seen to be having and issue with my month old Bell Bold 9700. Since Christmas eve i've had this issue whenever i receive or make a call the phone will rapidly switch between the headset mode and handset mode making it impossible to have a conversation. I called bell and they are saying that they dont know what it is and now i am forced to send my phone off for weeks of repair. I am not sure if anyone ever came across this issue and have a fix not looking for to 1 pay for a loaner phone as well as be without my phone for 3-6 weeks. i tried everything upgrading to the latest OS as well as leaving it at factory specs, nothing works.

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Sony Ericsson :: Silent Mode Not Silent

Dec 12, 2008

This maybe me doing something wrong, but when i select silent mode i would expect everything to be silent?the ringtone is now silent, however you can still hear video & music sound when you play them? surely this should not happen?

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IPhone :: Stop Ringing In Your Headphones On Silent?

Sep 16, 2009

Is there a way to stop the ringer from ringing when you have your headphones on?

I like to use the App "Ambiance" to relax and nap with. It plays ocean sounds and flutes and all kinds of fruity crap like that which helps block out noise and let in sleep.

Problem is even with the phone on silent and all the alert volume's turned off, if the phone rings, the damn thing still blasts your ringer into your earphones!

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BB Bold :: 9700 Number Of Times Ringing?

Jun 6, 2012

I have a bold 9700, I selected sound profile loud with a standard tone, when I am called my device only rings once, any idea how to get to rimg more often??

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BB Bold 9700 :: Is It Normal For Battery To Drain Quickly While Phone Is On Stand By Mode?

May 16, 2010

I recently purchased a new Bold 9700 and I noticed that the battery drains very quickly. It only lasts about 4 hours if the Mobile Network, WiFi and Blue Tooth are enabled. Also, I have recently installed the latest software updates.Is it normal for the battery to drain this quickly while the phone is on stand by mode?

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BB Bold 9700 :: Updated To New - Mute Key No Longer Puts Phone Into Standby Mode

Mar 27, 2010

I have tried looking before posting this but I can't find anything to help me. I upgraded to and my mute key no longer puts my phone into standby mode. How can I lock the keyboard when I put my phone into my purse now? Is this OS filled with bugs or is it actually better?

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HTC :: Tilt Switching Between Silent / Vibrate And Audible Ringing?

Nov 20, 2007

Previously on my 8125.. I held down the comm button and it switched between vibrate and audible.. I recently aquired a tilt due to my cat puking on my wizard and rendering all the hard buttons non functional (yes this really happened.. but I am more pissed about the cat puking on the couch where my phone was).

Short of moving through menus and such, I have not figured out how to set a hard button to this functionality.. and yes I have tried changing the settings for the buttons.. its driving me nuts.... (ps I reassigned the ptt key to the comm application)

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